Monday, April 30, 2012


It's time to bring that summer highlighted, glowy face front and center, baby!

Since I was asked a bunch, what I was wearing at the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show, or more quickly said, IMATS....because it seemed everyone liked my "highlight glow"...this is what I had on.

This is quite honestly my new highlight obsession and my old highlight obsession.
I've been dabbing, PEARL OR SHELL (this is SHELL) CREAM COLOUR BASE from MAC on my cheekbones for years now.

Then after you have your cream base down- you need to lock it down with an icing on the cheeks- or rather POWDER on the CHEEKS. 
This makes sure it's not gonna slip off and disappear into "but I thought I put make-up on- land".
MAC BEAUTY POWDER (from the CHENMAN Collection) in PLAY IT PROPER- it's sold out online, but you can try to see if your local MAC store still has some!
Now before you say, "what the MAC!?! It's discontinued!"
I've got the SCOOP on a DUPE!!!

A good dupe is SILVER DUSK from MAC- it's got a bit more silver than peach sheen and slightly bigger "shimer particles"...but it's still georgeous.

and get your HIGHLIGHT 101 ON with this video How To Highlight Like A Pro- and be warned, I was like 10 months pregnant (ha ha) when I made this, so I needed all the highlight help I could get ha ha:

Glow baby glow, your Glow Mama

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to Make This Week Awesome!

This is my Sunday Inspiration for each pair of your precious eyes, reading this!

If your week was filled with any kind of sadness, disappointment, discouragement, feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed out or maybe even broken hearted or alone-
then this is for you!

Above you will see a broken mirror.
That is/was, one of my favorite mirrors. It was an antique mirror that I got for $45 at an antique booth. (and since I know people might want to know, my white vases are from Home Goods and pink towels are from back to business)...
It was broken accidentally yesterday...and I thought about what I always tell people:

That a broken, shattered mirror shines more light everywhere. Because of all it's broken-ness it may not seem perfect anymore, but now it shines more light, it sparkles more.

This is how we can be too! Don't sit in the middle of all the "broken-ness" of your life and have a pity party in all the sharp and painful, broken pieces! Glue the pieces back together, broken and all! And start to shine like a twinkly disco ball!

Don't allow yourself to believe what the world tells you- that you're not perfect, not good enough, not rich enough, not popular enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not old enough, not young enough.

You are perfect just as you are! You have dreams that are only yours- no one else in the world can live them except you. You don't need to call everyone you know and ask for their advice, sometimes that's the worst thing you can do! ha ha ha

You don't need to make sure your life is perfect before you start to follow your dream, start to not care what others think, start to realize that you DON'T NEED SOMEONE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY- You NEED TO BE HAPPY AND THEY CAN JUST ADD EXTRA HAPPINESS! No one wants to date or be with someone that thinks they are miserable unless they are with someone- YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY BY YOURSELF FIRST!

My grama always said: "You were born without them and were fine!" ha ha hah a

Always remember: You were happy for years as a child and didn't date anyone to be happy! ha ha ha At your core you can be happy....and happiness is truly what attracts everyone! Who's attracted to a miserable, sad person..ha ha ha ha!

So today- you shine! And let your broken-ness, your un-perfect-ness, make you sparkle and shine brighter than all the perfection in the world....
perfect is so last year anyway....
I love you with all the sparkles and twinkles of imperfection,
your kandee mama

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Morning Face & The Madonna Inn

 Cue the freckles- the real meaning of "bed head hair", and the face free of any make-up whatsoever! (it's whatsoever, all one word- that looks  weird, oh well)....
This is me: Saturday morning style, baby!
And now I present to you, the Saturday Random 5 Fun, or maybe they aren't that fun, Facts:

#1. I can't stand the sound of styrofoam squeaking- like styrofoam To-Go boxes rubbing together0 drives me crazy!

#2. Somedays I wish I was a guy, just for the speed of getting ready- no shaving legs, no lengthy hair drying and flat or curling ironing, no make-up time...and all their shoes are pretty comfortable. But then, I think, oh nevermind, I like way more things about being a girl! ha ha ha ha

#3. Whenever I like I song, I play it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. If other people were near me they'd probably say, "WILL YOU PLAY SOMETHING ELSE!!!???"

