Monday, January 27, 2014

They Could've Called the Grammy's the Glammy's: 7 Most Glammed Out Grammy Stars

 2014 Grammy's looked a lil something like this.... a whole lotta rock star, and a whole lotta glamour!

1. Madonna and her adorable son David.....I loved Madonna's bold, iconic look, and I kind of think lil David might have stolen the show...he was looking good!

2. Cyndi Lauper (I love her, I've done a Cyndi Lauper Make-Up Tutorial even!) I thought she looked awesome and just like a music legend with her bright red hair, Alexander McQueen black cape-style ensemble. Her make-up was beautiful...and she shows that "girls can and still, just wanna have fun!"

3. Paris Hilton. I was not expecting to love her dress or hair and make-up as much as I did!
  I loved her dress, Haus of Milani, her hair and make-up were just gorgeous!!! I even picked her as my best dresses for the GRAMMY'S BEST DRESSES article I gave my selections for on SHEKNOWS. (click here if you want to see it!)

4. Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis not only took home arms full of Gramm awards, but they also were some of the most dapper looking dudes on the redcarpet too. Mackelmore in his teal velvet, with satin lapels suit, and hey, if I was a guy I'd wear a grey and black houndstooth suit too! My hats off to these guys who spiced up the regular man-suit!

5. Wiz Khalifa look fancy in his suit and Amber Rose looked stunning in her gold-light-reflecting dress. And do you notice anything different or missing here?!?
Amber Rose had all her tattoos covered up, which just drew attention to her beautiful make-up, by my friend, Priscilla Ono, and to her dress!

6. Taylor Swift, she just looks good in anything! But this fine, gold, mesh, chainmail-looking dress by Gucci, just made her look like she was wearing liquid gold! Hair, soft and beautiful, make-up, perfect!

7. Colbie Cailat, blew everyone away at the Grammy's! You think of her as this carefree, beach girl, and then bam, she shows up at the Grammy looking this this fashion Glamazon! She's looking "bubbly" and glamorous!

Who's outfit or style would you want to wear if you got to go to the Oscars?!? I wonder if everyone there, knows how blessed they are to be there, because it just seems like that would be so incredibly amazing to know, you are there, for what you love to do?!?

Huge hugs and never stopping going after the dream of the things you love, your Kandee

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