Thursday, October 6, 2011

DIY: 3 way to "wear" an umbrella

This is one of the  COOLEST things I've seen for a STYLE DIY!
And this incredible lady, Ilona Royce Smith, (may I add that she's 90 years young!) is one of the most incredible, inspiring, creative, and just plain adorable women I've ever seen!

Watch this video!!!
She takes an old UMBRELLA..yes and Umbrella- and turns it into 3 DIFFERENT ways to wear an UMBRELLA! i love her!!

Ilona- you are my style inspiration, my fashion role-model...I've blogged about her before, if you didn't see it CLICK  TO SEE, it will inspire you and remind you how to LIVE life with a young heart!

TRENDS are something young people change all the time- STYLE is something you love no matter what...and you wear no matter what season or year it is. STYLE is what you have....TRENDS are what you keep chasing.
Lady Gaga and all other young "fashion" daredevils, have nothing on the women at Advanced must go check out my friend Ari's site...he finds amazing women who are no longer in the 20's, 30's, or 50's...but women you not just inspire you with Fashion...but how to confident, not care what others think, but wrapped in the kindness and wisdom that no young fashionista blogger will ever have - at least until they've lived another 50 or 70 years
PS. I met Ari who write the advanced style blog in NYC for Fashion Week...I recognized him from his blog and went up to tell him how much I love his blog and Ilona. He is so incredibly nice and I applaud him for not thinking we need to glamorize "youth"...when true beauty is grown with age!

Ilona is more young and alive than many 20 year olds I know!

here's to being stylish and and being more cool in your 90's than most teenagers...
I want to be just like Ilona when I'm 90-something...
your kandee

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