Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Facebook, Glaminars, SHOES, and new beauty addiction!

Somedays I wish a huge hug from a giant bag of balloons would help!

If you didn't know some of the things I'd like to "balloon-hug-away" they are:

#1. that FACEBOOK disabled my account....which mean everyone else can see my facebook EXCEPT ME!!! I can't log on, sign in- NOTHING!
(so please check here and my twitter for all updates and anything, it could take up to a week or more for FACEBOOK to fix this again! ahhhhh)

this is the 2nd time Facebook has done this to me...siting they thought I was an imposter of myself!
(I already miss you guys on there!!!)

#2 then youtube was having problems with one of my videos... (i don't even want to bore you with the details! bleh)

#3. Well I could go on, but I'd rather focus on how I'm gonna try to solve this! ha ha ha

SOLUTIONS: so now I have no way of updating people on GLAMINAR here we go:

CHICAGO GLAMINAR is this SATURDAY August 14th...we only have a few spaces left...
GO HERE TO BUY TICKETS, if there are any left (because I have no way of updating on facebook how many exact spaces we have left..boooo. Maybe check twitter!)

and just because I keep getting emails: the Become a Pro Make-Up Artist is my favorite's more than being a make-up artist, it's how to go after your dreams, be happy and super confident, how to change how you to be wildly successful at WHATEVER you do....this class changes lives, attitudes. I share all my marketing and success tips...I share my heart with you- it's AMAZING!!!

LESSONS from things going wrong: don't focus on everything going wrong- FOCUS on FINDING  A SOLUTION! You go in the direction of your thoughts- If you think about all the're never going to get to the place where solutions are. Think about how you're going to solve, change, or fix your problems AND sure will GET OUT OF YOUR PROBLEMS....but "Polly Problem Dweller" is going no where but feeling worse about herself!

and last but not shoe love of the week:
these are the coolest mix of cowboy boot, riding boot, and all out rocker chic boot....I love these! Bonus points for these bad boys: they have a heel - so not only will you appear taller BUT SKINNIER...yay! I love these because they fit in with my side that grew up on lots of land with cows and horses...and then the side that lived in a high rise on busy metropolitan street! love these!
these little "stompers" are from the design wonders at: John Fluevog... they are called: FRONTIER HI and these are in COLT (aka Black)

SANDALS! I've been searching for the perfect "gladiator-rocker-sandal" all summer - they were waiting for me at FOREVER 21 for only $18.80!!! these are really comfy and I put my Dr. Scholls Gel Sandal inserts and these babies are like slippers!
DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! NOw for my new beauty addiction of the week!
I can NOT stop wearing this red lipstick from L'Oreal- Infallible Lip color in BEYONCE!!!

this stuff is no joke! It does NOT come off until you remove it!!! I ate drank, kissed my little ones, ate and drank some more, did a demo to my mom about scrubbing it with my hand...NOTHING CAME OFF!!!! I love this stuff!!!

did I mention my current love for the red-lipped pin-up look!?! It's the worlds fastest make-up look!
watch my Marilyn Monroe pin-up (red lip) look here:

And if you can think of it...can any of my facebook something on my facebook to tell everyone that I'm "banned" from facebook and to check here for everything! thanks guys...I miss interacting with you guys on FB already!!!!
huge love and problem solving...your kandee


Samelevennn said...

I hope that some day a Glaminar will grace Las Vegas! I'd love to see you! <3

keyola pey said...

Kandee, you're the best :) Hugs all the way from Germany :D

Nati said...

sometimes everything goes wrong right :-D
do you read ALL of your comments? even mine??

have a wonderfull day

kisses and hugs from GERMANY

please visit my blog:

The Woven Life said...


I love the sandals! My sister has been trying to get me to buy gel inserts. Do they make that much of a difference? I work at Sephora and am on my feet for 8 hours at a time. Sorry about the Facebook issue. I can sympathize with any computer related issues. My PC has been on strike lately and is tempting me to sack it and get an Apple. Thanks for always emitting positive energy to your readers especially in the midst of daily annoyances. You make if easier to deal with them. Balloons make everything better! I should tie some to my monitor. lol

Kandee Johnson said...

yes I do read them all! hee hee And yes those gel inserts will change your life! well maybe just your feet! ha ha

Noelle Garnier said...

