Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello Kitty Contest & Glaminars

Hello Kitty Contest video is back up on youtube, BUT youtube kindly deleted all the comments that everyone had posted! I am so sorry that youtube did that! Apparently they thought some SPAM comments were on there and pulled the video! Back it's up and ends this friday, Sept 3rd! So hurry!
Remember to watch the video and only comment on youtube!
Have fun!!!!

as you know....I won't be doing anymore Glaminars after this year, I will need to take care of my little "cupcake", you never get that lil baby time back! Maybe sometime in the future I will be able to do a Glaminar, but for now I won't be planning anymore for a very long time, if I ever do them again!

Since this is the last of The GLAMINARS...we are trying to add something very special to the next ATLANTA GLAMINAR on September 11th
details on if and what we will be adding will be coming up in the few days!

I would love to type more, but if you read my other blog: www.kandeeland.com you'd know how not-so-great I am feeling today! ha ha ha

huge love and hello kitty things, kandee 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Houston, Glaminar, and Baby Bumps

A close-up from our "Glaminar Group Shot"...
like "where's waldo?", "where's kandee?".....me surrounded by all my Glaminar -star "love bugs" and all their shiny silver gift bags!

Houston....it may be ridiculously hot and humid here, but something else was in the air thicker than the moist air - it was full of love, hope, happiness, tears, and such an incredible, incredible day! I will not be the same after this weekend. Not only did the girls who came say they it was a life changing experience...this weekend changed my heart beyond belief!

I have to say HOUSTON, has been one amazing place! From feeling all the love that everyone poured out about congratulating my about my "cupcake in the oven" to just being an incredible weekend of heart-opening experiences! This was more than I could have ever expected!
This is Aubrin, a make-up superstar-in-the-making and our official Youngest Glaminee ever - she is 11 years old and will be doing make-up for an entire dance troop of girls! She came to the Glaminar as her birthday present....and we had a birthday dinner with her afterwards at Benihana's that was sooooo fun! She even shared her recipe of Gingerale with lime juice with me...and we all sang her happy birthday over her green tea ice cream. Two other precious Glaminar Stars had dinner with us, sweet Lauren, and the beautiful Talia...I had such a fun dinner with you all! (or should I say ya'll....I want to adopt using ya'll...it's so stinkin' cute!)
And this is a little peek at the "kandee baby bump" growing! Thank you to every sweet and generous heart that brought me a gift..from books, to jewelry, to a keychain,  to a sparkly flower pen, hello kitty goodies to cupcakes and sweet, sweet baby things...I opened your gifts and read your notes and cards...and my heart was just exploding with joy and love...you all bring me to tears!
I love each one of you dearly...and I am privileged to be able to touch your lives and inspire you, help heal your hearts and fill you with hope...way beyond just teaching you make-up!

Please enjoy this video...I love you all so, so much!
typed with love, your friend (even if you've never seen me in person...we ARE friends!)....kandee

PS. I ate the best thing ever today...a root beer float cake...OMGoodness! It was from Ruggles in Houston. So yummy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I've got BIG, BIG NEWS

I’ve got exciting and humbling news to share with you all!

This has taken me a few days to write and with my wise friend Tamara’s advice that you should always wait 3 days before sending a sensitive letter to someone.....after  days of cooking, here is my sensitive letter to you all.

So for my news....

And to all my close friends who don’t know any of this, yet, I am so sorry that I couldn’t tell you in person, but I had to wait and tell everyone this way, because I didn’t want to have anyone mention it on facebook or something before I had a chance to tell everyone.
I am expecting a precious little baby.

This was not something I planned, but I am very excited about this new little baby on the way.  As you probably know....I have been dating someone for a while now; we've known each other for many years.
I know that God knew this little one would be here long before I did, and that He already has wonderful plans for this precious little life with dreams, hopes, and a little personality all their own.

I’m not condoning my actions, but I know that I am forgiven because I asked God to forgive me. My family is understanding, loving and totally supportive. My kids are all so excited! Everyone has the potential to make mistakes in life and because of the greatest gift God has given mankind, we can be forgiven. Grace and mercy are more wonderful than can be put in words.

On the other hand, this truly breaks my heart that I would be an example of what “not-to-do”, but if this reaches one girl and shows her how to avoid the mistake that I have made, I will be glad. If this reaches one girl who needs to be encouraged to be strong and do the right thing, protecting your heart from the pain I’ve had to go through, I will be so glad.

