Thursday, October 20, 2011

The toilets at Youtube!

Who takes pictures of toilets? Me.
As soon as I saw this fancy toilet, I thought of you guys...and was like, "Wait til they see this!"

Yes, these are the fancy toilets at Youtube. Not only are the Youtube offices the coolest offices I've ever seen...but they also have the fanciest toilets I've ever seen.

They had heated seats and bidet-like "spray and wash" feature...FAN-SAY!!! Before I got there the girl next to my "stall" said, "Whoa, the toilet seats are warm!!"
Now this feature is nice, but really I try to avoid contact with the toilet seat as much as possible! ha ha

As, as you won't notice in this photo, the bathroom smelled so amazingly good!

As if all this wasn't impressive enough.......
They had my favorite MRS. MEYERS CLEAN DAY HANDSOAP!!!

See...I told you I think of you guys all the time....whether I see a cool something or I just see a cool bathroom! ha ha ha

love and thoughts of sharing stuff I see with you guys all the time... your kandee


Anonymous said...

Those look like the toilets in Japan

ASHLyyBAByy said...

LOL so similar to the toilets in Tokyo, but way more complicated.

DadreeSilva said...

The toilets in (I think) Japan play music...I think it's suppose to hide the noise of people hearing your funny is that?!

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