Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fashion Week - A Dream Come True

yes, that's me...and if a turtleneck and sweater vest doesn't say fashion, I don't know what does!
please feel my heart palpitations...
I know tons of bloggers and youtubers have gone to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week before or they act like it's no big deal because they are so cool...
I am doing, have been doing cartwheels in my heart since I found out I get to go to MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK in NYC!!!!!
(and no I did not win the NARS contest to go! ha ha ha...But I really hope one of you guys wins the trip!)

you see....I used to dream of being a Fashion Designer since I was little. I would watch Style with Elsa Klensch, with my mom and dream of my designs coming down the runway, like Sonia Rykiel, Betsey Johnson or Karl Lagerfeld.
Insert my little fashion sketches that I would draw for hours a day:
 as you can see...the top collection was inspired by the movie Out of Africa
while the lower collection is quintessential Kandee -colorful ness
these say 1990 on them, so I was about 11 or 12 when I drew these.
(I've been loving crazy pattern and hello printed leggings...for years. It's not a trend in my eyes, as you can see. ha ha)
and Lady Gaga thought she brought back the GIGANTIC hair bows....please look and the enormous bows I drew on blue and red balloon skirt ladies!

The greatest part is...I am going to "take you guys along with me" to Fashion whole reason for going is to show you guys what it's like, what I see that I like in backstage make-up, hair, fashion...
cool stuff...everything I see in NYC that is awesome!!!

Mirabella Make-Up invited me to come backstage to all their Fashion Week shows they are doing make-up for as well as other brands I'm gonna show ya too!
(I'm loving ALL  their coral and orange colors - the neon orange lipgloss is awesome!)...and if you see this today, happy September 1st-  Get 50% off  all Mirabella make-up that will used backstage for Fashion Week on TODAY!
Mirabella is having a contest on their website to win $100 Giftcard to get Mirabella goodies (try to get their duo blush- it sold out before it even was for sale! I love it and have been waiting til it was in stock to blog about it)

I'm going to be showing you guys a REAL backstage look at the make-up and hair trends...who's using what lines, how they did it! Not just the stuff you see in magazines.

I will be going backstage to the Alexander Wang show, Betsey Johnson, and so many more I am so excited! I have never been to FASHION WEEK IN NYC!!!!

Meet me in NYC
I will also be hosting a Fashion's Night Out event at Sephora for my favorite new hair tool company- Sultra (they stole my love away from my favorite GHD flat iron...because their tools have newer technology, I'll tell you about it later)... they are being used by all the hairstylists at the biggest shows- they be backstage at the Alexander Wang show! I'll show you all the tricks and looks! And you guys can come and meet me at the Sephora on September 8th..more details soon! I'll

Please know that no one is paying me to give you my opinion, paying me to go to shows, nothing! Paying me to tell you I like anything. I am just excited to go to NYC and show you guys what it's like, what it being used by the hairstylists there, the make-up artist, the designers- what it's like there, what people are wearing! What the trends in fashion and everything are!!!

 I'm surprised I can type this with all my excitement!!!!! Keep a watchin' and we're about to go to Fashion week just don't have to worry about flying on planes or anything!

And I'm going to have some Fashion week giveways for you guys too, if I can...stay tuned! I'm gonna share as many fun things with you guys as I can! 
yay....doing cartwheels, summersaults and throwing glitter everywhere... your kandee

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