Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yeah boi- it's the Random 5!

 Yeah it's about that time for the Saturday Random 5!!!
Yes, 5 random fun and random facts about me that will change your life.

1. This is what I looked like last night while I uploaded video files from my camera.
PS. I'm very excited to announce I filmed 2 very requested videos yesterday!
The no mirror make-up challenge and the smoothie recipe, which has literally been requested for years now, and I kept thinking I had already filmed it, when all I did was post the recipe my Smoothie Recipe on my KANDEELAND blog! ha ha ha

2. Sometime I get dressed in my workout clothes in the morning, thinking I'll make time/have time, to workout....only to not work out at all. But I felt fit all day in my running shoes! ha ha ha ha
 PS. I am in love with this workout top and my lime green sports bra- I got em both at TJ MAXX! There was another color too, I'm gonna go back and grab it!

 Oh the selfie's in a mirror!

3. I only like to eat bananas when they are a little bit green on the ends of the banana. I can't stand ripe bananas. I know, I'm weird.

4. I also only like real Cherries and I don't like Cherry flavored anything, unless it's Cherry and Lime together- like Cherry Limeade.

5. This is what my nightstand, night table, whatever you wanna call it, looked like last night. Well right before i ploncked down my water glass and my GIANT TREAT LIP BALM! Those are my sleeping staples- water and I have to put lip balm and lotion on my hands at night!

I'm doing a keyboard dance party at my excitement that it's Saturday! Oh and I'm gonna go head to buy some goodies for some new DIY videos too! I'm soooo excited like a Pointer Sister!

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