Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vending Machine Flat Irons

Please look at this....yes it's a "flat iron vending machine"!
Laugh you might...until you ponder this...
So you're out on a date and realize you're having a bad hair moment, a crazy hair has gone wonky on ya
wouldn't you love to be able to pop in the ladies room, drop some coins into the "flat iron vending machine"...and you have in your hands a hot GHD flat iron!

Beautiful Vending, the UK company that makes this "beauty genius" of a product, say that since the plates are so hot, it kills anything (to a charred crisp), the high temps make these babies sterile.

They say they are aimed at pub, clubs, gyms and shopping markets....
Be gone with your bad hair days with these babies....
I would be slightly concerned if a slightly intoxicated girl would try to use this baby...those GHD flat irons are could have some drunk girl drop one of those suckers on her neck...TROUBLE!

Would you use a "vending machine flat iron"?
fighting  bad hair days one blog at a time.... kandee

  • Hair YEAH, I would! This is brilly-on-tay!
  • Hmmm, depends on how crazonkulous my hair was.
  • What the hair!? No way!
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