Friday, March 22, 2013

Nail Lingerie and Sweet Spring-in-Paris Colors

 I'm so excited that all the spring colors look like trays of macarons, or piles of tutus in a vintage shop, they just look light, airy, scrumptious and girly! I think of the colors in the Marie Antoinette movie with Kirsten Dunst.
 ahhhhh, which color is your favorite!!!??
The mint green, pink, lavender and blue are my favs!

And these are perfectly names, the Colour Riche Versailles Romance  Collection. Like most all spring collections, they will be until they run out!

BELOW from left to right:
Pistachio Dream, Royally Yours, Lacey Lilac, The Palace Lift, Macaroon Me Madly & Creme Puffs

And to go with the yummy, Macaron, light and sheer, yet yummy-ness....
Here are some of the new Paris Colour Riche Balms from L'Oreal

COLORS from left to right:
Bijoux Bijoux Bijioux: a soft sheer, slight white frosting pearl color
Provence Romance: a cool rosebud, color pink
Legally Regal: it looks lavender, but it's like a cool lilac-pink

 This what they look like swatched on my arm, the "Bijioux" color is very sheer on the far left, but that is actually one of my favorites!
SCENT & FLAVOR: they smell like the most gentle vanilla and cotton candy mix
(This is one of my favorite lip scents and flavors.)
HYDRATION: It's a tinted lip balm, so it will keep your lips plump, moisturized and it feels light and airy for spring!


These are the Paris Lingerie Nail Stickers
*they come in 3 shades: white, silver and gold
I kind of love pink and all pastels with gold....

I love all these colors, they are like a gently kiss of happiness and I just want to eat them up!

Huge hugs and colors so pretty you wanna eat them, your Kandee


Don't forget, you might wanna watch this before the weekend is over...hee hee

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