Saturday, March 16, 2013

Top 5 Beauty Travel Tips and Essentials

Oh traveling is so fun, but maybe not the packing or unpacking part! I'm gonna make it a little easier for you!
Here's my traveling must have's and how to travel safely with your makeup and a video showing you how I travel and put my make-up on, away from home! (VIDEO is DOWN YONDER)

#1. Leave your blow dryer that looks like John Wayne's pistol, at will slow things up in security for sure! ha ha ha

 TSA makes sure you don't take any gel, liquid or cream on the plane that's over 3.4 ounces, in any of your CARRY ONs.
*If it's baggage that you check, you can take a gallon of self tanner or foundation in their if it will fit!
You will need to put all your lotions, potions, foundations and anything in a ziplock type bag.

I always travel with my as much of my make-up as I can to carry on with me in the plane. I've arrived with cases full of broken eyeshadow palette.
I put all my make-up in the clear-top, zippered ZUCA utility pouches...
they are zippered and see-thru, so there's no need to put everything in ziplock bags.
 You can see my lip and face bag on the left and my eyes goodies on the right:

#3. You can leave your umbrella shoes at home.....BUT...

#4 Make sure you pack these often forgotten essentials:

Mini Tweezers (stray hair will pop up, they don't take a vacation!)

A Tiny Travel Mirror with Stand - (the best one I've seen is from Walmart!) Lighting in hotel bathrooms is pretty much always awful, so this way you can put your make-up on near a window or even on the plane or train if you have to!

A good BB Cream- with a good BB cream, you don't need to worry about slathering on foundation to have nice looking skin, spend that extra time sight seeing!

Make-Up Remover Wipes- this saves space, and you won't need to bring eye make-up remover bottles.

Mini Eyelash Curler - this makes the biggest difference, just a little curling, mascara and your'e out to see the world!

Waterproof Mascara- it tends to stay on better than regular, so you won't need to be worrying about it smudging, especially if your vacation is near the ocean or a pool!

Travel Containers - I got some at Walmart and some at Forever21! I put my face scrub and moisturizer in small jars with twist-on lids- saves space and weight from bulking jars.

Magnetic Eyeshadow Palettes - I love my Z Palettes, you can just pick and choose which shadows you want to take with you, even blushes too. And the Glam Rx palettes are super tiny too, you could fit
them in your pocket or purse!

2 Eyeliners-  I always take a black eye pencil and a black liquid pen eyeliner. A quick look to get you  out the door with a fast makeup look, is just a quick black winged liner and some lipstick or gloss. You're beach ready, tour ready, travel ready and cute!

Lip Balm- I can't stand dry lips so I take several! ha ha

#5. Self-tanners- if you are bringing a self tanner, make sure to bring it in it's own giant ziplock bag, or wrap it in plastic wrap! I had one leak in the altitude pressure of a flight, and stained the entire inside of my suitcase- yes, in my checked bag! ha ha ha

HOTEL ROOM SKIN EMERGENCY: if your skin start to get some crazy breakouts- ask room service for some lemon slices and honey or sugar packs.  Apply the honey right on top of the lemon slices and rub around, or my favorite like my LEMON SUGAR SCRUB VIDEO. Sprinkle the sugar on the lemon, and the sugar will help exfoliate and the lemon will go to work to clean and get rid of impurities.

Now grab your tickets, and come away with me in this video...and yes, PS it was super embarrassing filming the parts on the plane, because the people across from me kept watching me (ha ha ha)....

Even if you are not on vacation, may you day-dream of one at least feel like you got to get away in this video...huge hugs and old fashioned suitcases, kandee

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