Friday, February 14, 2014

5 Reasons You Don't Need A Valentine

 Don't let the hype fool you. The whole world is not in love and/or getting engaged. You can be single, like moi, and supercallifragallisticly (Marry Poppins Spellcheck please!) single and awesome. Here's 5 Ways how to happy a "happy single Valentine's Friday"!

 1. Buy yourself some flowers.
*you don't need to have someone else buy you the flowers to enjoy the beauty of flowers on Valentine's day. Send yourself some flowers at work!

2. Get yourself some chocolate or a yummy treat!
- Yes, go buy yourself some of your favorite chocolates, and enjoy every bite.
(I just bought myself the above mentioned heart tarts! From Eataly in NYC, since I'm still here!)

3. Treat yourself to your favorite movie.
- Curl up with your fav movie, heck, it can even be a romantic comedy. Eat your chocolates and glance over at your flowers. May I suggest: You've Got Mail, which is one of my favorite movies! Her bookstore and apartment, I love it!

4. Buy yourself a little treat!
-You don't need to have someone else buy you something to love it! And if you pick it out you know you'll love it!

Be your own Valentine! You don't need some stinky guy, or girl, to make your Valentine Day awesome! ha ha ha ha ha ha Ok, they aren't all stinky, but hey, the best thing to do is to laugh and have fun on Valentine.

Hi Five's to all my single ladies who are gonna go treat themselves, or better yet, a precious friend, sister, mother, cousin, aunt or anyone who you know would love a Valentine's day treat!

You are: beautiful, awesome, precious, creative, smell great, have a sweet voice, and YOU are someone's dream girl!

Huge Valentine's Day Size, which is big, hee hee, hugs, your Virtual Valentine BFF, Kandee

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