Monday, August 16, 2010

Now to get perfect NUDE LIPS

Nude Lips! They make your lips look bigger (anything lighter always looks bigger!)...and they've been on of my fav lip colors for years.
To know me is to know how I am on  a continual search for the perfect nude lip colors!
Now, we don't want our lips to look colorless like we are not very alive, but just sexy and pale like Angelina Jolie's signature nude lip look. Here's how to do that:

Watch and learn my tips for a prefect Nude mouth:

Some of my favorite Nude lipsticks:

MAC - Myth ( I love this color)

Super cheap nudes from NYX:
Summer Love

Pecan Pie from NYX
Cheap nudes for medium to darker skin tones:
Tea from NYX

 and  NYX Echo

cheap dupe option for MAC Myth is: Revlon Nude Attitude

Some of my nude lipliners:
#1 Kevyn Aucoin's Bare Lipliner
#2 NYX Mahogany Lipliner (good nude for darker skin tones)
#3 Sephora (for pale skin tones) #135
#4 Revlon Lipliner in Rose
#5 Maybelline Lipliner In Toast (good for darker skin tones)
My favorite nude lipliners:
Naked from Urban Decay

Cheap Nude From NYX
Nude Truffle
And Nude Beige for pale to medium skin tones:

And NYX lipliner in Auburn 
(great for darker skin tones)

now let's get ready to get nude....lips that is!!!

huge looking lips and even huger love....your kandee


o said...

Hi Kandee, as always, you are the best!!! I simply love your tutorials!
Thanks for the tip.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know that even though I have never met you, your makeup videos and blog have inspired me to go for my dream. I'm getting ready to leave my old career behind (bartending) and will be graduating and taking the state board test so that I can get my esthetician's license here in California. I've been working my butt off without a real day off for the past four months just to get to this point. Now that school will be behind me and I have a little experience under my belt from school with makeup, I am finally going to pursue a career in makeup. I want to eventually do freelance stuff, but am going to apply at MAC for more training and retail experience. Watching your videos over and over gives me the kick in the pants I need to keep going. Thanks Kandee!

Unknown said...

Heeey Kandee! :D

I love nude lips! they look so good! :)
you suite it so well!
I love the video thank you!!

- ohh.. you should do another Q/A or whats in your hand bag! they always make me laugh!

love you Kandee!
from Ashleigh Lilley
in New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kandee! :-)

Victoria said...

Hi Kandee,

I love you and all the things you do. I am Brazilian and I live in Portugal. I don't speak English very well, but I try to understand everything you send and I must tell you,everyday I come here in your blog so that you talk to me and I'm very comfortable with this contact, even if virtual.
I know you should not have time to so many fans, but would like to have personal contact with you. because its energy has helped me a lot to go on living. Excuse my English. I promise I'll try to improve, because my dream is to speak very well English and visit the USA.

Thank you and be part of our lives.

God bless you
All my heart, Madalena
I hope you understand what I wrote because I had to use the google translator ... I'm sorry.

Christine said...

Love it, im going to try and look for some of this lipsticks and lipliners and try them out :)

Thanks Kandee <3

Christine said...

please check out my blog and follow me Kandee <3 It would mean so much to me

love you <3
xoxo Christine

Renée T. Habashy said...

I recently stumbled upon your blog and youtube videos and they are FABULOUS! I am one of those girls who needs the most basic make-up instruction. Up until about a month ago, I'd been wearing the exact same eye make-up for close to ten years. No joke. I just didn't know what else to do! I'll be back a lot to learn all your tips. Thanks so much!

CJ :) said...

<3 this post. i love love love perfect nude lips =)

Tropical Mind said...

Thanks for posting this! NYX Summer Love looks right up my alley =) I'm going to the beauty supply today so I will see if they have it. Also you made me want to use Stripdown again. I haven't used it in forever and I really want to try it using your concealer method.

mokiie said...

love the lip tips you have been giving lately :- )

Unknown said...

Thank you Kandee for doing a nude lip. I am so bad about wearing lipstick because I feel so ugly in it. I think this nude lip color would be a great place to start for me. Still give some definition but not totally overwhelm me :) thanks for always being so cheerful. I love you and pray that more people continue to show you how special you are!!!

Helena Urashima said...

Great tip!!

I love you, Kandee. For what you do and what you send. Keep rocking!

Kisses from Brazil :)

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

I love to rock a nice nude lip from time to time! Thanks! :)

Victoria said...


Answer me...please.

Jenmarie said...

Awesome post Kandee!

BottledBeauty said...

Good video! I love that you use liner for most of your lip looks.

Miss Ashlee Ann said...

Hey Kandee!! Love your videos and your blog :) Could you do more Kristen Stewart looks? I've decided she's my makeup icon and would love to see more looks from her. Sometimes it's hard to tell which colors she uses in the pictures. Keep up the awesome work!

Jenny said...

hey kandee!!!

could you please do a tutorial of this wonderfull look of julianne hough? -->>

would be soooooooo great!!
love you and your videos!!

kisses and hugs

Jennifer Belle said...

nothing better than a nude lip ;)

MissJesse said...

wowwww...this is great!your blog is so useful!i added you to my blogroll:*

D said...