Save yourself for marriage. This is not to sound like, “do what I say not as I do”, but to say, “please, please don’t do what I’ve done and please let what I say encourage you to do the right thing”.

Sometimes we are seeking to be loved and to feel wanted and we find ourselves standing on that doorway of having sex, and in one moment of giving in you can forever change the course of your life and a child’s life . By having sex, you don’t win the guys affection, you loose that guard over your heart, you loose the control over your emotions, you’ve given a gift to someone who should have made a promise to be with you forever in a form of a promise before God in marriage, not to someone who says, “yes I love you, you mean the world to me”, and some months later they want to break up with you or you find out they cheated on you.  Then you are left with all this horrible emotional baggage to sort out. Most important, guard your heart, guard your love, and please no matter how hard it gets, guard your decisions.

In one second I didn’t guard my decisions, and I knew it wasn’t the right way. Sometimes we may know it’s not right, but we do it anyway. Don’t open the door to let crazy emotions about a guy start taking over your brain and then your life.

Years ago, I thought I was so in love in high school, and I know it changed what my future could have been. I gave up a lot of things because I got all love-crazy over a guy. Love should never make you feel “love crazy”, it should just add to your already wonderful life. I gave up things like going after my career in modeling to get married and move away with my “new” 18 year old husband.  I remember my agent at my modeling agency tell me, “ You are going to throw your modeling career away if you do this!”....and he was right. As I sat, 17 years old, in my hot, dark, tiny apartment in Phoenix, with no  money or friends, and this “husband” who said he couldn’t live without me, but now only wanted to be with his friends...I realized...this was a big mistake. If I had just dated him and said, “you know what, you don’t get to have the gift I’m saving for the man that promises to give me his life in marriage”, my heart never would have been opened to that place of hurt and seeking more of his love, and I would’ve said, “No way buddy, I’ve got a huge future ahead of me. That saying about food, “No food tastes as good as it feels to fit into your skinny jeans”...well,  “No sex feels as good as it feels to have control over your heart, your life, your emotions, and have an awesome future ahead!”

I want to speak to all the girls who write me and have written me saying that they are pregnant, and that no one is in support of you, maybe the father wants nothing to do with you or the baby...please know that more love than you can ever imagine is growing inside you. I was scared and worried, worried about what my family, friends, and people would think, especially now that I have a lot more people than normal that see what I’m doing in my life, but I knew I should never make a decision based out of fear. It doesn’t matter how  scared you are or how much you think you’ve messed things up, sometimes our greatest experiences come from things we didn’t expect. God can cause the most beautiful things to grow from a big mess of manure we think we piled up in our lives! I got married very young the first time and got pregnant with my Jordan after 6 months of being married. Even thought we were not in an ideal situation to have a baby and my marriage turned out to be very disastrous, my baby was the highlight and little angel from heaven that filled my heart with greater joy than I had ever known.
I pray that you all can take away form this, that I am human,  I’ve made mistakes. I am not a perfect character from a movie, or someone that tries to hide my mistakes and pretend that I am perfect.  And I’ve made real mistakes and I hope so much, that me being so open and honest with you will let you see how hard it is to face these mistakes. I will continue to learn from my mistakes and I truly pray that my mistakes can save you heartache as you learn from mine.

One mistake doesn't need to turn into two mistakes....I won't ever judge someone who's had an abortion, but I have seen the lifelong pain that can result from them.  Sometimes it’s hard when we are scared of the unknown one could think that an abortion is a solution, but what you truly think you are saving yourself from, could be the very thing that will save and change your life. I have a friend who was raped, and she never once thought of having an abortion, and that baby has brought her greater love than she has ever felt, that baby has healed her heart more than any counseling or man could ever attempt. God sent me my Jordan to fill my life with so much joy and love, he was my reason for smiling everyday!

