Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 random facts about me and a video treat!

 #1. I never edited the tutorial I made for this just-for-fun-feather-lashes look....I actually have several videos I've never edited or uploaded from years ago, now. But I did go out to dinner with these lashes on, the day I made this video. Yes, people looked at me weird. Wait, yes I did film a tutorial for this look, nevermind....
this look I never edited, but I filmed almost 2 years ago....Pop Art Girl look...
But this was after it had been rubbed off from 3 different wigs I tried on, and the best part was I used the L'Oreal Infallible lipcolor in Beyonce to do the dots, well they didn't come off for 3 days, after I used to many face scrubs and face was red with red dots! ha ha ha

2. I really like stripes, can you tell from this picture! ha ha ha
#3. I once tried to get a job as a princess at Disneyland, but I was "too tall". I'm only 5' 7".

#4. In 9th grade for our final grade in PE, we had to make up our own country "line dance" as a group. Our choreography was highly embarrassing. I don't even remember the grade we got.

#5. Pet stores make me sad. I just want to run in there and rescue all the lil animals,well maybe I'd let someone else rescue the snakes and reptiles, I'm not a fan of snakes and reptile-ish creatures.

OHHHHHHH, yes, and I asked you guys on facebook....I got asked the other day, if I had a clever name for all my "kandee family" (you guys), like how Justin Bieber has "beliebers", Lady Gaga has her "little monsters"....and I asked you guys if you had a clever "kandee-ish" endearing name...and here's what was popular:
FANDEES (like kandees, but you already knew that)

Comment below, what is the blog-opinion?!?

And I've only got a few more days left in these contests that are totally making me not feel like a winner...ha hah a
would you wanna vote for me a few more times..?!?

CONTEST #1 (which I am not winning, at all- and it ends Sunday)
Ryan Seacrest Favorite Youtube Make-Up Artist

CONTEST #2 (that, again, I'm not winning, ha ha ha)
Circle of Moms Top Mom Vlogger (I ends Tuesday)

And if you missed out "afro show down and movie-rama" watch this:

GROUP COMPUTER HUGS (like in the end of this video), Kandee

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