Sunday, March 31, 2013

Making Memories: Why this day was the best Easter

I had no idea how precious last Easter would be to me... it was the last Easter I would be able to spend with my dad, before he would be taken to Heaven just a couple short months later.
I remember Ellie slept on my dad's shoulder while we sat in church.
And after church my dad said we should go eat at the buffet brunch at a restaurant on the water.
Neither one of us looked at the price of the buffet when we we sat down, there was no sign for the price and no menu.
But as people received their bill you could just hear people gasping at the price! 
ha ha ha ha
And when we got our bill, my dad and I did the same....I can still see my dad's face and he said: "WHOAAAAAA!" and kind of shook his head and started laughing, as he looked at our bill. I can't remember how much it was exactly and that doesn't even matter now. But I remember my dad saying, "well at least we're makin' memories!" dad always said that when anything was good, or when something went wrong- we were always making memories.
As my nose begins to tingle, like it does when you're about to cry and tears are gathering in my eyeballs...there is a good ending to this story.

(Ellie in her cute lil' dress, I can't remember why she was making this awful face! ha ha ha)
Now, I'm going to open up my heart and share what I believe. You don't have to agree with me, you don't have to be religious, I'm not religious at all, I just really love the God that made me and you, you don't even have to  believe in God- I love you all no matter what you believe and think...but please just appreciate that I'm sharing, like show and tell, (ha ha) a little piece of my heart with you...
I do know, that Easter, is when I celebrate, that Jesus rose from the grave, after dying for our sins, so that we could be forgiven and when we ask him into our hearts and to forgive us for all the junk and bad stuff we do and think and say, he washes away all  our sins, guilt and shame...remembers it no more, and stretches out his loving arms and promises to stand with us, to be our strength and to fill us with peace when life gets unbearable...until the day, like the day when I got the call about my dad, and he  went to be in the most wonderful place to spend heaven.

Life got unbearable months after this picture below was taken.
Hearing that voice say over the phone, that my dad was no longer on this Earth- felt unbearable, it felt more than unbearable- I didn't want to do it, I didn't want to live through each second. I didn't want this to be real. I just wanted my dad.
(I know people may not know my dad is in heaven...and I don't want to get into the details again, but you can click here to read my post about it)

I didn't want to know that there would be no more memories to make with my dad, that was too much for my heart to take in. Time does not heal the loss of a loved one- it takes away the sting that you first feel. A sting so painful that you don't want to wake up and know it's there.
There are waves of emotions and moments when you just miss that person so much.
Not a single day goes by that I don't think about my dad, I think about him all the time, and I miss him  all the time. 
I know this Easter will be precious to me.
Not only is it a day to celebrate that my Heavenly father died for all my sins, all of our sins...but it's a day too, that I will remember one of the best memories I made with my dad...
 and that I will see him in Heaven...
and as huge tears splash down my face, I can hardly see my blurry keyboard...
As Eric Clapton sings, "and I know that there'll be. no more, tears in heaven"....

When this life, with it's hardships, disappointments, heartaches, heartbreaks, frustrations, hurts, sickness and pain is over.....I know, I can't wait to celebrate in Heaven.

If I could tell my dad right now....I'd say: I love you so much dad, and I love each memory we made! It's a priceless- PRICELESS treasure in my heart. No one can steal them, break them, burn them or take them away from me...I will keep making memories, because that's what you'd tell me to do! So until I see ya in heaven, I'm gonna make some good memories in your honor dad!

If you've lost a loved one...please feel my heart going out to you. I know what your heart hurts like. Cherish every precious memory, for no one can take them away. Their love is always in your heart, always. And even though tears are running down my face, I'm cheering you on, sending you the biggest hugs and telling you...we can do this! We will take their memories and let their love just add to love we will share with all those around us.

There is no greater strength on Earth, than a heart that been through devastating pain, and keeps on going with a smile on their face, the face that has been washed in tears. Because the heart of one who has lived through heartbreaking things, and still shares love, is a heart that grew bigger as it healed from being torn open. You only have two options: GROW BITTER, or GROW A BIGGER HEART! People with big hearts are the ones who don't let things stop them, they pour love out to those around them and the joy they feel, from bringing others joy, becomes the song of their heart...a heart that looks, not just at their hurt, but looks at ways to help brighten others days too.