Thank you so much for your tips! I love all your tutorials! I'm now following your amazing blog here & adore your videos.

Caro said...

thank you kandee,

you're the greatest!!

I love my lips already

lots of love

Petra said...

Love your blog, this post, and nude lips!!!
Thanks for helping...

♥ Petra
*sprinkles on a cupcake*

Anonymous said...

Wow great tip!
Would just like to say a big thanks for doing what you do, you're a huge inspiration for me, and have inspired me to really try and make something out of my passion. So keep up the good work :), and thanks again! x

If anyone's interested, feel free to check out my blog as i'm struggling to get anyone to actually go on it haha, i'm new at all this and it doesn't even compare to Kandees', but hey, it's a start! ha

Unknown said...

I love nude lips. Great post and great vid. Thank you

S said...

kandee i love you and i watch all your videos all the time. will you please do a tutorial on how you remove your makeup at the end of the day and with what products? thanks.

Unknown said...

Hey landed thanks for the video I love nude lips u should a video for fall like best eye & lip colors. Another good nude is from Revlon colorstay soft & smooth in smooth nude its great. Luv u kandee and keep the videos coming plez. Take care

Natalie Sztern said...

Kandee I came upon your blog through your tutorial on how to fix a broken shadow.

Love It! Wow how informative...but I need to ask one question: you said to use 'glue' did you mean the alcohol?

I am now subscribing because I want to be able to ask you for special hints because of the way I do my eyes...

I live with Kevin Aucoin books and makeup has always been an addictive passion: especially for colors that I just cannot duplicate.

(Ok I have been known to go to Three Custom Color to have a discontinued pharmacy color bought fifteen years ago re-created for big bucks when it was origianally like 5.00) But it makes my blue eyes bluer...

I have so much I want to ask and say but I will spend time looking through your site.

The one problem I find with any magazine or article on makeup is that the model is always of dark hair and swarthy skin....very rarely are blonds used with light skin.

I love the Pamela Anderson and the old Barbara Streisand (Funny Girl) look so if you have done these tutorials pls direct me where.

Wow, again I am so glad I found you

Unknown said...

This is great! Thanks Kandee! I think I'm definitely going to be getting Mac's Myth lipstick now or Revlon's Nude Attitude.

Kyla said...

Hi Kandee!

I'm Kyla!

I love when you tell about cheap alternatives to buy!! PLEASE do a tutorial on cheap alternative make-up set staples (such as eyeliner, mascara, bronzer...etc.) Thank you so much for all the tips. I can't afford the expensive make-up, but I have a passion for art and especially the art of make-up. It's hard being 18 and on a budget. THANK YOU your such a roll model to me.

Lucille Loren said...

HEY!!! I just got excited about a red mouth!!! xxx Lucy
Truly love your work xx

Unknown said...

Love the tutorials!!
I'd love to see some bronze lips. I've seen a bunch of pictures on ads and magazines where the models are wearing a lot of bronzer and looked beautiful and golden, but I haven't been able to get the right lip color to look sun kissed!
A tutorial on how to mage your lips look bronze would me amazing!

The Daily Rant said...

Love you. Love nude lips. I'd like to share though....

This is MY favorite nude lipgloss. It's cheap, a little gloppy (which I like, cause it doesn't slide off the way the greasier ones do) and it looks good with or without liner.

It's by L'oreal: Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip Gloss Passion Fruit Squeeze 230

Here's a link:

Unknown said...

Hey Kandee don't know if you read these but i have been a fan of yours for over a year. You inspired me to create my own blog please come check it out at
Just fyi if you don't already know MAC has a Disney villain makeup set coming out and you can see all the info on
Love you

Holly said...

great tutorial as usual, do you have one on how to slenderize and contour your face?

lisa said...

kandee will u do more "most questions asked" video or a dress up

Jinxy said...

I just love nude lips and neutral eyes..for me that's the best look anyone can go for..but of course..a pinky or red lip once in a lifetime hehe is also wonderful.

xoxo Jinxy

Yaritza said...

I found this great nude lipstick @ ulta its by studio gear called divine luxury (I think its discontinued :( y do companies do that) but I wear it w/ whirl lip liner by mac. It looks awesome!

NinaS ChaOtiC cOnfesSiOns said...

thank you! this is what i just asked you for a couple of days ago. im so happy! love you and God bless, oh and i hope you can go over a few glosses that are nice over medium skin tones and in a nude color... <3

Unknown said...

I have Myth by MAC, but find it to be a bit cakey at times. What is the best way to master that?

Unknown said...

New Topic maybe: How do you feel about permanent and semi-permanent cosmetics?

Unknown said...

What specific nude colors would you suggest for Asian lips. I"m Filipino and I have darker skin

Barbie said...

I absolutely loooove nude lips. I need to look into some of these liners!

Purple Butterfly said...

im into nude lip nowadays, thks for the tip.....btw where cn i get the gorgeous ring u're wearing?

Love from Singapore

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