Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Cutest Jewelry & Stranded in A City Without Luggage Essentials (hee hee)

When stranded in NYC, without luggage, and you're in need of essentials, what else would you buy but ice cream cone earrings?!? ha ha ha ha I got all these edible-looking, cute-accessories at TopShop!

And of course the essential, cherry earrings and matching cherry necklace!?
MY REASONING: What if my Topshop doesn't have these and/or is sold out. So these babies rode along in my computer bag!

Ok, now back to the more boring side of practicality. Your girl had no, face wash, makeup, hair tools, clothes....nada, nothing, neeee-yelp. I just made that word up, no need to google it's meaning. ha ha ha

Here's what I bought at Sephora
1. Josie Maran Argan Cleaning Oil to wash mah face, and the Argan Oil, they came together in a lil box, to moisturize.

2. Korres Body Butter In Guava - smells like I was stranded on a tropical island!

3. Sephora- mini wannabe Mason Pearson Brush - this saved my mom's hair-life.

4. Totally Not Essential Either: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lip Stain in Unwanted - I had to buy this when I saw it, because it's always sold out!

And with my VIB, Sephora Points, I got these mini-mini guys:
Ole Henrickson Truth Serum Collagen Booster - because it's amazing.
LaVanilla perfume- because I can't pass up a Vanilla Scent-ooportunity.
Killer Queen mini perfume, because I think it' smelled nice through the cardboard box.

Oh and don't think I forgot it's Throwback Thursday!!! Here's a little gem, that makes me just want to go running for a bottle of dark hair dye and to go back to my natural-ness, yes this was last March...aww hair:

And don't forget if you want to win these babies that my cheek bones are obsessed with:

Then watch this video and see how to win these guys, they'll be your new cheeks BFF's! And please enjoy my big eyebrows and bra rant! ha ha ha ha

Woop De Woop, it's almost Freeeedayyyyy! And I'm trying to finish editing a lookbook video of my outfits from Fashion Week, holler if you're semi-excited, your homegirl, Kandee

See the stupid, I mean awesome stuff I post everywhere:

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