This world is full of hurting people everywhere you look...try to be a little nicer, say something kind and offer an extra never know the hurt in someone's life, that they don't have labeled on a badge on their shirt. No one knew as I walked through the grocery store after I had spent the day packing up my dad's things, how hard that day had been, but someone smiled and they have no idea how much that meant to my heart.

And as my dad would inspire everyone to do:
when things go wrong or not as planned, just say" "hey, we're making memories"....

I will always smile when I think of last Easter, and me and my dad looking at the bill...and then saying: "hey, we're makin' memories...." and laughing!

huge hugs...and I can't wait to get a big bear hug from my dad in heaven, I'll give you all hugs in heaven too, your kandee


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yeah boi- it's the Random 5!

 Yeah it's about that time for the Saturday Random 5!!!
Yes, 5 random fun and random facts about me that will change your life.

1. This is what I looked like last night while I uploaded video files from my camera.
PS. I'm very excited to announce I filmed 2 very requested videos yesterday!
The no mirror make-up challenge and the smoothie recipe, which has literally been requested for years now, and I kept thinking I had already filmed it, when all I did was post the recipe my Smoothie Recipe on my KANDEELAND blog! ha ha ha

2. Sometime I get dressed in my workout clothes in the morning, thinking I'll make time/have time, to workout....only to not work out at all. But I felt fit all day in my running shoes! ha ha ha ha
 PS. I am in love with this workout top and my lime green sports bra- I got em both at TJ MAXX! There was another color too, I'm gonna go back and grab it!

 Oh the selfie's in a mirror!

3. I only like to eat bananas when they are a little bit green on the ends of the banana. I can't stand ripe bananas. I know, I'm weird.

4. I also only like real Cherries and I don't like Cherry flavored anything, unless it's Cherry and Lime together- like Cherry Limeade.

5. This is what my nightstand, night table, whatever you wanna call it, looked like last night. Well right before i ploncked down my water glass and my GIANT TREAT LIP BALM! Those are my sleeping staples- water and I have to put lip balm and lotion on my hands at night!

I'm doing a keyboard dance party at my excitement that it's Saturday! Oh and I'm gonna go head to buy some goodies for some new DIY videos too! I'm soooo excited like a Pointer Sister!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Make-Up Look for under $20 !?!

 Is it possible to buy all the make-up you need for under $20 to do your make-up!
Well, sort of. 
I decided to do the, $20 Make-Up Challenge, however I did not know that in the challenge they also included your beauty I guess I'm fired if that's the rule! ha ha ha

But I did buy all my make up, for under $20.
$19.44 to be exact, and I did kinda of really fall in love with my bargain mascara!

Here's what I got:
Rimmel Perfect Match Foundation in True Ivory: $3.00
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 001 Transparent:   $5.79
Wet N' Wild Eyeshadows in Silent Treatment:      $2.29
Jordana Best Lash Extreme in Black:                    $3.49
Jordana Eye Pencil in Black:                                 $1.29
Wet N' Wild MegaSlicks Lipgloss in Sun Glaze:  $2.29

                               GRAND TOTAL with TAX: $19.44

And here is the look...I did use my own brushes and sponge because I had no idea you were supposed to include that in your $20 Challenge. I thought it was pretty good that I got all the make-up for under $20! ha ha ha ha They should have named it the "$20 Make-Up and Tools Challenge" ha ha ha ha...
Maybe I'll try it again with the tools included!

