Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back in the day I've looked like this...

 Today, it's 3 throwbacks for the price of one...
ABOVE: take a look at my eyebrows- they look like they were on a hair diet!
And you can really see all my freck-taculars (aka freckles)...I'm so 90's here, just look at my leather wrap "choker style necklace"...ha ha ha

And here was one of the times I've been blonde....but long hair and being blonde = hair that feels like hay.
And if we went back in time even'd have 8 year old Kandee....who was wearing glasses as big as dinner plates...ha ha ha THESE WERE NOT MY GLASSES! ha ha
These were my moms giant spectacles...that I just loved to try on! ha ha ha 

And there you have another edition of THROWBACK THURSDAY KANDEE STYLE...hee hee hee

happy almost friday hugs...kandee

And if you missed my new video, watch it now, there's time to win a lil neon pink bow-something too!

PS. If you wanna see My THROWBACK KANDEELAND edition- CLICK HERE

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