Friday, September 30, 2011

Make-Up: Paris Fashion week went a little somethin' like this

RANT in RED: I already typed this post and somehow it got deleted and then I re-typed it went to post it and it deleted it now I need to type it again and I'm sure it won't be as witty, funny or wonderful as the first or second go round..please hang on  before I throw this computer out the window....

Paris Fashion Week- I would love to be there...just imaging it: eclairs, walking around Paris and Fashion- day dream of all daydreams!

so here's as close as I'm gonna get-
Make-Up looks from the Runways of Paris Fashion Week;

ABOVE- it my fav artsy look. Sure it may look like Top Ramen Noodles above her eyebrows- but that's what creativity is for...if it looked like some celebrity's boring, everyday "aren't I hot make-up"...that wouldn't be very creative.

HERE'S WHAT THEY USED at the Manish Arora show:
M·A·C Pro White Full Coverage and Gesso Eye Shadow — blended through the inner corner of the eyes, browbones, and upper cheekbones to highlight
Dame and Harmony Powder Blush — blended through the crease of eyes, under cheekbones, and through temples to contour
Pros Aide Adhesive — used to flatten brows to skin Intricate brow appliques were custom designed and adhered with spirit gum 
Studio Finish Concealer — blended through brows to camouflage tone and texture 
M·A·C Pro Emphasize Shaping Powder Pro Palette and Gesso Eye Shadow — blended over the eyelid to create dimension
M·A·C Pro Red Electric Neon Pigment — creates abstract streaked mask design over eyes

this is the Balmain Face Chart and this is what they used:

M·A·C Pro Taupe Powder Blush Pro Palette — blended under cheekbones to contour
Brows are lightly shaded to perfect Lashes are curled 
Lofty Brown Zoom Lash Mascara — applied at the root of both upper and lower lashes to define Smolder Eye Kohl — (woot! woot! I loves me some Smolder!) applied through the root of upper lashes, then blended with fingers 
Coffee Eye Pencil — (I own this color but never use it- maybe I'll start) applied through the waterline of lower lashes and then smudged to create an “after party” effect

Me and my homeboy, Rick Owens both love the TANGERINE lip idea for FALL!
I use 2 shades of orange and tangerine lipliner from Make-Up Forever with a matching Make-Up Forever eyeshadow patted on top.
They used:

M·A·C Pro Red, Orange, and White Lipmix — lightly patted onto lips to achieve a matte-stained finish

Ok, so the closest Rick Owens is to being my homeboy is that we both used to work out at the same Gold's Gym in Hollywood (it's probably a 24-Hour Fitness now)...and that was 10 years ago. I know. I'm old. Moving on.
Even his workout clothes were amazing looking. I, on the other hand, looked like I just had on ugly workout clothes.
AND now I present out "what the what!?!" look of the week:
You be the judge...creative HIT or "how the hula hoop can you see with that on your eye" MISS:
It looks like they taped pieces of the "floating" plastic eyeliner to their faces. It is almost as annoying for my to look at as I'm sure it was for the models to try to see.
All I have to say, is it makes me want to say: WHAT'S THAT IN YOUR EYE? Because I know it's not the 4th of July! If that didn't make any sense...CLICK HERE!

I am beyond frustrated with all things internet, computer and technology....
if this post gets deleted...I, well, I don't know what I'll do....because I'll already be up all night editing... me and my computer will not be spending any time apart...
I wish I had an eclair.
Instead of Calgon take me away....I'd rather have "Paris Take me Away" (as in France, not Hilton)
French Toast, French Bread and French Braids
your kandee

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