My dear friend, Tamara told me, "She who has beheld the face of God should never fear the face of man"....this beauty spoke to my heart. We should never live in fear of the judgement of others, the only one who counts is God and his mercy and forgiveness are always waiting there.
The internet allows for more ridicule than I've ever experienced in my life...it allows for people, writers, bloggers, newspapers to make up things that aren't true, take bits and pieces and twist things into "facts"...and for anyone to release their hateful, hurtful words however they like. They don’t realize how many people they hurt when they disparage others like this.
I ask that before anyone decides to leave me a judgmental comment, that they’d think about what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes first. No one has lived a perfect life, we have all made mistakes. There is a wise book that says, “only you who are without any sin (which could be as little as a lie you told, a rude thing you said, or angry thought you had in your mind) shall cast the first stone. We will be judged in the same way we have judged others and shouldn’t we aspire to treat others as we would want to be treated. What if we all showed each other grace in this life we have so little time to live. If we all got what we “deserved”, for all our bad thoughts, unkind comments, dishonesty, selfishness, and bad choices...well, we’d all be in pretty bad shape.

Please know, that I am excited about this baby, every life is a blessing and I can't wait to show you this little precious one when he or she arrives in January. (My post Christmas present!)
I probably won't post too much more about this on my blog here...but I will on my other, more non-make-up, personal blog www.kandeeland.com.

huge love, your imperfect friend and excited friend,  kandee

HELLO KITTY Giveaway!!! (CONTEST ENDED Sept 3rd!)

I think this is my most favorite purse of all time!!! I have gotten more compliments and people asking me where I got it, than anything else I've EVER owned!

You can win one just like it, but newer and cleaner...ha ha ha! And did I mention, Devan at baghaus, said they'll throw in a 2nd prize for 2nd place, it'll be a Hello Kitty Surprise...a wallet or something fun!

If you don't win and want one, these babies are harder to get your lil' hello kitty paws on than anything! You can pre-order one at WWW.BAGHAUS.COM  , and as soon as the shipment comes in - you can safely have one waiting! These babies are gone faster than water on hot asphalt!

So here it is:

(i know, but without rules we have chaos...ha ha ha)

also when I go to check to make sure you are a SUBSCRIBER to me, it is awesome to see that you've favorited one of my videos!!!!

AND WILL END SEPTEMBER 3RD, FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT...my time, Pacific Standard Time.

click the lower right hand corner of the video and it will take you to YOUTUBE to watch it....only comment there below the video for it to count!

EXAMPLE: (1st comment) I love hello kitty more than cake!
2nd comment: This purse would make my year so fun!
876th comment: My favorite color is chartreuse!
you get it, something different every time!



comment all through out the day, every day until contest ENDS, that way when the random picker generates a number, you'll have more chances because your name is sprinkled throughout all the days of the contest!

CONTEST ENDS: SEPTEMBER 3rd - midnight Pacific Standard Time. Winner will be announces Saturday September 4th after winner has been chosen!

HAVE FUN & START COMMENTING!!!! Hope this adds some fun to your week!!! huge love and hello kitty bags, your kandee

Thursday, August 26, 2010

4 Steps to a Un-Perfect Life

How to Have a Perfect Life:
learn to laugh when things go un-perfectly
#1. Realize that Perfect Doesn’t Work

Why Perfect doesn’t work?
Perfect isn’t real. Tv shows are fake. Reality shows are fake. And as much as movies and celebrities make it seem that life is perfect, but ours are horrible, yuck lives, it’s not true.

It’s so easy to expect “perfect” from people and life. We didn’t get the perfect answer from our boyfriend or mom. We didn’t get the “perfect body” after taking the “magic pill” that some celebrity said is their “trick” to staying thin. We didn’t have a pack of “the bachelors” chasing us after we sprayed the new “attraction” perfume on. We didn’t get picked to win the contest that we wanted to win so bad.

Every time I plan a Glaminar and I want it to be perfect for everyone coming. Something always goes wrong- the sound doesn’t work, a prize didn’t show up, someone that was supposed to help doesn’t show up, the room is too small, the air-conditioning doesn’t work, the video guy doesn’t have the cables to play my slideshow. But I’ve realized to prepare for imperfection and be ready to say, “Ok, no biggie”. Yes, I'd like a perfectly normal looking leg, but unfortunately after my accident at the hotel, I will never have a "normal" looking leg. Oh well, at least I still have my leg, ugly or perfect, I'm glad I have it!


#2. Stop Being a Prisoner to Perfection

My name is Kandee Johnson, and I used to be a perfectionist.

