Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My, What Big Teeth You Have....

This is what happens when your kids find your prosthetic teeth from your special fx makeup supplies...hee hee hee hee

I can't believe lil Ellie could feet those around her tiny little 3 year old teeth...

This is before she figured out how to get her lips around the giant fake gums!

And my favorite of all time, is when she said she was going to do a pose and made this, MAD TOOTH face bwaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha, I can't even look at it while I'm trying to type because it's so funny....ha ha ha ha ha:

And for anyone who doesn't know what she looks like without these big ol' fake teeth in, here she is in her "regular teeth":

Hope this made you smile......she looked at her own picture and said:
"That looks kinda carry (scary)".....but then she started laughing! hee hee

Huge hugs and huge fake teeth, your Kandee

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