Monday, February 24, 2014

BEAUTY SPLURGE: Tom Ford Lipstick

So after every one of my celebrity make-up artist friends have asked me if I have tried the Tom Ford lipsticks and raved about how incredible they are, I had to go take a look, I mean a better look than me just swiping them on my arms to see how pretty they are, then leaving the store thinking, those are really pricey. And when I mean EVERY, celeb make-up artist friend I have, I mean every one! As soon as we start talking make-up, the Tom Ford lipsticks are one of the first things brought up!

So I Lipstick Splurged on these babies, which I kinda,  insta-fell-in-love with, and I'll tell you why:
I'm a sucker for a good nude pink, so when I saw Chastity, these light baby pink with a hint of just, gorgeous shimmer, I was like, yes this is my lipstick love.

I am just in love with this color. And I'm a hard core, MAC lipstick lover, and these Tom Ford Lipsticks are not even comparable, there's something about their texture that's just amazing!

These babies are no drugstore lipstick, they have a hefty price tag at 48 bucks, but I have to say, the difference in texture, it's beyond feeling like butter or silk, and the pigmentation leaves drugstore make-up in the dust. The lipstick case itself is like a piece of jewelry, no plastic, just all glamorous gold and black metal.

Here's the other color, of course a nude (I love nudes and reds!). Now my friend, Priscilla Ono, was telling me how her new favorite nude lipstick was a Tom Ford Vanilla shade, well, I think I got the wrong one, I think she has NUDE VANILLE, which is more pink-nude, than peach-beige-nude, but I still like this one too.
This is Tom Ford Lipstick in Vanilla Suede:

You can see that the Vanilla Suede is more peach nude, and that Chastity color is just like cotton candy for my eyes.

So my splurge thoughts: I have to agree with all my fellow Make-Up Artist Friends, that the Tom Ford Lipsticks are the "big spending bomb". The texture is unreal, the pigment is just incredible and intense. There may be other thing you could try to match in a similar shade, but nothing feels like these babies. This is pure lip luxury! So next time you wanna go big with big beauty splurge, you may wanna just find these to swipe on your arm and see if you fall in love too!

And if you buy a Starbucks everyday, these could be the equivalent of about 12 days of Starbucks cups. Ha Ha Ha Ha

Tom Ford, man, you not only design some amazing clothes, but you create some lipsticks that are like tubes of liquid luxury.

PS. After water got spilled on my laptop and it was not working, we are back in business, and I'll be uploading a pretty fun video tonight to YOUTUBE! Click here to check my channel!

Hope this felt like it added to glamour to your Monday, huge hugs your friend, Kandee

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