Friday, January 31, 2014

How I Design My Blog Header: even if you don't have a blog

Since, I got so many questions about how I designed my blog header everywhere, I thought it might be helpful or at least inspiring, for everyone that could care less, because they don't have or want to ever write a blog.

STEP 1: I wanted to do something besides just some computer fonts, 
so I went to Michael's crafts (my creative supply wonderland) and bought a bunch of cardboard and paper cut outs, shapes, paper stars that I painted and glued little paper flowers (that came with little rhinestones on already) on, and cardboard lettering stickers.

*Then my desk looked a little like this...

 The pink star I painted with this paper dye spray, and glued that little green paper flower with the jewel on, on top of the star. The red frame, came in a pack of paper cardboard frames.

Then after I arranged everything how I wanted on my desk, I whipped out my Canon T3i Rebel camera and took some pictures of my "masterpiece".
This is how it looked, when I finally told myself to stop arranging it...ha ha ha:

I uploaded them onto my mac, then opened up my old friend, Photoshop....

 I added a fun picture and some turquoise stripes with the shapes tool.....but before I did that I had to open up a new project with the dimensions that would fit on my blog. * Each blog header can be different dimensions, but this is what I used for my header dimensions:

1160 pixels wide
216 pixels tall

 And here you have my final blog header...I'm not a professional graphic designer, and most of the time I'm even surprised I figured out how to upload a regular picture to the internet...but this is what I like, what made my heart happy, and what seemes fun, and what I hoped made anyone looking at it feel happiness when they see it:

Happy Friday.....and maybe this will inspire you to make a cool collage, invitation, frame, poster or decorate anything that needs some dazzling....
Happy hugs from your buddy ol' pal, Kandee

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

How To Look Like A DayQuil Commercial:

#1.  I can safely say I look and feel, like I could star in a DayQuil commercial today. It's also safe to say I have no make-up on. I had planned on filming some tutorials today, but since I'm sneezing every 2.5 seconds, blowing my nose in between the sneezing, and my right eye feels like I just want to squint with it....and there's no way I even want any make-up on my face, I don't think any filming will take place.

#2. I woke up to this beautiful wintery wonderland of snow. Which also adds to the DayQuil commercial factor. 
PS. This is not LA, I don't live there anymore, but I am there all the time for work and stuff. When I'm home, I get to see visions of beauty like this...

#3. This is my mean "muggin"face! And yes, I still have my gingerbread man mugs out. I don't care if it's not Christmas time anymore, he just makes me happy looking at his lil happy mug-self.

 #4. This was my enchanted drive home from taking the kids to school. I had to pull over and take a picture to show you guys.

I'm on cup of Throat Coat Tea #4, kleenex # 364, sneeze #countless...and I feel like I was just sick and right when I was all better, it came back with a vengeance like, "OH I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET...BWAAAAA HAA HAAAAA".......
Off to go down some more vitamin C, gulp tea, blow my nose, and all that other sick jazz.

Sorry I didn't have a Throwback Thursday post but I have no energy to go dig through all my old photo boxes to hopefully find some fun picture'll be back in throwbackness, next Thursday!

The funny thing is, I don't even take Day Quil. ha ha ha ha

Everyday I'm hustling, sniffling, Kandee

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My, What Big Teeth You Have....

This is what happens when your kids find your prosthetic teeth from your special fx makeup supplies...hee hee hee hee

I can't believe lil Ellie could feet those around her tiny little 3 year old teeth...

This is before she figured out how to get her lips around the giant fake gums!

And my favorite of all time, is when she said she was going to do a pose and made this, MAD TOOTH face bwaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha, I can't even look at it while I'm trying to type because it's so funny....ha ha ha ha ha:

And for anyone who doesn't know what she looks like without these big ol' fake teeth in, here she is in her "regular teeth":

Hope this made you smile......she looked at her own picture and said:
"That looks kinda carry (scary)".....but then she started laughing! hee hee

Huge hugs and huge fake teeth, your Kandee

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Make-Up Wonderland IMATS Goodies Haul

oh this is kinda like Charlie in Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory for me....
I have a video showing you guys ALL the pro make-up goodies (that you might want to add to your make-up wish list) in the VIDEO at the bottom of the page,
 but here's some fun pics and swatches that you might want to pinterest pin or just make your screen saver (ha ha ha ha)...