So here it is, please enjoy, and know that me and my camera had a talk about it not working properly: first I filmed it and it was out of focus, then I filmed it in super bright lighting and it came out like I was doing make-up by candlelight ha ha ha ha- watch it will  you can , because maybe I'll just take it down and refilm it so I stop getting all the comments about me "failing" ha ha ha- I really didn't know you were supposed to buy the brushes! ha ha ha

Huge Happy Friday Hugs and you might wanna go buy that Jordana Mascara ha ha ha, your homegirl kandee


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday Post: 16 year old Wedding Guest Style

 So as we travel bak in time, to when I was 16, and at my cousins'd see me looking like this! My sister was standing  next to me, but I didn't think she'd want me showing off her 14 year old self without asking! ha ha ha ha

And below, you'll see the very unflattering picture of my myself- I think I had just turned at look at my mom and realized she was taking a picture and did this awful-smile-attempt! But my Nana, (she's my grama, but we call her Nana, and my great-grandma, who's still alive- well, we call her Grama. Or there'd be too many grama's, being called for at family events, we had to shake it up with Nana and "nana" seems to sound a wee bit younger than "grama".
And somehow me and my Nana seemed to be next to each other in all these picture, my mom and sister were on the opposite end of the group shot...but again, not sure how happy all my relatives would be of me posting all their early 90's hair and make-up on the internet! ha ha ha ha But my Nana looks beautiful, then and now! And I love that she has a hat on, we both share a love of hatwear!

And zip-zap-kapow....we've now returned safely from the 90's.

I'm off to go upload my new video, that I had to refilm twice last night, because I was totally out of focus after I finished the first one! But the 2nd time it came out even better!

happy thursday, your homegirl, Kandee

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NEW Eyeliner Swatched and Eyeliner Tips & Tricks


I swatched myself some pretty "sleeve tattoos" of eyeliner goodness for ya.
Enjoy seeing the brand, spankin', newest from the crew over at  Urban Decay.

The ALL NEW 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencile- nope, these babies have never been made before colors:
Ether, Vice, Desperation, Smoke, Invasion, Loaded, Freak, Chaos, Abyss, Cuff, Goldmine, Scorch and Roach

These are previously exclusive shades that are now full-size and ready to be bought all individual style: 
LEFT to RIGHT: Smog, Whisky, Hustle, Mushroom, Uzi, LSD, Junkie, Deep End, Mainline, Sabbath, Empire, Delinquent,  Psychedelic Sister

Feeling metallic?
Here's the scoop on the silver to golds.
Cuff, Goldmine and Scorch

Purples and Greys:
 L to R: Empire, Delinquent, Psychedelic Sister, Vice, Asphyxia, Ether, Uzi, Desperation, Smoke

Looking for some browns and neutrals?
Left to Right:
Whisky, Corrupt, Roach, Smog, Hustle, and Mushroom

And who loves blues and greens? These are for you!
Left to Right:
Freak, Junkie, LSD, Loaded, Invasion, Mainline, Sabbath, Chaos, Abyss and Deep End

 *These are waterproof! And as I can verify from all my swatching I did today, these are very hard to get off or smudge, so they will last a long time!

*The colors of the barrels matched the colors of the eyeliners! This helps so much when searching for a color!

*There are colors for everyone, from those that love wild colors and shimmer to matte shades in totally wearable colors like greys, taupes and navy.

*Made with jojoba oil, vitamin E, and cotton seed oil- so they glide-on like butter and then they lock on, so nothing smudges or budges.

1. You can put this all over the lid to act like a shadow base or "paint pot". Then apply your eyeshadow on top for endless color options.

2. Try apply as a winged liner by using your angled brush, brushing it on the tip of the eyeliner and applying a fun winged liner color.

3. Get beautiful, deep, really pigmented smokey eye shades by applying this under your smokey eyeshadow colors. You an even use 2 different colors to emphasize the highlight and shadows.

Have fun today and hope you like my "arm decoration" for the day....
huge hugs, your kandee

Get ready because a new video will be on it's way!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lighted Circus Letters: I'm in LOVE

I went to my favorite "treasure" store in search for old treasures and flea-market-ish, thrift goodness. And when i walked to my favorite vendors booth...i saw these old "light up circus style letters"...and fell in love with the love letters!
I have been in love in light up, marquee style letters for years!
 I have been searching them and have been semi-obsessed with Vowed and Amazed , they make illuminated props, but they are in the UK and I am not.

