Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back in the day when I was 14....

Throw it back like it's Thursday!
If we throw it way back...back to 14 year old Kandee...this is what you'd see.

Look at the size of my eyebrows!
I don't think these babies had ever been touched by a tweezer or any hair removal devices!
 I was a fan of this rose-gold tinted lip-balm from Clinique back then. That and liquid eyeliner! I think I'm wearing it in both pictures, I loved it! ha ha ha

I'm off to go edit my February Favorites to try to get it up tonight!

Oh and thank you all so much for voting for me, I'd be losing REALLY BADLY, AND EMBARRASSINGLY  if it wasn't for you guys! The Ryan Seacrest Favorite Make-Up Artist contest ends this sunday I think, please go give some voting love for me- CLICK HERE TO GIVE ME SOME VOTE LOVE!

And I still need some extra voting love of the Top Mom Blogger Contest too...CLICK HERE TO GIVE ME A LITTLE VOTING ACTION HERE TOO


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