#4. I've never been to the Madonna Inn- but my sister said I need to go, because she loves it and it was one of my Grama's favorite places...
and it's all over-the-top pink...(and I would love it!) sister said their pink champagne cake is out-of-this-world...just look at the pink-ness...

#5. I can't stand the moment when you're using a neti pot and you don't put your chin down enough, and it feels like water goes up your nose- brings back awful memories of swimming lessons with my awful swimming teaching who would shove my head under water! Oh I think his name was Ken or Allen...I can still see him in my head!

Let's all imagine we are going to a big party at the Madonna Inn today! How can you not love a place that's all pink and called the MADONNA anything! I love it....

no make-up and pink cakes, your kandee


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Friday, April 27, 2012

The #1 Thing I Tell Everyone To Buy At SEPHORA

 There is one thing I buy at Sephora, more than anything else. It's the one thing I've told my aunt, my sister or anyone that has a Sephora gift card and asks what they should buy!
The ST. TROPEZ BRONZING MOUSSE - which is also what I bought last weekend! I will say the new mitt they make is AWFUL! It's not like their old mitts- this one you can't slip your hand into- I don't like it at all! So don't bother buying the mitt- just the BRONZING MOUSSE! I haven't used it in a while- but I'm sick of looking so pale- and I was kinda' not remembering it being $40! But one bottle does last you FOREVER! ha ha ha

And I will say that you put this on your face and neck and you almost don't even need make-up! You just look tan and awesome! I'm not even joking- not orange oompa loompa face either!

I used to wear this every day- yes, the reason why I've been looking so pale- is that I have ran out of my St. Tropez for a while now! ha ha ha

But I'm back in tan, baby!!!

And the second thing I'd tell you to get at Sephora would be either a pair of tweezerman tweezers or an eyelash curler!

lookin' less pale, your kandee

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Thursday, April 26, 2012



Some of their most Globally Popular colors, in not just lisptick, but matching lipglass and nail laquer!!!
And yes, MYTH- my fav, most used color of all time is on there!!!!!

It's fun to see what colors are the most popular where!
Looks like I'd fit in, in Estonia really well! hee hee

M·A·C Fashion Sets features the best selling and your cult favorite M·A·C shades from around the world. 7 colours so globally gorgeous we worked them into 3-piece collections of go-everywhere Lipstick, Lipglass and Nail Lacquer.
Below is a list of the top selling shades and the countries ranking them as #1:

Myth – #1 selling lipstick in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia and Finland 

SNOB #1 selling lipstick in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Travel Retail

SPICE - #1 classic best-selling lip pencil in Canada, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, UK, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, India, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Travel Retail

RUSSIAN RED - #1 selling lipstick in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Singapore and Venezuela 

CHESTNUT- #1 selling lip pencil in the US 

REBEL– Cult favorite for the perfect sultry, wine colored lip 

GIRL ABOUT TOWN – A fabulous bright fuchsia, a go-to staple for every fashionista

Now your favorite shades are available for your lips and tips!
M·A·C Fashion Sets will be available starting May 3, 2012 through June 28, 2012.

Holla at ya' girl- which country would you most fit in, with the color you love?!?

I'm telling you, MYTH is the most purchased lipstick color ever! I've never bought so many of a lipstick in my life! I love it! I wear it to lighten or highlight any lipcolor- so I'm so excited Myth is in the mix!

Myth-tastically, kandee


The Best, Most Dangerous Chocolate Cake Recipe

Prepare yourself.
You are about to learn the ingredients to the MOST DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE CAKE you've ever tasted and the BEST CHOCOLATE ICING in the world!
I warn you- this recipe is dangerously delicious.
And may make people request it at every one of their birthdays.

Watch the video below- it's like my Kandee's Food Network Cooking show- ha ha ha ha
(tip: click on YOUTUBE logo in the lower right hand corner to watch it bigger!)

