Sunday, September 11, 2011

New York City: today 10 years ago it was 9/11

Today I am in, what I think, is one of the most amazing cities in the world, New York City. And I couldn't  imagine not writing about it.

10 years ago today I was far from NYC, in my little duplex in LA. I remember my friend and roommate running in and yelling.."the World Trade Center just blew up!!!"
At first I thought..."what is she talking about?", because she ran back out of the room...
then we sat glued to the tv, then not knowing of it was safe to go out because they were warning LA might be next.

I can't even imagine what it was like in New York City. I hear my friends tell of being there, being so close that files and papers were falling from the sky, not being able to see through the clouds of debris in the air, or watching the plane crash into the building with their very eyes.  Reading and hearing the hundreds and thousands of stories of people who lost their mothers, fathers, sisters, best friends, husbands, wives, brothers and boyfriends, fiances, and girlfriends, relatives, co-workers, sons and daughters, I can only imagine their heartbreak.

And the brave firemen and policemen, who without a thought, risked, braved, or lost their lives to help save others. Some who will now sped the rest of their life inured and changed because of that day.

I took pictures of some of the events being set up for the day, which all got accidentally erased from my memory card. It is an honor to be in such an amazing city on such a meaningful day. New York City and the people here are amazing, strong, resilient, and I am praying for the hearts of all those who lost ones they love.

No matter what our sorrow...what our hurts....what our losses are.....We can always know that we can more than just say: In God We Trust....We can trust him with our heart and our hurts and any of our losses.

My heart goes out to New York City today...and to everyone everywhere that has lost someone they love.

I am sending hugs of comfort and love... your kandee

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