Friday, February 28, 2014

Like Make-Up For Your Hair...

Pick a color, any color... This is the array of hair color options in my house. And today, I will have one of them on my hair!
I've had my short blonde hair for wayyyyy too long, and by way too long, almost a year.
I'm going back to my roots, with my normal dark hair, but first I'm bout to add some hair color fun to my follicles.
These are the 2 I've narrowed it down to. I want to have either a pastel pink or pastel turquoise hair color.

I think this might call for me to make a tutorial out of this...
Which one do you likey more?!?

Off to go start mixing and changing this biznezz, even it's just for a few days, because I kinda also have a hankering for a bright red, or just so my hair is the color of red velvet cake! ha ha ha

And something else fun for ya:
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And get ready for some change hee hee hee

And here's the video of the week,  a little TMI with Me, hee hee, well until I upload my new hair color and tutorial video, yayyy:

Fri-dizzle Day Hoo-rizzle Ray, your friend, Kandee

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