So happy to hear you're doing well ... and I think I must try some new l'Oreal lipstick. Thanks for the tip! And I hope your Facebook account is reactivated soon ... what a bother!
love, hugs, and xoxo,
kandee fam lil sis

Anonymous said...

Even when you have some problems you always seem to be so happy he hee ;-)
I must try this L'Oreal lipstick too ! and the shoes are so super !!! specially the gladiators one ;-) thanks for another cool tips ! and good luck in fighting with facebook and youtube ! he he ;)
hugsssssssss ;-* n kisses ;)

Beata said...

Kandee- the marilyn monroe look, looks great on you!

I will have to try it myself.

Rue said...

I love that you always look on the bright side no matter what...I'm so happy that you've made youtube videos because they make me feel as if I really know you; which is so cool because you're like one of the most amazing and inspiring people I know! So, yay for youtube and Congrats on all your success and may more of it come your way!

Bumblee Bee said...

I would really love to attend the Chicago glaminar but I don't have the money to spare for the classes. I'd love to have a good foudation as a make-up artist. I was just wondering if there are going to be scholarships for the Chicago glaminar. Well I hope you can comment me
back, I've tried leaving a few comments about this.
Hope you have a good day kandee!


Dawn said...

You are seriously right about that lipstick! It is the go to lipstick if you don't want it to budge, I've used it for ages! Cause otherwise my hubby kisses all my lipstick off! LOL Sorry to hear about facebook sweetie!

Skylar Young said...

First of all..didn't know B had her own color of the infallible shizz!! I need some now! ha ha, she is a goddess!

Second, I have been telling everyone about your fb problemm..whaddahell?!

Thirdly, yes it's me Skylar, if I see you tomorrow, I can't really make a scene (even though I want to) so I might just wink? or wave? (due to professionalism and not giving anyone favoritism) even though I would give you the biggest hug ever!! I'm praying for you, best of luck!!!

LOve, Skylar

Ruvic said...

can't wait till you make it around to the Philippines... ;D

keep spreanind the love,


Anonymous said...

i really have been wanting to try that makeup...

Anonymous said...

As I sat here reading today's message, all I could do is giggle to myself. You conked my issues right on the nose! Today was my 1st attempt at changing my dwelling ways and I had a wonderful day. Your message today was just the thing I needed to keep up for tomorrow. Thank you for that. =) Nighty night all. <3

Just Being Z said...


love you! please tell us chicagoans who won't be able to attend your glaminars if there is any way to meet you and maybe take a picture or two beforehand. need any help setting up? i would totally love to do that if i can just meet you. im telling you, there are days where nothing seems to work and reading your blogs just picks me up before going to bed. Take care! and let us know, please!!!

Aziajs said...

Hey Kandee!

I also wanted to know if you are going to have any kind of meet & greet or event where we can come out and meet you in Chicago. I can't attend the Glaminar...I didn't even know about it until TODAY but I would love to meet you and other bloggers and makeup lovers.

Azia :)

Kirbykant said...

Hi Kandee!

I started following you when you first started posting on youtube... ive learned so much allready! Not only make-up skills but also how to be happy...
I've been through so much the last years, and every time i'm down, you get me up!

I wanne thank you for that, you're an inspiring young woman..

hope to see you in london...

much love
Kirby all the way from HOLLAND!

Anonymous said...

I am so angry I missed your glaminar! I just moved from seattle two weeks ago to pennsylvania for my dads work :( I planned on buying tickets but I couldn't go in the end. I hope these are all going well! You're amazing :)


Eva Van D said...

Hi Kandee it's Eva. I wanted to give you some information that i got it randomly, I think it could help you with the london glaminar. I have never gone to london so i haven't gone to that hotel but the website was interesting. Here's the website
Can't wait seeing you in London!!!! good luck with your others glaminars!!

Unknown said...

kandee i really love those cowboy-ish black boots. those are super hot! i really want a pair now! grr! lol you've got the best taste in fashion, how do you find such awesome trendy things?

Brittany F.

Cupcake said...

It's so rare to see someone so beautiful on the outside be just as beautiful on the inside. You're an inspiration!

I just cannot get over how gorgeous you are, sheesh, I'm starting to sound a little lesbian but it's okay because you are BE-YOO-TI-FUL! =)

Rich said...

Hi Kandee congrats again for having a baby girl... Can please tell me where else can i find your gladiator flatform shoes coz i really really like it any website that you can give me(i hope i can find it here in toronto).Please thank you and god bless to you!!!

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