Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 6 Super Cute Back-to-school or Work bag!

Since my zebra laptop bag busted when it was unloaded from the airport coming back from Chicago, it catapulted me into a bag-replacement-online-shopping-spree..and here's the coolest of cool bags, laptop bags, computer bags, school or work bags, I could find!

NUMBER 1: By LUG The Puddle Jumper - for modern worker, traveller or student, and kandee!
(because I actually ordered it in PINK, but it was a hard battle between the lime green and the orange!)
this mag is cute, modern, and a unique size and shape! I love it! I saw a girl on a flight with me that had it, and then I tried to read the tag to see what it was! Behold the LUG life bags! This is a great laptop, travel bag...look at this:
perfect to add on your carry-on...I am gonna love this! Can't wait til it shows up in the mail. This baby sells for $75, and for considering that is will keep all the priceless info on my computer safe, it's a good investment!

#2 Allie Pink Laptop Tote - for the Girly, Chic Girl

This looks like a cute, girly bag that Barbie would carry around on her business trips or across the quad to her next class.
It has enough pockets to stash everything from your lipgloss to usb cables, to notebooks, to all your ipod, ipad, or any other "i" things!

and look at the inside...it's like a cotton candy cloud of pink puffiness to keep your laptop safe from any bumps and bangs! With room to spare for books, magazines, powercords, and a notebook. This cute, chic laptop bag retails for: $59.00

#3. MARC JACOBS Punk Boy City Bag - for the punky, modern fashion warrior

this bag is ready to rock n' roll and means business- some serious fashion-statement-business. Marc Jacobs has cooked up some perfectly punk and utilitarian bag goodness...throw this over your shoulder and get to style stompin to class or to your next meeting or quick trip to your favorite coffee house to work on your computer! For $198.00 this bag can be yours, a little pricey, but not as much as some backpacks or dj bags, and this will look just as cool in 5 years!

#4. BURTON Distortion Pack - for the funky tomboy
this bag takes me back to my tomboyish-ness...when up until about 5 years ago, I never carried a purse, just a backpack...
This Tartan pattern...well I'm just in love with it....
I'm sort of wishing I had ordered this one now! ha ha
...they come in some fun colors and black too!
It has ridiculous amounts of pockets, insanely comfortable padded straps.....and I know I don't have a skateboard to strap on the front...but I guarantee I can find something to strap in there!
It has a padded laptop sleeve and enough room to fit an entire outfit change and shoes in there!
At $63.95, this is pretty much average "good-quality" backpack price. I give this 5 blinged-out-manicured thumbs up!

Leopard print lovers....behold this little gem that will fit your laptop and then some! And it's a steal at only $25.50!!!! Get your style and budget fix with this baby from K-Cliffs Lifestyle.

Not only do I have a INCASE golden cover for my iphone, but they make awesome, modern looking bags with padded laptop sleeves built in and little pockets galore! Make your purse jealous! For $99.99 it's a pretty good deal considering just the iphone cases are $39 bucks!

so there's some of my top picks for funky, hip, cool bags for laptops, work, and school!
happy bag hunting....your bag-lady....kandee


Christine said...

I love the leopard bag, i really want it now :D

Great post Kandee, xoxo Christine


Noelle Garnier said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! Personally, I like a classy black business case ... but now I want a backpack, too! :)
kandee fam lil sis

xWHLo said...

Aww i really want the pink girly barbie bag now! Thanx for the options! =] x

Vampire Butterfly said...

i liked the last one


Anonymous said...

i needed one of these! thanks kandee!


josie said...

oooh the first one (LUG) looks pretty! i definitely need me one like that because it has pockets and you can attach it to your carry-on. it's funny because i just got a new hot-iridescent-pink Genna DeRossi purse over the weekend that would definitely go with this lol

Rachael Cunningham said...

Hey please check my blog

Anonymous said...

:) Cool post kandee !! I love your yt videos, your so smiley ishh !!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I really want me one of those Burton backpacks! PERFECT for some stellar road-tripping! :-) Thanks Kandee for the 411!

Unknown said...