Dose Of Colors Lipglosses

Dose of Colors Lipgloss Swatches:
(from top to bottom)
Sunshine Kisses, Petals, Attitude & Wild Child

Dose of Colors Lipsticks:

 From left to right: Poise, Angelic, Coy, Karma, Seductive, Dark Secrets, Love Potion

 Kryolan Lipstains: (they go on like a gloss, but satin the lips and don't feel dry at all)
From top to bottom: Swing (the color I have on in the video), Dance & Pop

 The best foundation palettes for pro make-up artists or anyone that wants perfect looking skin!
RCMA aka Research Council of Make-Up Artists
They been making foundations for tv and movies since 1963, free of mineral oil, lanolin, or any animal extracts, and I'll tell you all how amazing they are in the video below too:
SHOWN: 5 Part Series Favorites Palettes, Cream Highlight & Contour Palette, 4 Color Kit, the big foundation palettes are the VK #10 Palette and VK #11 Palette

Anastasia of Beverly Hills (eyebrow goodies):
SHOWN: Dip Brow Pomade (in the glass jars), Brow Stencils,  Tinted Brow Gels, Brow Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel, Perfect Brow Pencil

Get a snack or mug of your favorite drink and get ready to be in make-up wonderland, and you'll see how stinkin' excited I am hee hee, click here if you can't see video below, Huge IMATS Makeup Haul: (and there's a little give away at the end, yayyyyyyy!)

Hugs the size of Texas, or Alaska, because it's bigger, your friend, Kandee

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Monday, January 27, 2014

They Could've Called the Grammy's the Glammy's: 7 Most Glammed Out Grammy Stars

 2014 Grammy's looked a lil something like this.... a whole lotta rock star, and a whole lotta glamour!

1. Madonna and her adorable son David.....I loved Madonna's bold, iconic look, and I kind of think lil David might have stolen the show...he was looking good!

2. Cyndi Lauper (I love her, I've done a Cyndi Lauper Make-Up Tutorial even!) I thought she looked awesome and just like a music legend with her bright red hair, Alexander McQueen black cape-style ensemble. Her make-up was beautiful...and she shows that "girls can and still, just wanna have fun!"

3. Paris Hilton. I was not expecting to love her dress or hair and make-up as much as I did!
  I loved her dress, Haus of Milani, her hair and make-up were just gorgeous!!! I even picked her as my best dresses for the GRAMMY'S BEST DRESSES article I gave my selections for on SHEKNOWS. (click here if you want to see it!)

4. Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis not only took home arms full of Gramm awards, but they also were some of the most dapper looking dudes on the redcarpet too. Mackelmore in his teal velvet, with satin lapels suit, and hey, if I was a guy I'd wear a grey and black houndstooth suit too! My hats off to these guys who spiced up the regular man-suit!

5. Wiz Khalifa look fancy in his suit and Amber Rose looked stunning in her gold-light-reflecting dress. And do you notice anything different or missing here?!?
Amber Rose had all her tattoos covered up, which just drew attention to her beautiful make-up, by my friend, Priscilla Ono, and to her dress!

6. Taylor Swift, she just looks good in anything! But this fine, gold, mesh, chainmail-looking dress by Gucci, just made her look like she was wearing liquid gold! Hair, soft and beautiful, make-up, perfect!

7. Colbie Cailat, blew everyone away at the Grammy's! You think of her as this carefree, beach girl, and then bam, she shows up at the Grammy looking this this fashion Glamazon! She's looking "bubbly" and glamorous!

Who's outfit or style would you want to wear if you got to go to the Oscars?!? I wonder if everyone there, knows how blessed they are to be there, because it just seems like that would be so incredibly amazing to know, you are there, for what you love to do?!?

Huge hugs and never stopping going after the dream of the things you love, your Kandee

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Ellie's Birthday Is Today

 3 years ago, Ellie and I looked a little like this... Look how tiny she was. And how long my hair was. Today is Ellie's birthday and I it some ways it feels just like yesterday...

She's been a blessing of sunshine and smiles since she was born...

I love this picture of Ellie on her 1st birthday with my dad...(for those of you that don't know, my dad is know in Heaven, so that's why I love this picture, extra extra a lot!)