And then I walk into my local "store o' fun" and lo and behold, these "love-ly" beauties, were shining right at me in all their perfect-shade-of-pinkness!
And just quite possibly, these babies will be shining love from my house to yours as my new background soon! (so keep an eye out for some extra love shining your way!)

huge hugs and LOVE, from your homegirl, Kandee


Monday, March 25, 2013

Organizing My Make-Up: A Beautiful Mess

This is some of lipglosses trying to look organized.

Yes, I thought I'd do some spring makeup cleaning and organizing and I ran out of organizational trays, boxes and drawers.
But I thought might like to see a peek at my "beautiful mess"...
Since I'm not done due to the lack of little trays to put things in.

Cream Blush land:

 Highlighter "hills":

Bronzers gone wild:

Glitter Eyeliners showing off what they're made of:
(The ones with the cute tassles are from NYX, but those tassles like to get all tangled!)

My "color-fetti" of nail polishes:

If I could design my own make-up storage devices I would, and they would look girls, like a princess should own them or like they came from a glamorous movie from the 40's. Instead of the collection of tupperwear looking drawers and containers! ha ha ha

I've never done a make-up "tour", because I haven't been happy enough with it, to want to show it off! ha ha ha Maybe this time around I'll get it to a somewhat, pleasing to my perfectionism and show it off!

Happy Monday and beautiful messes, your Kandee

PS. And the winner for the bracelet from this video will be chosen and be posted back on this blog post later today!

(if this is you, please go check your youtube email messages!)
The winner of the DREAM BRACELET is: 
The winner of the $100 FAB giftcard is:



Friday, March 22, 2013

Nail Lingerie and Sweet Spring-in-Paris Colors

 I'm so excited that all the spring colors look like trays of macarons, or piles of tutus in a vintage shop, they just look light, airy, scrumptious and girly! I think of the colors in the Marie Antoinette movie with Kirsten Dunst.
 ahhhhh, which color is your favorite!!!??
The mint green, pink, lavender and blue are my favs!

And these are perfectly names, the Colour Riche Versailles Romance  Collection. Like most all spring collections, they will be until they run out!

BELOW from left to right:
Pistachio Dream, Royally Yours, Lacey Lilac, The Palace Lift, Macaroon Me Madly & Creme Puffs

And to go with the yummy, Macaron, light and sheer, yet yummy-ness....
Here are some of the new Paris Colour Riche Balms from L'Oreal

COLORS from left to right:
Bijoux Bijoux Bijioux: a soft sheer, slight white frosting pearl color
Provence Romance: a cool rosebud, color pink
Legally Regal: it looks lavender, but it's like a cool lilac-pink

 This what they look like swatched on my arm, the "Bijioux" color is very sheer on the far left, but that is actually one of my favorites!
SCENT & FLAVOR: they smell like the most gentle vanilla and cotton candy mix
(This is one of my favorite lip scents and flavors.)
HYDRATION: It's a tinted lip balm, so it will keep your lips plump, moisturized and it feels light and airy for spring!


These are the Paris Lingerie Nail Stickers
*they come in 3 shades: white, silver and gold
I kind of love pink and all pastels with gold....

I love all these colors, they are like a gently kiss of happiness and I just want to eat them up!

Huge hugs and colors so pretty you wanna eat them, your Kandee


Don't forget, you might wanna watch this before the weekend is over...hee hee

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Prom

 Since Prom season is here, I thought it'd be fun to do a throwback thursday of my Prom experience!
That is me above, covering up my high school boyfriend, in case he doesn't want to be seen on the interweb! ha ha ha

Looking back, that dress made me look like I had ginormous boobs, which I totally did not and still do not! ha ha ha

As you can see, I did my own make-up, and I did not go get my hair done into a prom up-do, like most all the other girls who were in my school! ha ha ha
I love how you can see my little sister, Tiffany, watching me, but looking totally un-impressed with my hair do!

