Thursday, August 5, 2010

STYLE KANDEE: my sweet style cravings of the week

if you see something you like and want to see more, click on the name and chances are I remembered to link it to the website, if not click anywhere that says CLICK IT OR TICKET, and you'll be instantly transported to the web-wonderland of that company to peruse their goods! have fun and away we go!
I know..who thinks about boots in the middle of a sweaty summer day? Me! I saw these at the John Fluevog store in Seattle and I imagined me walking in them in a pair of black leggins, with a big long hangy shirt belted low around the hips,  or sweater in fall, maybe with an army green type kilt skirt on...and visions of fall breezes swirled though my head!
Think back-to-school shopping excitement....!
And the color was the color of RED VELVET cake...ohhh I wanted to lick these boots and see if they tasted of chocolate! ha ha ha

They are a bit pricey, but I've heard people that own these boots say they last for years and years til your 75 and still wearing them...ok I made that last part up.

I don't care what anyone says....I love me some "drop-crotch", MC-Hammer-ish, Harem-Pants! These things are more comfy than sweats..and people think, "whoa if she is bold enough to wear those, she must be famous!" ha ha ha...just kidding, I made that part up again. But wear these tucked inside the Red Velvet Boots from above...and insta-style baby! The Bold and the Beautiful is not just a soap opera, it's what this outfit screams! These Harem gems are from American Apparel!
I love and have this fun little bow diamond ring (and don't worry it's from Forever 21 so it is wallet-friendly at $4.90!) reminds me of Hello Kitty's bow! CLICK IT TO FIND THIS BLING FOR YOUR FINGER!

Add some more bling to your ringers with another Forever 21 special! I love this a little bit glam with hints of rocker edge! And at $4.90 it has a sound your piggy bank will love too! CLICK HERE TO GET IT!

These sunglasses are the business! And not just because Lil' Wayne wears them! ha ha ha I just love them, and envision that I would feel like a celebrity trying to fight of being recognized by the paparazzi wearing these. HA HA hA Sabre dishes out some of the fiery hottest shades the Kozoi's that I slap on my face...I love these glasses! CLICK IT OR TICKET- SABRE!

I love these woodgrain shoes from Radii, I'm not even sure they're available  yet...but something in me, wants to wear these so bad! I love how "untrendy" they are. These babies, say, "I have style! I  don't care if little granny shoes that are sold at Urban Outfitter are cool...I go against the grain! The woodgrain that is!" Radii puts that RAD in it or ticket!
If you want to tote your treasures in a bag that even cooler looking than what's probably inside it...look no further than this steal at Forever 21....for $10.80 this awesome, cooler-than-it's-content tote can be dazzling the streets wherever you go! CLICK IT OR TICKET hot pink metallic style!

Putting the cool back into your closet......your style Kandee!


Bumblee Bee said...

I love everything you posted! When you asked who would be thinking about boots in the summer, I was saying out loud, ME! Haha I kid you not, last night I was thinking about how anxious I was to wear me some boots!

After reading this post I can't wait to do some summer/fall shopping. Sending lots of love your way ms Kandee!


Anonymous said...

this stuff is gorgeous ! i am waiting for moe posts like this one ! love you love you love you ! and love all these things he he

Christine said...

I LOVE these things, so pretty.
Harlem pants are really confortable, better than all my sweatpants :)

Anonymous said...

Kandee!!!!! I love that post stuff from forever 21!!! I can actually afford that!

Liz said...

I've been admiring that ring in some of you most recent vids and now that you've shared your secret of where you purchased them I got one of those and the pink duffle bag both from Forever21. Those are definitely deals & steals.

Sum Kuller said...

Everythin' looks so cool, i want to have 'em allllllllll..! someday maybe, haha.. iA..! :) Love ya Kandee..! <3 x

...Live.Love.MakeUp... said...

Awwww the little bow is cute!

Candy Sparks said...

you make me happy!


