Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Mayem & Maybe The Dumbest Blog Post I've Ever Written:

Some days don't go well.

I went to write my blog this morning and my power went out.
Then I thought, "I'll go to Starbucks, buy a tea and get Ellie hot chocolate and I'll write my blog.
Power was out at Starbucks too!
As soon as the power came back on, it was time to go pick up the kids from school. It's now 4:22pm and my day has been spent trying to find power for my phone, computer and internet. ha ha ha

Here's a dumb picture I took on accident while I walking to get the kids from school:

Here's a view of the "monday" mayhem on my desk....
2 things that make me happy in this picture:
#1. My little frame that Jordan made me when he was little, with his picture of him and I in it.
#2. That my missing hello kitty brush holder was found in the storage in my garage.

And there's the more right (and still messy) side of my desk....
even my desk likes to keep it real.

And here's some Superbowl Rice Krispy Treats Mayhem, yes this is why I love my sister, because she makes things like this:

Last night my grandpa said: "The Broncos forgot to play football." ha ha ha

Some days I wonder why I even blog. ha ha ha ha

I wish this tray of Rice Krispy Treats was in front of's been one of those days where I could eat this whole tray, right now! By. My. Self.

Rice Krispy Treats, Kandee


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