I think I had more fun getting ready for prom than the actual prom itself! ha ha ha ha

PROM JUNK: I think they gave us some ugly champagne glasses, that said PROM, on it, and some even uglier garter belt thing, that someone looked like it should have been for a bachelor party than prom! ha ha ha

And here's a little throwback video for ya too...
My "Classic Wedding or Prom Make-Up" video ....this was made 4 years ago, and just look at my poor video quality...ha ha ha ha:

happy, it's-almost-friday, your kandee

PS. if you wanna see my "Kandeeland" throwback, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cute Bow Nails an ice cream parlor!

All I can say is I love my nails that are tapping on my laptp right now...they make me happy and remind me of macaroons, spring time happiness and just girly-ness and fun!
 Here's how you can get your "cute nail polish design" on too!

Gargantuan Green Grape from OPI
FYI: I can't stand the name, and I don't think it sounds anything like this color at all. I think of a big iguana when I hear Garantuan Green!
I think they should have called it: 
Ice Cream Parlor Mint 
Pistachio Macaron
(hey, OPI if you're reading this, give me a shout out, I've always wanted to name colors!ha ha)

#1. After you've applied at least 2 coats of the Gargantuan Green Grape
Ice Cream Parlor Mint
and a top coat. I like SECHE VITE.
#2. Dab some supa' glue (aka super glue) onto the back of the bow, and place that baby on down where ever you fancy.
(I might suggest at the base of the nail, near the cuticle, since I keep getting the tip of the bow stuck on things, but I like it there!)

You ca order all different kinds of bows, sparkled, amd nail art goodies to glue on your nails at BANGGOOD

Huge hugs and handfuls of cuteness thrown at ya....your kandee

And if you missed it, hurry and see what I love that smells like Barbie Hair and other favorites and some nail polish that was not a favorite:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Favorites, Dreams and you might get addicted:

Yes, it's about that time to add some spunk, fun, and random-ness to your day with my WTF?! (what the favorite) guys know I don't cuss.

You'll see all these favs and more, but I'm just gonna give ya preview...ABOVE:
I'm in love with this Ted Baker Make-Up Bag.

In the video I will be wearing this lipstick which is also a fav:
Candy Yum Yum from MAC
 now onto the rest of the awesomeness....
And someone is going to win this DREAM Bracelet too:

And someone's going to win a $100 giftcard to my newest online store addiction...
now here's your ticket to fun and sorry in advance if I get you addicted to something new too!
(ha ha ha ha)
PS. And Alani makes an appearance as my Hello Kitty model too-yeah we model these babies:
NOW CLICK PLAY TO BE TAKE AWAY.......for a few minutes:

Monday, March 18, 2013

MAC Mineralize LIps & My FAVS I got this weekend!

 MAC has launched some new lipsticks- out of all their products, their lipsticks and lipliners are my favs, so I was a wee bit more excited than their normal stuff they come out with...
these are some of MINERALIZE RICH lipsticks...

Luxe Naturale * Glamour Era * Grand Dame * Divine Choice * Lush Life * Everyday Diva

and I swatched like their hot:
 Left to Right: Luxe Naturale, Divine Choice, and Everyday Diva

What's so fancy about the Mineralize Rich Lipsticks:
#1. The Magnetic Cap - it pulls the cap on tightly to keep the moisture locked inside.
#2. They have 77 minerals inside that make lips softer, more hydrated and look more luminous
#3. They have a 4 hour wear time
#4. They have just a bit more product than the regular lipsticks
#5. The shape of the lipstick is more rounded- which I don't really like, I like mine more defined to give you a good shape in the corners and up near the cupid's bow.

But, this one is my FAV-iest of Favs.....
it's called: DREAMINESS - the per

And I bought the very last one they had in stock, so if you wanna get this, you better go buy it like it's too hot for store shelves!
And my other two EYESHADOWS I bought that everyone should own are: SHROOM and NAKED LUNCH (I'm pointing at Shroom, Naked Lunch is above)

MY FAVORITES &  NOT SO FAVORITES VIDEO is going up TODAY and I'll be giving away the DREAM bracelet...and I'll be giving away something else pretty fun too!

And I have to show you these! I saw them over hte weekend at Target & Gabbana, are these not some of the cutest suitcases ever!?
huge hugs and let's make this monday as awesome as possible, your KANDEE

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