Monday, March 4, 2013

How to make-up a boss:

I came across these pictures (yes, from right before I cut my hair even shorter)...
but it was me putting my make-up on, which is how I put make-up on most days:
THE PLACE: a hotel room (well, I don't put make-makeup on in hotel rooms everyday...ha ha)
WHAT IS ON THAT BLUE NAPKIN: the remains of a chocolate cupcake (you know me and cupcakes) 

*my ZUCA insert bag, which I cram all my stuff in whenever I travel.
*My laptop- because I'm sure I was blogging or replying to comments on one of my videos.
* My bow rangs, or ring as some people like to call them!
*what looks like a coffee, but it's just mint tea
*a handy wipe- to clean up te eyeshadow "spill-cracked-powdery" mess

THE MAKE-UP ARTISTS: Ellie, who had put some pretty eggplant colored eyeshadow on her cheek
and me.

MY EYESHADOWS: sometimes even when you travel with your make-up wrapped in bubble wrap this happens....ahhh poor Brule Eyeshadow from MAC, he sprinkled his goodness all over the other eyeshadows like rain.
 MY EYESHADOW CASE: it's the Zebra Print magnetic palette from Z PALETTE.

And that is how we put make-up on like a boss, or should I say "like bosses".....

huge hugs from me and the boss (oh if you want to see "BABY BIEBER" which she turned into over the weekend CLICK HERE TO GO TO KANDEELAND- it's kind of hilarious!)

Did you see me and my special guest (son) in our video I uploaded over the weekend?!?

If you want to add a lil' vote for me to keep me in "somewhere near the top" ha ha: CLICK HERE

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