Detailed Recipe and Ingredients below....
WORLD'S BEST (or at least Kandee's best) CHOCOLATE CAKE RECIPE

What you need:
2 Cups Boiling Water
2 Cups Sugar
1 1/2 Cup Buttermilk
1 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 Cup Canola or Safflower Oil
2 Eggs
1 Teaspoon Salt
2 Teaspoons Baking Soda
2 Cups Flour
3/4 Cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
2 9" inch round cake pans

Crank your oven up to 300ยบ degrees.
Butter and Flour your cake pans.
Pour Boiling water into bowl. Add Sugar to boiling water and stir until it dissolves and looks like "caramel water". Let cool for 10 minutes or so.
Add Buttermilk to cooled "sugar water". Also add vanilla and oil.
Whisk 2 eggs in a separate bowl. Then add to the rest of the mixture.
Add salt and baking soda and flour.
Mix until smooth- might be slightly watery and you'll think you messed up, but it comes out great!

Fill each cake pan about half full. And place in oven to back for 20-22 minutes.

Now time for...

2 Sticks of Butter (or 1 cup of butter)
6 oz. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1/2 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
2 1/2 Cups Powdered Sugar

What you do:
In a sauce pan, put the butter and chocolate chips and turn to medium heat until everything melts. Pour in the Heaving Whipping Cream and stir til smooth. Remove from heat and mix in powder sugar. Whip until smooth and fudgy.

And then get ready to send your taste buds into heavenly orbit. And again I shall warn you- this cake is highly addictive! ha ha ha

face full of frosting, kandee

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

7 years ago I looked like this:

well, actually a little more than 7 years ago i looked like this, because on this day, 7 years ago I had my little Alani, so my belly was, well, a little less big.

I hadn't lightened my hair while I was pregnant so you can see my cool "blonde ends" which I tried to hide by various hair "pinning", as you can see. If only I had known then, that lightened tips of your hair would be all the rage in the future!

What's funny is you can see my sister holding onto my baby belly...and just last week we took a picture of me holding onto her big, baby belly (click here to see it from my Kandeeland blog- too funny!)

What's funny is in this picture you can see "Old Yeller"- my favorite "sunshine amber" or "butterscotch amber" ring- which has been long lost- but it was in my first youtube videos....oh how I miss thee yellow ring- you looked like sunshine on my finger.....


And in honor of her birthday and cakes...tomorrow I will be posting my "WORLD'S BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE AND ICING RECIPE" (you have no idea how long it took me to edit that video and how hungry I was watching this cake and icing for hours while I edited it! ha ha ha ha)- I know, I filmed it back on Jordan's birthday..but it was such a long video it's taken me forever to edit it down so it's not soooooo long.

happy birthday to everyone who's birthday it is today, hugs and cake, your kandee

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keeping you in the "how" on HAIR TRENDS.....

I woke up to check my facebook to see you guys had posted about seeing me mentioned on Good Morning America, this morning! I had no idea when I did a little interview about the Hair Chalking Trend, that it would wind up on GMA! This goes out to all people who weren't popular in high school, made fun of, or teased for being different- keep going because, someday you just might end up on Good Morning America!

I try to always show you guys how to do the "fun and new" hair trends, from FEATHER EXTENSIONS , I didn't do too may braid tutorials, because I think everyone is getting tired of seeing braids everywhere (ha ha), and I thought the Hair Chalking Trend would be so fun to teach everyone!

It's fun, "wash-out-able" (yes, it will wash right out when you shampoo- unless you've wet recently lightened, blonde hair- it may last a few days longer!)...and you can use any soft pastel chalks (sorry guys, sidewalk chalks and chalkboard chalks don't have the right pigment to stick) have some summer fun with your're inner "hair adventurer" can come out and play "rock star" for a day or two!
And if you have kids, like I do, they're gonna love this!
*Just spray a little hair spray on the hair when you're done to help the color from coming off on your clothes!

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CLIP ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA, that shows a little clip of lil' ol me! 

And if you didn't see the HAIR CHALKING it is to get your "pop of color" on...or should I say "your "strands of color" on!

Call me a nerd, but I am so excited that they showed my video on Good Morning America!!
I'm not a famous actress or reality star, that gets promoted on tv shows all the time- so this is such a blessing that a normal person like me, would get featured on there! I'm so thankful...and thank you all for liking all my videos....I didn't even think anyone would like this video, very much, but I thought it would be fun! ha ha ha

hugs and chalky fingers, your kandee


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Monday, April 23, 2012

How I Put Make-Up On, somedays......

