Friday, January 31, 2014

How I Design My Blog Header: even if you don't have a blog

Since, I got so many questions about how I designed my blog header everywhere, I thought it might be helpful or at least inspiring, for everyone that could care less, because they don't have or want to ever write a blog.

STEP 1: I wanted to do something besides just some computer fonts, 
so I went to Michael's crafts (my creative supply wonderland) and bought a bunch of cardboard and paper cut outs, shapes, paper stars that I painted and glued little paper flowers (that came with little rhinestones on already) on, and cardboard lettering stickers.

*Then my desk looked a little like this...

 The pink star I painted with this paper dye spray, and glued that little green paper flower with the jewel on, on top of the star. The red frame, came in a pack of paper cardboard frames.

Then after I arranged everything how I wanted on my desk, I whipped out my Canon T3i Rebel camera and took some pictures of my "masterpiece".
This is how it looked, when I finally told myself to stop arranging it...ha ha ha:

I uploaded them onto my mac, then opened up my old friend, Photoshop....

 I added a fun picture and some turquoise stripes with the shapes tool.....but before I did that I had to open up a new project with the dimensions that would fit on my blog. * Each blog header can be different dimensions, but this is what I used for my header dimensions:

1160 pixels wide
216 pixels tall

 And here you have my final blog header...I'm not a professional graphic designer, and most of the time I'm even surprised I figured out how to upload a regular picture to the internet...but this is what I like, what made my heart happy, and what seemes fun, and what I hoped made anyone looking at it feel happiness when they see it:

Happy Friday.....and maybe this will inspire you to make a cool collage, invitation, frame, poster or decorate anything that needs some dazzling....
Happy hugs from your buddy ol' pal, Kandee

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