Friday, February 21, 2014

I love You Like A Tartan...and striped nails:

Me and tartan pattern have a little love thing going on.
Here's s little adventure/outfit of the day from my NYC Fashion Week Trip...

I also have a little thing for graphic white and black striped nail art. Which I did these myself, so don't judge me on their imperfection.

And this happens when I try to be serious for an Outfit Of The Day picture, ha ha ha ha
 At the Timo Weiland Fashion show, I wore:
Vintage old men's 501 Levi's
Doc Marten's Triumph 1914 Boots
The purse I designed for Imosion -The Kandee Johnson Bag (insert me beyond excited I can say that!)
Hat- from some random hat store in Toronto
My Rolling Stones shirt is on underneath.
Red Tartan ("vintage" Forever 21 ha ha) but I also just bought one from BooHoo CLICK HERE

I try so hard to do the classic "I had no idea anyone was taking my picture blogger look" and this is what I do ha ha ha ha:

And I saw the beautiful Debby Ryan after the show! We worked on the Love Is Louder Campaign, and she is one of the sweetest girls, she even made a video for Alani, who is a huge "Hey Jessie" fan!

Then I ate this in the taxi, KIND Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt, this is better than a Snicker bar. Gluten-free, and ok, i really ate 2 of these. Yes, I keep them in my purse.

Then I headed to Yahoo! in NYC...see I took this picture like a nerd with the logo.

Then I got to be a guest on Ali Wentworth's Daily Shot show, she is hilarious and awesome and if you ever watched In Living Color, you will know her comedy-genius skills! She is amazing and I'll let you guys know when the episode with me on it, will be up!

See I told you I have a thing for Tartans (Fact of The Day: Tartan is called plaid in North American, but a plaid is really a piece of cloth thrown over the shoulder as a kilt accessory or a blanket)...
yes, all of these just arrived in my mail..after a little late night internet-shopping I did a few weeks ago. These were supposed to come withe me to Fashion Week, but I just got them yesterday -better late than never.

I am trying my hardest to actually edit a video of all the outfits I wore to Fashion Week to upload, tonight or if it's taking me way too long tomorrow, or worst case, Sunday...ha ha ha ha

Huge hugs and I love you more than a good Tartan, and that's a lot, your home girl, Kandee

And for a fun FASHION FRIDAY FLASHBACK, enjoy this Outfit Of The Day and all my stupid dance breaks, ha ha ha:

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