 My mom took a picture of me and my smallest, makeup assistant- putting on makeup the other day when we were in our hotel room...
The best light to put make-up on in, is in natural day light. Most bathrooms have the worst lighting. So we just set up make-up "camp" and brought the mirror from the bathroom to the window, baby!
 The only problem is she kept spinning the mirror around so I get one super magnified giant eye, then spun around to the smeller looking eye! ha ha ha ha
She loves make-up packaging...ha ha ha ha
And thus begins the stories, like many others, of watching their moms get ready....I always loved hearing about how Michael Kors and Kevyn Aucoin would watch their moms do their hair and put make-up on, and be fascinated.

My mom had a make-up vanity-desk type thing, when I was little...and me and my sister would open the lid and just look at everything and be amazed. And then one day my sister colored under the dinning table with one of my moms bright red lipsticks! ha ha ha ha We thought make-up was like paints! I still do....

make-up mama and her little helper, kandee


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Coolest Make-Up on the cover of what?!?!

who knew I'd be inspired by a make-up look in the airport- and on Psychology Today magazine of all mags! I was skimming for something to look at on the plane and was like- "THAT IS AWESOME MAKE-UP!"......
ha ha ha See inspiration really is all around us!

I've got some fun stuff coming up for next week guys! But here's a wrap up of videos if you missed them....
#1. How To Travel With Make-Up

*if you click on the logo on the lower right for YOUTUBE- you can watch it wayyy bigger!
and if you missed the Hair Chalking Video- here it is again- so fun- get some "tinted tips for the day":

big hugs and happy Sunday and I'll have some cheer posted for you for an extra happy Monday, kandee


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Random 5 & Staches

First...happy Saturday...I saw these babies at The Sugar store yesterday and had to try them on...I am already a fan of Sunstaches..but I've never seen these...
Do you think they're more Lorax or Hulk Hogan?!? ha ha ha

Now let's get to the Random Facts:

#1. I used to want a Holland Lop bunny- google them...they are the cutest things!

#2.  My mom never used to let us get "kids cereals" like frosted flakes or anything sugary...we'd eat Grape Nuts without sugar...ha ha ha. When we first tried Frosted Flakes at my gramma's we went crazy!

#3. I was in the Bonne Bell LipSmackers Club when I was little. You'd get to here about their new lip balm flavors!

#4. We used to have goats, chickens and llamas when I was littler- we named a baby llama, Jamocha (because it was me and my sisters fav flavor ice cream).

#5. My first "real" job was working at a Clothing store called Contempo Casuals, and I wore lots of knee high socks! ha ha ha

What was your most random thing off the top of your head today!
And Imy first thought of those staches was- Hulk Hogan! Do you think Hulk or Lorax?!? ha ha ha

staches and Holland Lops, kandee


Friday, April 20, 2012

Lighting McRing

 This is like a haul post, well, except I only have one thing I bought to show you...and ok, it's nothing like  a haul at all....but it would be cool if my name was, Lighting McKandee (get it, like Lighting McQueen..but not).

It's kinda like Elvis' "taking care of business" ring, except the lighting bolt is wayyyyy bigger!
And may I add, this ring is totally not practical in any way. Not only would you snag your hair in this thing, you might poke yourself, or if you were walking like a speed walker, you might pierce some poor, innocent standing-near-you-person....ahh but it looks cool for fun pictures! Practical- no. Fun-yes!
This ring o' radness...I got while we waited in line at Serendipity 3 last week. And if you didn't know, yes the ice cream shop sells some of the coolest, "Kandee-esque", jewelry in the waiting area!
The picture me and baby, last year in NYC at Serendipity 3, and yes that Nicki Minaj-esque Barbie necklace....begged to come home with me. And I was like, "oh no, please don't cry anymore, I'll take you home with me and give you a nice cozy bed next to my other necklaces"...

ring a ding dings and sparkly things, your kandee


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Here's yesterday's video on HOW TO FLY WITH YOUR MAKE-UP (if you missed it)...
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to Travel (fly) with your make-up..

People have been asking me for a while now, to do a video on TIPS FOR TRAVELING WITH YOUR finally, here it is!

This is how I've been safely packing and traveling with my eyeshadow palettes, foundations, and brushes! Now this is just a personal traveling video (and I am showing you a lot of make-up, here in case you travel with lots of options like me!)...if you want to see a video on how I travel with my Make-Up Artist Kit (like the kit of make-up I use on clients for make-up jobs- totally different make-up than my personal make-up goodies).