Yes, I was paralyzed by decision making. “What if I don’t make the perfect choice!” “I can’t buy the black shoes, what if I realize I wanted grey!”...”I just won’t type  a blog, because what if type a dumb one.”
Or people would say,”what do you feel like eating?”, and I would default to them, “oh whatever sounds good”, YAY! Then I didn’t have to deal with the stress of picking something out. If it was gross, it wasn’t my fault! ha ha ha

I’ve since learned:
*prepare for mistakes and imperfection
the sooner you do the happier you’ll be.
*If you know stuff is gonna  go wrong, things aren’t gonna play out like a dream or a movie all the time,the more peaceful you'll be when they do go a little of plan!
*Prepare yourself, and just roll with the changes. It’s better to be the willow that bends in the wind, than the stiff tree that snaps and breaks in the breeze!
Don’t break, just bend!



Pearls are made from some dirt (garbage) that’s gotten trapped in an oyster. As it’s trying to deal with this “problem”, it gets turned into a beautiful pearl. Same thing with diamonds, from all the incredible pressure, the carbon get “uncomfortably” turned into something so valuable and sparkling, that people pay huge amounts to gaze as these and delight in the beauty of their twinkle.

My life has been events that have caused my mirror to shatter, but as I’ve picked up the broken pieces of my life, all those little shattered parts give off more sparkle, shine and light than before when it was more “perfect”!

If you feel that your life, your choices, the people are you, your home, your job, anything is far from perfect. Say YAY! I’m in great company. The most incredible people have come out of things that were far from perfect.

So you didn’t have the dream start to things: your first day of school, making your dreams happen, you can’t find that darn soul mate of yours anywhere, you can’t seem to get your life going how you want. It’s ok. I’ve been in more imperfect situations, houses, relationships (i could go on)...but in all those moments, I said “this is going to make me better, stronger, and more able to endure the challenges that greatness requires.

Remember you are like a precious pearl or diamond.....out of adversity comes the most priceless gems! You are a priceless gem!



 Sometimes it feels like we’re in a dark cave, with no signs of hope, or an exit, but life is not a cave, but a tunnel. And at any moment, that tunnel can take a quick turn, where you can’t see the light yet, but as soon as you keep going, you see the rays of light and hope showing you the way to go.

CHOOSE TO LOVE- rather than hate
CHOOSE TO SMILE - rather than frown
CHOOSE TO BUILD- rather than to tear down
CHOOSE TO PERSEVERE -rather than give up
CHOOSE TO PRAISE - rather than gossip
CHOOSE TO HEAL - rather than wound
CHOOSE TO GIVE - rather than than get
CHOOSE TO ACT - rather than delay
CHOOSE TO FORGIVE - rather than judge
CHOOSE TO PRAY - rather than despair

unperfectly typed (yes I'm sure there are errors in my blogs as well as in my life! ha ha ha)...huge love, your kandee

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top 10 back-to-school Backpack & Purse Must Haves!

These are my hottest picks of things that need to be in your backpack for back-to-school and need to be in your purse or on your desk to bring dazzle and sparkle to your day! Get ready for this!

#1. Sparkly Wallet from Duex Lux
I have one of these in turquoise, except mine doesn't have the cute heart on it! I love it and it's so easy to find in your purse or bag! The big one above it $30.00 and the little one below is only $22. They come every one of you favorite colors!

get your straight from the source at WWW.DUEXLUX.COM

#2. Strawberry Cupcake  AND Mint Ice Cream Scented Wet Wipes

You can clean up and smell like a yummy treat in one quick swipe! I love these things!
$3 at FREDFLARE.COM (click on link to snap some up)

#3. Betseyville Make-Up Bag
Every girl needs a stylish was to carry all her beauty goodies. I love Betsey Johnson and all  her retro-funky-girl-rock n' roll designs. This bag is the beauty bomb! You can get one at ZAPPOS.com, the price may seem a bit steep, but considering that I've had the same leopard print make-up bag for almost 7 years, it's not so crazy to invest in a cute one! It's $41.00 at Zappos right now.

#4. Hello Kitty USB drives
How much fun will anything be stored on one of these!!!??Again, these treasures are from FREDFLARE.COM $34.99

#5. Sweet Smelling Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer
I have this in my purse as we speak (well, type and read I guess) and it smells so good, not like most stinky hand sanitizers! Since I am a mild germaphobe (ha ha ha) I love this stuff! For $1.50 you can afford to be germ free and smell yummy! Get some at Bathandbodyworks.com

#6. Poketo Keychain
I love this little lady keychain! And you can bet she's dangling from my keys right now too! I got this at Target, but I can't seem to find it online! It think it's new at Target and it was only about $4.95!