And here's Ellie on her second birthday! She wanted an Elmo party...

And my mom made this Elmo cake for her!

And here is my lil Ellie now....all big and 3 years old today!

She wants to have her hair cut like Ariel's, and be red, she said. And this funny face is my favorite! She loves Disneyland so much! And tomorrow I'll try to post some pics from her big birthday today!!

Huge happy birthday hugs to anyone else, who's birthday it is, but I've gotta hurry I've gotta birthday girl waiting, love Kandee

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

International Make-Up Artist Trade Show: 3 Days of Awesomeness

 I've been going to IMATS for years. It's fellow make-up artists, make-up lovers, and everything about make-up and make-up supplies and goodies!
So here's my diary of all 3 days:

DAY 1: Friday
On stage before I taught my Master Class...
Which the best part was getting to inspire everyone one, and meet everyone and give hugs to everyone...

 My little heart can't believe people travelled so far just to come to my lil class, from Tennessee to Mexico, to this beauty in the hot pink who travelled from Easter Europe! My favorite part is getting to give real hugs in person and get to hear your precious voices and hopefully fill your hearts with love.

Looking all tough with the beautiful Daisy Danger, this was our attempt at, if IMATS LA had "beauty gang signs".....ha ha ha:

I had to go say hi to my beautiful friends, Anastasia (of Beverly Hills) and her awesomely, lavender-haired daughter, Claudia:

And I even got to meet the 3rd generation grandson of the Kryolan family and he told me how his 93 year old grandfather who started Kryolan, still comes into the office to work! I've uswed Kryloan in my make-up kit for years and years and I was so honored to get to meet them...

I filmed a little video for The Platform on Outfits Of The Day at IMATS, and I got to meet so many awesome and beautiful people on my way there.
Me with the adorable Sam, who is just awesome!

Then I got to go and be a judge for the Student Make-Up Competition. And these students were absolutely amazing, it was so hard to decide.

Look at my serious note-writing face:

Me with Michael Key (founder of IMATS and former make-up artist) and the other judges.

Then I had the most awesome meet and greet and got to laugh, cry, and love on all of you that came out...and my heart was overjoyed!

And I even saw my precious friend, Charis (AKA Charismastar), who I just love and got to hug her:

I was so excited because the cast of NAKED VEGAS, wanted to get a picture with me!! (Jeffree Star is not in Naked Vegas, ha ha ha) These guys are so awesomely cool, fun and way talented!

Me and Jeffree Star having a "kiss face-off", I think he won! ha ha ha

After IMATS, I had to go through all the redcarpet looks from the SAG awards and give my picks to She Knows, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ARTICLE. I did that in a side room from the Beautylish Event.
At the end of the Beautylish Event,  I got to see my beautiful friend, Camila Coelho and her hubby going to shoot pictures for her blog. And I finally got to meet Tiffany, of MakeupbyTiffanyD in the hotel lobby.

 I got to take this fabulously, blurry picture with the adorable Jaclyn Hill, who's entire family is adorable and cute, even her hubby! We shared injury stories! hee hee

And one more blurry pic for the day, me and my homie and make-up artist to the stars, Troy Jensen:

 And a day isn't complete without a bathroom selfie! With my friend, Kristina who helped me with everything this weekend!

I held another meet and greet for everyone that couldn't be there Saturday, because I wanted to meet, love and hug everyone.

I got to hug my friend and amazing make-up artist (that you probably know from Face-Off), Frank Ippolito.

Making faces with my friend and awesome make-up artist, who's head of the Stila Pro Team, Corey Bishop.

And another kiss-face, off (because it was funny) with Adamme! He is full of happiness, love and encouragement, and we're both part Native American and Mexican, I just look more like my "part Swedish" side with my faux blonde! ha ha ha

Me being interviewed and using some major hand movements.

And this was followed up by a yummy dinner that where Ellie wanted to spend more time playing int he bathroom than eating! ha ha ha ha And I fell asleep with my phone in my hand as I thought I'ld send a tweet or facebook post or instagram out......ha ha ha ha

Ok after posting all these picture I'm tired! ha ha ha

Huge hugs and have an awesome day no matter what you do, who tried to ruin your day, you keep shining and smiling and know I'm cheering you on, love your virtual bff, Kandee

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