Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauty Social Beautiful Weekend!!!

(Me and the fabulous Billy Brasfield aka Billy B on the hot pink carpet. He has amazing creativity and if you don't know his story- it's amazing! Will inspire anyone! I am honored to say I've been to his amazingly decorated home, and have been encouraged by Billy's voice on the phone!)

 The Beautylish Beauty Social was incredible! Like no other Beauty Event anyone had ever been to before!
me with the beautiful singer, (who's opened for Britney Spears and you know her from her on Cobra Starship's hit "You make me feel") Sabi. She is so sweet!

It was like a huge party, girls came alone and left with tons of new friends. People came for beauty and left looking beautiful but most importantly feeling beautiful and inspired and encouraged! I've never been to such a nice, kind and just incredible beauty event like this ever! It was the most glam event, from the hot pink carpet, to the mirrored tabled and modern white leather couches, to the blogger lounge where you could get free wi-fi and a view of the ocean, on hot pink chairs!

They had non-alcoholic, fun drinks at the "mocktail bar", the "beauty bars" inside were pink and silver sparkly walled booths of beauty-wonders like:
*the Fresh Lip Bar- giving lip treatments for the smoothest lips around
*the Benefit Brow Bar- giving girls amazingly shaped eyebrows
*Urban Decay's glitter tattoos and Make-up with Warby Parker Glasses to try on
 (Me above getting my Urban Decay Glitter tattoo)
... my final glitter stars! They are still on and the girls said it they'll last 4-5 days!

*next the outrageous line to get the CND shellac polish manicure- 14 day gel nail polish...I love this! I got turquoise to match my stars! 
 *Wella Braid Bar-  braiding hair in any celeb braid style from Blake Lively to Drew Barrymore
(me with a sleeping baby, getting my hair braided)
*Make-Up Mandy Lashes - the waiting list to get the lash extensions was so long it was crazy!
*Cover FX was doing personalized foundation matching.
*Temptu- was giving their flawless airbrush applications.
*Sugarpill- was adding fun colors to eyelids and eyebrows!
Me with the SugarPill girls....I love everything Amy (on the right) has on, she looks like a little doll!

Sunday, mom went and got her eyes dazzled at the SugarPill booth, too! I just their eyeshadow colors to their hair colors!

On Saturday I raced from the Beauty Social over to the Sephora to meet everyone their for the big Cover FX Flawless Foundation event that was going on that weekend!
 Just some of the amazing people that waited so patiently in line! It was so, so great to get to meet everyone, hug them and share a little love!
(writing a little love note for her on her picture!)
THEN SATURDAY night was the big Beauty Social VIP party...which was so fun, and I normally don't like things like that, I just feel like a nerd and akward ...ha ha ha But everyone was so nice and fun!
 Me with Sabi and her BFF, Jade.
I got to talk with my other make-up friends, fellow youtubers, met new friends and beauty bloggers, I got to finally meet Christine of!
Later that night I got to meet, Jody Watley!!! (who I have loved forever and had just listened to her on Pandora earlier that day!) she also came to the Beauty Social on Sunday too!
On Sunday, this was me, baby, and Angela Levin, who is THE chanel make-up artist who's busier than busy doing all her star clientele, but took a little break to come to the Beauty Social and talk to me too and pick up toys that baby kept dropping! ha ha ha

I got see friends old and new, most importantly meet some of my precious "kandee family"...and I got to speak last and close the show!

It was the most fun, amazing, and truly beautiful event I've ever been too and I can't wait to go to the Beauty Social next year! I wish their was a summer and winter Beauty Social, or at least a west coast and east coast one! ha ha ha

I have more pics but I can't find the memory card they're on!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into the Beauty Social weekend...I think there will be tons of pictures on the Beauty Social website...CLICK HERE TO SEE!

hugs through the computer for everyone I didn't get to hug in person...
and to those of you I really got to meet- You have no idea how much everything you told me, means to my heart!
I love you guys! your kandee

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