Sunday, March 3, 2013

New VIDEO: Jordan, me, and Hair Voting!

 Jordan is my son. He has cool hair. I love his afro. He loves his afro...
And as you will see in this video....
What he thinks of my hair. What he thinks I should do to my hair and I ask for your VOTE on what you think also! Just for fun and to see what people would vote on!

And I think Jordan is just funny and fun...and he liked my DORK shirt too! Stay tuned to my other channel: The Kandee Johnson Show because we filmed another edition of "Mom and Son Movie Talk" which we filmed a little different version this time!

Here's out video, I hope it brightens your Sunday a bit too:

And I have to send the biggest thank you to you guys have kept voting for me, some people messaged they voted from their phone, computer, ipad, computers at their friends and parents house for me...(I'm just so amazed and honored anyone would do that to vote for me!)...and you've moved me up from 21st 2nd place!) If you want to join the VOTING: CLICK HERE!
I just can't thank you guys enough...I haven't been the biggest winner at too much in my life, so this means so much to know people care enough to vote for me! Thank youuuuuu!

I heart you, and we'll see how my hair turns out! Isn't change always fun anyway!
Hu-normous hugs (that was huge + enormous) your kandee

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