#7. Cupcake Key Covers
Take a little cupcake with you wherever you go! You can get them at WWW.PERPETUALKID.COM (this is the cheapest place I've found them on the web for $4.99 you get half a dozen cupcakes for keys

#8. Monkey Headphone Wire Keeper
keep your wires under control with this cute little monkey! You can get one at MONTANAGIFTSANDTREASURES.COM FOR $4.49

No more unknown pieces of food stuck in your teeth, or trying to apply eyeliner with the glare of your cell phone screen.
I have this little Hello Kitty Double Compact Mirror in my purse right now. I love it! Someone sent it to me as a gift, and I love it!!! It's only $4.95 at sanrio.com!

#10. Minty Breath Makers

I love Stride gum in Sweet Peppermint! It really does last forever...I've chewed it for hours while on set doing make-up on 12-16 hour days and I've spread my minty breath all day long!
Colgate Wisps are a great little pre-toothpasted, little disposable toothbrushes you can stash in your purse or bag, to brush away that garlic you just had at lunch!

and if mints are more your style...if you need to skip on the possible gum-chewing sound....I love BreathSavers Vanilla Mint flavor!

You are now ready to add some sparkle, shine, fun, style and minty-ness to whatever you do and wherever you go!
From your faithful goodie and style hunter.....kandee

huge love....don't forget to always remember to pack extra happiness, smiles, and joy with you wherever you go! And wherever you go, that's where people will want to be!

OH YEAH!!!! We've got a big surprise and another giveaway comin' up, so keep reading this here bloggy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 6 Super Cute Back-to-school or Work bag!

Since my zebra laptop bag busted when it was unloaded from the airport coming back from Chicago, it catapulted me into a bag-replacement-online-shopping-spree..and here's the coolest of cool bags, laptop bags, computer bags, school or work bags, I could find!

NUMBER 1: By LUG The Puddle Jumper - for modern worker, traveller or student, and kandee!
(because I actually ordered it in PINK, but it was a hard battle between the lime green and the orange!)
this mag is cute, modern, and a unique size and shape! I love it! I saw a girl on a flight with me that had it, and then I tried to read the tag to see what it was! Behold the LUG life bags! This is a great laptop, travel bag...look at this:
perfect to add on your carry-on...I am gonna love this! Can't wait til it shows up in the mail. This baby sells for $75, and for considering that is will keep all the priceless info on my computer safe, it's a good investment!

#2 Allie Pink Laptop Tote - for the Girly, Chic Girl

This looks like a cute, girly bag that Barbie would carry around on her business trips or across the quad to her next class.
It has enough pockets to stash everything from your lipgloss to usb cables, to notebooks, to all your ipod, ipad, or any other "i" things!

and look at the inside...it's like a cotton candy cloud of pink puffiness to keep your laptop safe from any bumps and bangs! With room to spare for books, magazines, powercords, and a notebook. This cute, chic laptop bag retails for: $59.00

#3. MARC JACOBS Punk Boy City Bag - for the punky, modern fashion warrior

this bag is ready to rock n' roll and means business- some serious fashion-statement-business. Marc Jacobs has cooked up some perfectly punk and utilitarian bag goodness...throw this over your shoulder and get to style stompin to class or to your next meeting or quick trip to your favorite coffee house to work on your computer! For $198.00 this bag can be yours, a little pricey, but not as much as some backpacks or dj bags, and this will look just as cool in 5 years!

#4. BURTON Distortion Pack - for the funky tomboy
this bag takes me back to my tomboyish-ness...when up until about 5 years ago, I never carried a purse, just a backpack...
This Tartan pattern...well I'm just in love with it....
I'm sort of wishing I had ordered this one now! ha ha
...they come in some fun colors and black too!
It has ridiculous amounts of pockets, insanely comfortable padded straps.....and I know I don't have a skateboard to strap on the front...but I guarantee I can find something to strap in there!
It has a padded laptop sleeve and enough room to fit an entire outfit change and shoes in there!
At $63.95, this is pretty much average "good-quality" backpack price. I give this 5 blinged-out-manicured thumbs up!

