Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top 10 back-to-school Backpack & Purse Must Haves!

These are my hottest picks of things that need to be in your backpack for back-to-school and need to be in your purse or on your desk to bring dazzle and sparkle to your day! Get ready for this!

#1. Sparkly Wallet from Duex Lux
I have one of these in turquoise, except mine doesn't have the cute heart on it! I love it and it's so easy to find in your purse or bag! The big one above it $30.00 and the little one below is only $22. They come every one of you favorite colors!

get your straight from the source at WWW.DUEXLUX.COM

#2. Strawberry Cupcake  AND Mint Ice Cream Scented Wet Wipes

You can clean up and smell like a yummy treat in one quick swipe! I love these things!
$3 at FREDFLARE.COM (click on link to snap some up)

#3. Betseyville Make-Up Bag
Every girl needs a stylish was to carry all her beauty goodies. I love Betsey Johnson and all  her retro-funky-girl-rock n' roll designs. This bag is the beauty bomb! You can get one at, the price may seem a bit steep, but considering that I've had the same leopard print make-up bag for almost 7 years, it's not so crazy to invest in a cute one! It's $41.00 at Zappos right now.

#4. Hello Kitty USB drives
How much fun will anything be stored on one of these!!!??Again, these treasures are from FREDFLARE.COM $34.99

#5. Sweet Smelling Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer
I have this in my purse as we speak (well, type and read I guess) and it smells so good, not like most stinky hand sanitizers! Since I am a mild germaphobe (ha ha ha) I love this stuff! For $1.50 you can afford to be germ free and smell yummy! Get some at

#6. Poketo Keychain
I love this little lady keychain! And you can bet she's dangling from my keys right now too! I got this at Target, but I can't seem to find it online! It think it's new at Target and it was only about $4.95!

#7. Cupcake Key Covers
Take a little cupcake with you wherever you go! You can get them at WWW.PERPETUALKID.COM (this is the cheapest place I've found them on the web for $4.99 you get half a dozen cupcakes for keys

#8. Monkey Headphone Wire Keeper
keep your wires under control with this cute little monkey! You can get one at MONTANAGIFTSANDTREASURES.COM FOR $4.49

No more unknown pieces of food stuck in your teeth, or trying to apply eyeliner with the glare of your cell phone screen.
I have this little Hello Kitty Double Compact Mirror in my purse right now. I love it! Someone sent it to me as a gift, and I love it!!! It's only $4.95 at!

#10. Minty Breath Makers

I love Stride gum in Sweet Peppermint! It really does last forever...I've chewed it for hours while on set doing make-up on 12-16 hour days and I've spread my minty breath all day long!
Colgate Wisps are a great little pre-toothpasted, little disposable toothbrushes you can stash in your purse or bag, to brush away that garlic you just had at lunch!

and if mints are more your style...if you need to skip on the possible gum-chewing sound....I love BreathSavers Vanilla Mint flavor!

You are now ready to add some sparkle, shine, fun, style and minty-ness to whatever you do and wherever you go!
From your faithful goodie and style hunter.....kandee

huge love....don't forget to always remember to pack extra happiness, smiles, and joy with you wherever you go! And wherever you go, that's where people will want to be!

OH YEAH!!!! We've got a big surprise and another giveaway comin' up, so keep reading this here bloggy!


Starryeyes said...

I love the sparkly purple wallet/purse!!!!!!!! MIght have to treat myself!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Thank you! Those cupcake key covers are so hard to get. I found them a few months ago and wanted to get a set for my friend and a set for me since they are so cute, but they were out of stock and so I set up an email notification for when they would be back in stock and never got an email. Lol. So I saw it on here and was like, "Ahh!!! Kandee you are amazing!!!! A life savor!" Although it wasn't really a life or death situation... But still! Ha ha! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Now i wish i was going back to school! I love everything here. :)

Unknown said...

This made me think of you! So precious!

SaRaH!!! said...

I love those cupcake keycovers and the hello kitty mirror and usb covers. I can't wait to see what is going to come next on your blog!!

Feel free to follow me :)

Unknown said...

Omg kandee!! Were u in my brain?! I was JUST online looking for a hello kitty flashdrive =)!!!!

Kaitlyn said...

i just purchased some key covers on ebay for $2 after reading your blog. all my keys look the same, (the color rubbed off) yay for a solution!

MarkeeCoco said...

I love the HK USB drives! Just wish they were less expensive.

Unknown said...

I personally dislike whisps. I think they're wasteful.

. said...

Waoh... Soo many stuff to carry! :O

But thank you Kandee, because if I go to college (enter, i mean), I need go get ready. ;D

Kiss <3

Christine said...

Love this post Kandee, so many amazing things. Want alot of these things :)

xoxo Christine

Cheap and Easy said...

Super cute stuff, and I totally agree on the Wisps!

I am a germaphobe, too, but since I learned how antibacterial gels effectively breed SUPER bacteria, I don't use it unless I have no way to wash the traditional way... 'Cause, really, what's worse than germs? SUPERGERMS *scared*

Katie said...

I want the Hello Kitty flash drives! I'm a sucker for technology that happens to be cute!

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee!
I just wanted to say that I admire your job!
Continue being this creative person!
Hugs from your brazilian fan,

josie said...

It's all sooooo yummylicious!! and giveaway?? I've never participated in one of yours! I'm so excited!!

Shelby Renae said...

I absolutely love these must have item posts you've been doing! Everything is so cute. I've been looking for little trinkets like this to brighten up my days at school. Keep up the suggestions! :) Huge love, Shelbs

Unknown said...

Bath & Body's Sweet Pea, Betsey Johnson, Hello, love, love!!!

I just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to get my own video makeup tutorials going. Check out the one I did for a school project which I just posted on YouTube:

Thanks for the constant inspiration.

cOoKiElUvR said...

I saw a few HK usbs at hot topic too!

Jinxy said...

I loovee that Betseyville Make-Up Bag and the keys covers.. lovely!


Kimber_av said...

first off. i adore you. youre amazing. i cant say it enough

secondly. i know you are always looking for the newest of new cool stuff. although it isnt fashion. while i was on vacation last month i found a small band with serious potential. if you like what you hear, maybe you could add it to a blog? these guys were so nice. i've met MANY small bands (i'm a sucker for live music). and i havent come across guys as nice as these. They really care about people who come to watch them. and their music is quite good!

Beauty IS Relevant said...

I like how this list is actually cute and necessary! Your blog is so inspiring and fun to read. Keep on Blogging!!

Beauty Is Relevant

CoCoa Assassins said...

simply irresistible...bang

Unknown said...

Love that sweet peppermint, it is pretty tasty. Just tried a new one too...Dentyne Pure. Also quite good, but the Stride I thought lasted longer. HK flashdrives, OH MY!

Firesnatcher said...

Yay for Hello Kitty and cupcakes! I have those cupcake key toppers, and they're so cute. It makes me want to have more keys, just so I can use all of them at once. I also have the mirror, except her bow is pink.

Now I just need to get the usb, which I've been thinking about getting since I've lost mine.

Thanks for these posts!

daily scoop said...

I especially enjoyed the link to FREDFLARE.COM! The scented wipes are genius!! I also like the scented nail polishes and many others!

Grace said...

Ah! I freaking love those scented wipes and cupcake key covers! I'm thinking that I might have to get some :)


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