Anonymous said...

these are sooo cute!!!!....i loved the rings glasses sneakers & bag!!! crazy cause i'm not much of a pink person lol

Unknown said...

Boots? YES!! i need those

drop-crotch? i say no but i know you could totally pull that look off!

Little bow diamond ring? YES!! again i need that!

The Sunglasses? I didn't even like that style in the 80s and 90s

woodgrain shoes from Radii? Usually i'm all about crazy weird shoes but these aren't really speakin to my heart. I'm in the middle ... i'd probably rock em.

Miss Dress Up said...

I'd wear everything except the "drop crotch" pants. I love this new idea Kandee, thanks for doing this for us!

Shane Suga said...

LOVE KANDEE! Check out my music more!

Lorin Kelly said...

Awesome boots, Definitely can't pull those off but I like to look at them! haha :)


Christine said...


xoxo Christine

mandee_clark said...

Dear Ms.Kandee Johnson,

Hello, My name is Amanda Clark and I live in Chicago...I am a huge fan of your videos and of you as well. I am sending this e-mail because I am aware that you have a glaminar in the Chicago area and I am also awar...e that you have given scholarships to your famous glaminars in the past. I would really love to go but heres the thing I am 16 years old and I had a job and was saving to attend a glaminar whenever it finally came into chicago and I live with my grandma who is retired because when I was 8 my mother passed away and my father has never been any part both physically and financially as well. Due to the curent recession we are in I got laid off. And living with my grandma we both have very expensive medications being that she dosnt have insurrance and I am living with severe asathma,occsional sezuires,allgeries,hypo thyroids, and acid reflex diease. Only the weaker generic versions are covered by my insurance and I had a small bundle of money saved for one of your glaminars and I had a medicine that is life saving that I had to purchase leaving me without any money to afford a ticket to your glaminar. I was wondering if you could give me the honor of getting a scholarship to your glaminar August 14th when you come to Chicago. It would mean the world to me to finally meet you and get makeup tips and tricks from a pro such as your self. I dont wear much makeup due to the fact I have NO clue how. I was never taught how to properly apply makeup and I watch your videos all the time. I read all your blogs espically your one on mothers day and being without a mother it really touched me. I really hope that you can find the kindness in your heart and room in your glaminar to give me a scholarship to attend. It is afterall on my bucketlist of things to do. And this is the only one directly in my city. I really hope you can give me a scholarship to attend it would make me the happiest girl in the entire universe.

Please respond A.S.A.P :) Via email or twitter anything!!

-Much love Amanda Clark

Kiska said...

super luv all that you posted, was missing your style snacks. please keep them coming....xoxo

LC said...

I'm sorry Kandee, but I think you have terrible taste. Everything you posted is so tacky.

girlygirl said...

Kandee! You must go to Sidecca next time you're in Cali, they have the cutest stuff! They have bow rings that look closer to Hello Kitty's bow. I have sparkly black, sparkly hot pink, and white w/iridescent sparkles! The only one I "need" is the red one :) I don't think you can purchase stuff online, but here's a link to the store so you can find the locations and see what cute stuff they have. I'm not affiliated w/them btw :) Just a lover of all things Hello Kitty :)

selenity luz said...

Every person has his/her own taste... and I think we should respect it, even if it doesn't make us go crazy after them...

So, some respect is always be welcome!!

Good job, Kandee! I like the last thing!!

TeaLover said...

I L O V E your style !!!

hattie said...

Absolutely looove the boy ring- so cute, quirky and fun. I love how you don't take fashion and style so seriously, you're fab :)


Anonymous said...

Follow me

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh, I love this post! I went out today to buy that metallic bag from Forever 21! I'm in LOVE with it! :)

More posts like this would be awesome! Thanks for all these lovely recommendations!

<3 Jamie

leslieeva said...

Yeah, lick my boots! haha. you're so cute Kandee!

Hope you're having a wonderful week and feeling ggggreat!


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