Leopard print lovers....behold this little gem that will fit your laptop and then some! And it's a steal at only $25.50!!!! Get your style and budget fix with this baby from K-Cliffs Lifestyle.

Not only do I have a INCASE golden cover for my iphone, but they make awesome, modern looking bags with padded laptop sleeves built in and little pockets galore! Make your purse jealous! For $99.99 it's a pretty good deal considering just the iphone cases are $39 bucks!

so there's some of my top picks for funky, hip, cool bags for laptops, work, and school!
happy bag hunting....your bag-lady....kandee

Monday, August 23, 2010


Yay! It's monday! Yahoo! Monday- sweet monday....packed with work, calls and emails...things to edit and upload and type, business documents to fax and email, financial things to deal with, event planning peeps to to to get a hold of so I can lock in a NYC event space for the GLAMINAR.....woo-hoo! Let's get it on Monday!

AND THEN I HAVE SOME SURPRISES to add a little dazzle to your day, and a little land to escape to..just hop in the next internet flight headed for kandeeland...and welcome to my little enchanted world.....
get your ticket and we're off like 50% and a shoe sale....
click here to begin your internet-flight:
...be the first one to follow me on my new kandeeland blog!
 And just when you thought you couldn't take any more....and I have a new video up on the youtubes!
yes, for all the smokey-eyed glam to bring some hot-hot-heat to your eyes this week....and may I mention this color looks A-MAZ-ING on every eye color in the world!!!
  If you've ever been afraid to try a fun color...start with PURPLE...it's gorge on everyone one, and you can tone it down with more plumbs or mauves....I love this!
 Get ready to watch!!!!

Yay! Hope you guys enjoy!!!!
And I'm off to get Ge Glaminar planning....only 5 days left til HOUSTON!!!!

huge love and hope I brought some sparkly to your  MONDAY!!!! love ya.....kandee

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh Surprises!!! Better than holding a fish!

And it's not that I'm holding a gross fish!

Yes, monday is waiting with surprises....

#1. well being a surprise you'll have to wait! But I can hint that something fun will be launching!

#2. hot off the computer...a brand new make-up vid for youtube!!!

Until then.....get ready for a a fun new something....and think about good things and your mind will follow....

I'm off, on my one official day off, but I still blog, so maybe I don't ever take a day off! ha ha ha I'm ready to go by some computer things....hopefully get some tempura cream cheese/asparagus sushi...and then wrap it all up with a BBQ and my friends house! YAY!!!!!

See you tomorrow!!!! love...your kandee

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weirdest items and/or gifts on the WEB!

I found some of the most ridiculous and awful things while I was searching for other things that had NOTHING to do with any of these products!!! But I hope you get a good laugh from these like I did!
ha ha ha

I take no pride in bringing you the weirdest things on the internet! ha ha ha But I do hope it brings you an added laugh for the day, and maybe a guaranteed weird gift-giver award to anyone you give these to!

#5 Tattoos for the ELDERLY (what!?!)
for $5.99 you can "tatt up" your granparents with a quick entering of your credit card info at www.stupid.com (I'm not kidding!)

Yes, you can "punk" out your gram or grandpa with these tattoos with sayings like "Arthritis Sucks":
"hey gram, show me your guns!"...ha ha ha
NEXT up at NUMBER 4 is:
yes for $9.99 you can order your own chocolate caca. I'm sure it's a hot seller! This again comes from www.stupid.com, surprise!

#3 for that king in your life, inflate in your boss's office, or use for a santa claus chair:
for the "steal-of-a-deal" price of $119.99 you can order this from www.prankplace.com

#2 and I'm not sure about this, it's kinda cool...but the price is kinda high for an already pricey ipad! However this would make a super cool present for that gadget-guy who loves some old arcade games! I think you just download the iCade App and voila...you're ready to Donkey Kong and Qbert your brains out! You can buy one at www.thinkgeek.com for $149.99

#1 on the list and I hope I never see one of these babies in use is:
people with sensitive stomachs , please skip to next post!
for a mere $18.99 you too can be the proud owner of this neon green sling-shot! this gets 5 yucks and 2 thumbs wayyyyyyyy, down! Bleck...ahh I gotta hurry and move on!