Awesome timing on posting this!! Of course today was my first day back to college, and just after one class my strap to my bag snapped! I just started following your blog and love it!!!

bexmbexm said...

You read my mind!!! I carry 3 bags around for all my junk...This is really helpful THANKS KANDEE xxx

Anonymous said...


When you get the LUG bag, could you let us know how heavy it is? My brother gave me this great rolling laptop bag to take to work, but it is totally nonfunctional as the bag is heavier than everything else in it. I am a teacher and have two flights to walk down from my apartment and three flights up to my classroom. I thought the bag he gave me would be great, but now ... I'm thinking not.
By the way ... I love your video with your mommy makeover! Reminded me of my relationship with my mom. Those cute little mommies! <3

Anna said...

Agreed, can you do a review on the LUG bag when you get yours in? I would love to have a kandee-fied review, I'm seriously considering getting one!


Hi Kandee :)

The bags all look so cute! I do really like the pink one. I do not know if I can get one over here in Europe.


The Fairest of the Seasons said...
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The Fairest of the Seasons said...

Hi I'm just requesting a look that you could possibly give a tutorial on. It's Olivia Wilde's red carpet look at the Emmys.

Here's a link to the picture

Thank you so much!

Jamie said...

awww....makes me want a new bag now especially the leopard print or Burton one :)

Jacqui said...

I think the Marc Jacobs bag is going to be my new diaper bag! or maybe the LUG....possibly both!

Angela Choi said...

NUMBER 1: By LUG The Puddle Jumper - for modern worker, traveller or student, and kandee!

For this bag, I can't believe we are battling between the same set of colors!!! Ahahaha Kandee you and I have similar tastes. I love everything you love! I love this kind of post!! please do more of them!!!



Unknown said...

the second one is so cute!

Rue said...

I loved the first one, I can see your dilemma...I love every color esp.. bright colors it's hard to choose!


makeupSAMOUK said...

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m0mmyb0t said...

i like all of the above.

Steve said...

Hi Kandee,
Thanks for mentioning our pink Allie laptop tote!
If you or any of your fans would like to purchase one, here's a coupon good for 20% Off any pink bag at our store. Coupon code: KANDEE
Expires on 9/8/2010.

Thanks again,
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hope said...

hey kandee i don't ever comment on these things and i don't really know in what other ways i could reach you but i just wanted to let you know how amazing you really are. i obviously dont know all of the details of your life and ive only visited this site once and watched only a million of your youtube videos lol but you are honestly probably my biggest idol. i'm a 17 year old girl growing up and sort of defining myself now at this age and i strive to be like you. whenever i watch a simple makeup tutorial i'm just like wow i want tobe like that. you are so incredibly sweet and loving and happy and energetic, i wish you the best of luck oh and in your question and answer video you said people gave you hateful comments? that's ridiculous. beauty is in the eye of the beholder but you really are beautiful to me inside and out and i just thank you for being who you are. i dont want to be like wierd or creepy lol i just really want to let you know what an inspiration you are to me and maybe just give you a smile while reading this! and omg i watched that megan fox makeup one and you looked so pretty with that style you should do that all the time! and you, to me, look like a mix of megan fox, lindsay lohan, and victoria justice who are all gorgeous. i never know what everyday makeup would look right on my face. i'd love to one day have someone like you or preferrably you lol give me the confidence that a little makeup can do. again thank you and i hope you just have an awesome day :) god bless, hope!

Kelly said...

Thanks Kandee! I love the orange lug bag and just bought it from ebags for $67.49 with free shipping! Here is the link: http://www.ebags.com/product/lug-life/puddle-jumper-overnightgym-bag/141047?productid=1364526

Unknown said...

I am looking all bags and the all bags are so beautiful and good looking at design.Some normal bag we can use as a laptop bag so i have wondering..Thanks for nice post..
Laptop Bag

Anonymous said...

Hey. I looked at your bag.. SUPER cute.. but have a question.. you think it's ok to carry a camera and lens and all your camera crap in there? I am looking for a bigger camera bag and the ones I find are rather manly.. I want one that says hey.. thats a sassy photographer!

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