Friday, March 1, 2013


Happy First Of March Everyone! Let's make March as awesome as possible!
Forget that it's the day that rent is due, well not really because then you'll get a late fee, but I celebrate the first day of a month just waiting to be made wonderful!
And just look at the awesome perfume bottle above...
it's  a handbag, a little clutch that is amazing!
It's by Charlotte Olympia, and it's kind of pricey, so I'll just look at this picture and adore it!
Yes, it even had different "perfume bottle purse" shapes!
 Nest on my fun for friday list is (yes I instagrammed it last night @kandeejohnson), but can you see why my nickname was "Winnie" (from the Wonderyears) in high school from my picture....
I could've also been nicknames after Tenderheart Bear.
Did anyone have a Carebear too, well not this big, but regular size?
And sometimes things just go wrong in life...
I filmed my $20 Make-Up challeng video a couple weeks ago that I was going to upload today, and since I only film everything myself, I didn't realize I moved and I'm totally out of focus for a lot of the I'm going to re-film it!
I just did a scary thing  AND washed my face with a new face cleanser and my face has been broken out in a lovely rash of bumps this week!


let's spend more time focusing on what we like, love or what makes up happy, than on what drives us crazy, mad, or even a person that is upsetting us. Your mind will latch onto things and your mood is effected by whatever you are thinking about the most, so make sure it's something good, happy, and positive. And watch how your mood and happiness will change! Let's make March our Month of "March-ing to a Happy Beat"!!!

So my monthly favorite will be up soon, my $20 make-up challenge and I have a special video going up, maybe I can film it and get it up today...we'll see!

Know that you're loved...and If no one has told you today: YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

hugs from your, Kandee

PS. Please, please go vote for me guys...I need your VOTE to move from 3rd place! You don't need to sign up or anything, just click vote (every 24 hours if you really wanna help me!): USE YOUR VOTE POWER AND CLICK HERE!!

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