Thursday, October 13, 2011

Worst and Weirdest Make-Up Product

The Sharpie Pen:
it is not a beauty product, despite what some people think!

Even Taylor Swift admitted to using a sharper pen as eyeliner when she couldn't find any "real" eyeliner around.

Do not use Sharpie's for any of the following things:
*a "permanent" lip color
*drawing on your eyebrows
*basically anything that you really need to use any "real make-up" product (ha ha ha)
*don't be tempted, even by the vast array of Sharpie colors....

Doctor's have advised and warned against using the sharpie anywhere on your face, especially near your eyes!

Where you can get away with using a Sharpie- (according to doctor's and hair specialists)
Say you've got hair in the same black or brown shade as a Sharpie pen...and you've got some roots that need to be touched up....draw on your hair!
SMALL WARNING: if you keep doing will eventually dry out your hair...and your hair will stink like a sharpie pen! ha ha ha

Sharpie pens on paper and not my eyes....kandee


Unknown said...

Seriously people cheap eyeliner wet n wild is 89¢ .... This is like using white out on your teeth IT'S NO BUENO!

Anonymous said...

Once my friend drew a heart on her face and it did bot come of for a month

Maria said...

I love the new website for mobiles, it's so esu to read with my iPhone!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My friend has sharpie pens and he's a boy and he uses them as make up

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