Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mama's Got A New Short Haircut and Color

This is my beautiful mama, Shannon Johnson, waiting to get her hair did. This is her "long bob haircut", that is very blonde....
And a few hours later.....
She was rocking a new short hairstyle. A cute short, asymmetrical bob, that was a dark honey blonde.

Here is her before and after, in a fancily edited photoshop image:

If you want to describe this haircut to your hairstylist you can:
#1. Screengrab or print this picture out.
#2. Say you want a short, asymmetrical bob hair cut, with the ends and sides texturized (so it comes to those cute sweeping, or curved in, asymmetrical points in the front that are lower than the hair in the back)

And here is the all the transformations of my mom's hair, from our natural dark hair until now...
Which one is your fav? And just a little hint/surprise: there will be a video very soon, about "change is in the hair" of a certain, yours truly!!!

Come and watch when my mom first when blonde from almost black hair, for the very first time she ever experienced the fun of being a blonde:

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And you can watch my brand spankin' new video right here:

Huge hugs and hair, ok maybe not hair because that's gross, just hugs, Kandee

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