Monday, January 13, 2014

No Make-Up Monday & Shoe Giveaway

       Awww, yes this is gonna be a no makeup Monday because:
#1. I still feel like poop from my lovely cold/flu whatever this is.
#2. I have no clue why, but the left side of my lip has decided to add to my "sick beauty", and swell up bigger and bigger, by the second. Cute-ness all around today.

Last night I still felt like this, but had to put makeup on so I didn't look sick for a google hangout...check out the mind-blowing (ha ha ha) difference:
What a difference make-up makes.....

And now to put some fun into your Monday.....
I picked up my very first box of ShoeDazzle shoes on my porch and will show ya' what I got and I'm gonna give away a $60 shoe credit, to 2 winners, that need or want some new shoes!

Here's what was inside:
Not like I wear heels everyday at all, but I did need some for an event this weekend, so.....
Theses babies were inside.
 And I like ShoeDazzle because:
1. Rachel Zoe leads their style team, I love her.
2. Shoes start at only $39.95 baby! Louboutin style without the Loubie-high price.
3. They feature their label and designer shoe brands too.
4. First time purchases are 25% off and free shipping!

Now so you guys can have the excitement of a box of shoes showing up at your door. All you have to do is:
1. Go to ShoeDazzle (CLICK HERE) and you have to sign up (but don't worry, you don't pay or anything, you just have to do it to see all the shoes)
2. Pick out the shoes you'd want to win. (I think their shoe sizes run a bit bigger)
3. Comment below the shoes you picked out and the TWO winners will be announced the end of this week!

This is the part where anyone who doesn't live in the US or Canada will think this isn't as fun, they only ship to those 2 places, sorry guys that live anywhere else, I love you and your precious international feet too!

Huge hugs and if anyone else feels yucky like me, I'm sending you extra get well hugs and "flower and mugs of tea" thoughts, your Kandee

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