All I can say is....wow! Just goes to show you, no matter what idea you have for a product you can sell it to someone!

Happy saturday and I hope this brought you a laugh or at least a good idea for that next funny gift your going to buy someone! ha ha ha
typed with laughter....your kandee

Friday, August 20, 2010

Glaminars coming to an end...or at least a long pause...

I decided to do all the Glaminar dates as a final Glaminar tour, there's no way I can fit the 7 hours of learning into a youtube video, and the things that I share there are "inner sanctum" knowledge that is very special knowledge and tips that you 'll learn no where else. I love inspiring and giving the knowledge to make your dreams happen...
The Glaminars are as much about make-up...and empowering you with the knowledge, confidence and hope to make your dreams really happen.

Unfortunately due to my work schedule and my health... I'm not going to be able to do anymore Glaminars next year. Not only do putting these on cause me to work all day and well until 2 am, trying to arrange everything, email, get gift bag sponsors, try to book events and deal with awful contracts, email people, maintain all the orders, stay on top of how many seats we have left at each venue, and then stress out over missing packages and items! And I am trying to blog, film video, edit video, work other jobs, and be a single mom...I can't continue to do these, even though I love them so much!

I hope that I will be able to do them again, because I love sharing my "skills" with you in a way that is so unlike what I can share on youtube...and meeting you all is more amazing than I can even describe.

I deal with a lot of swelling in my leg, and at every break I had to elevate and wish that there was a huge ice bath to soak my leg in.
I know a lot of people have asked for me to do a GLAMINAR in San Francisco, LA and possible Las Vegas....I will try my hardest to see if I can squeeze them in before the end of the year...please comment below to let me know if there's enough interest for me to do them there.

My schedule will be changing, and I will need to find a different way to take care of my family, Glaminars are very expensive to put on, and I will need to spend my time working on other things to take care of my family.  I want to spend more time with my family...even though I only travel when my ex-husband has the kids, usually leaving right after I drop them off...I want to be able to spend more time with them and be rested!

There truly are no words to express how much I will miss the joy, love and the amazing impact that is felt by everyone at the Glaminars....I hope one day there will be a way that I  will be able to resume them again.

Please enjoy this video and kind words from Alyssa...after the Glaminar in Chicago...she was also a brave model that let me show off her "cute nose" to everyone! Thank you Alyssa and all the precious hearts that are know in my Glaminar-inspired-hearts space in my heart!

Please comment below if you'd go to a Glaminar in San Francisco or Los Angeles if I can fit one more in this year.

click here to sign up and see the rest of the GLAMINAR dates: www.glaminar.com

huge love and sadness that I won't be able to do these anymore...but excitement that I won't know what the future will hold....types with love, kandee

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Question & Before & After-wow!

Burning question of the day?
 (side note: I used to have a blog that basically chronicled my daily/personal life called Adventures in Kandeeland - I started this blog way before I even started on youtube or any other blog...it was like my daily diary/journal that the world could see, I took it down because my ex-husband didn't want me to post pics of our kids online...the judge said I'm allowed to post pictures that don't show their faces up close or basically so you can't really see what they look like....ha ha ha)
I miss being able to maybe share with or inspire other people, moms, girls, humans...and this was the original kandee-anything online....

QUESTION: would you want to read this blog again KANDEELAND blog....? please comment below

NEXT, please look at the WOW-factor that Janea has...she sent me an email with her BEFORE KANDEE-ness and AFTER...after she went a did some eyebrow shaping and hair and make-up dazzling...thanks to the help of my videos...and voila...she looks like the next contestant for America's Next Top Model.

Janea Green is not a model, but a photographer and I was seriously impressed with her before and after! Click here to see her photography website...and a huge THANKS to Janae for letting me post her pics!
make-up does more than decorate your face, it brings out your confidence and lets the you that hides behind insecurities come out and shine bright for the world to see!

extra-extra side note: I feel beyond exhausted, tired, and my brain is not functioning at it's normal level....please excuse any typos or mispellings....I'm too tired to go back and check...ha ha ha

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...snoring......zzzzz..what...what....oh I'm awake.....
huge love and sleep on pillowy beds with sheets that are worthy of feeling like a kiss, and enough pillows to soften and support every part of you like a full body hug.......oh sweet rest.....
typed with love and tired eyeballs....you kandee
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