*and for anyone that wants to know what kind of make-up bags I show in the video, they are my all-time favorite make-up bags in the world- ZUCA BAGS- the zebra one with the light up wheel- A-to-the-MAY-ZING!

YAY! Travelin'!
bags full of makeup, your kandee

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Now this is beautiful...

what's more beautiful than a room full of, the"most beautiful actors or actresses", than all the make-up in the world, than a stunning sunset?

What's beautiful to me is to make someone feel loved, alive and filled with joy.

One of my dearest friends, Tamara posted this video on her facebook page...
and it makes tears spring up in my eyes just thinking about it....

At 4:38 in the video, when he starts to sing...tears ran down my see him transformed from a man that hardly said yes or coming alive and what he says about "love and your dreams"....oh gosh, it just makes me want to cry again!

I just fell in love with this precious lil' man....and he says he loved Cab Calloway, and I've loved Cab Calloway since high school!

Hope this touches and inspires your heart like it did mine...and may you dance and sing to the music that makes you happy!

hugs and music, your kandee

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NYC Bling Blang (AKA Jewelry Entourage)

Here is my "kandee standard", BLING BLANG (AKA my jewelry- rings, and such).
You will recognize my "must-have" arm and hand decorations,  that have been with me for years...

IF YOU HAVEN'T  SEEN MY WRISTS OR HANDS- these are the wrist and finger BFF's:
First you have- FROM TOP:

  • MY SILVER CUFF- hails from FOREVER21- got it "forever ago"- it's not really a BFF, but I love it.
  • BLACK LEATHER CUFF- which I made, like 10 years ago- and yes, someday I will make a tutorial on it...this one is falling apart after 10 years of a new one is going to be in order.
  • BIG SILVER WATCH- I've been wearing big "man-style" watches since I was in high school. And both my grandfathers were watch collectors. I learned that jewelry may come and go, but a watch is an investment because they are "timeless". (pun, totally intented) My first "man-style" watch, which I still have, is from GUESS and this one is my ultimate favorites- it's a Michael Kors watch. I am an official fan of MK "man-style" watches.
  • MY BIG WHITE BOW RING- I don't want to sound all "ooooh, I got that in some exotic place"-but for reals, I did get it in London at a vintage clothing store.
  • YELLOW ROSE RING- this was a gift from my sister, and though I've seen ones that look similar only twice...none have come close....I think she got it at Brass Plum in Nordstroms...years ago.  
  • GREEN BEJEWELLED EARRINGS- I love these babies! I got them at the Melrose Trading Post, a lady that designs jewelry for Anthropologie made them...these are just her creative outlet designs and I love them, I don't know why she doesn't sell them online. They look heavy, but aren't at all. Love these.
And that is my jewelry entourage! Wait til you see the ring I bought while I was in NYC- I didn't really do any shopping, but everytime I go to Serendipity 3, I fall in love with some piece of jewelry they sell in the waiting area! You're gonna love it- I'll post pictures when I unpack it!

huge and wishing I was typing this from New York....west coast typing....your kandee

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Monday, April 16, 2012

My Traveling Make-Up Looks Like This.... I may have forgotten my outfit I was going to wear to IMATS...I may have forgotten the shoes and pants I meant to pack...
but I brought enough make-up to do almost any look I wanted.
That's the problem with being indecisive.
I brought enough make-up to do a neon-tangerine mouth, purple smokey eye or turquoise winged eye or bubble gum pink mouth.

I even accidentally threw in some make-up I never wear- like a couple MAC lipsticks that look so awful on me!

And even when I take all this make-up...I use like a fraction of all this! ha ha ha

Better to be prepared I guess!

And yes, my video on how to travel with your make-up...pack your palettes and all that stuff will be on it's way soon- if it didn't come out all blurry, thanks to my serious of broken cameras.....ugh still have to return that awful video camera I bought to replace my broken one...and it was worse!

off and packing up to head I'm gonna miss this New York just feel different here, your kandee


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New York, New York...

Here's part of my Sunday, in pictures. Hope this feels like a little vacation for your eyes.
(click the link at the bottom of this blog to see my "Kandeeland" version of my day in pictures)
In a New York, New Loving everything I my eyes take in.
I just can't seem to take in enough. New York City really makes your feel's amazing.
 A happy day in Central Park...complete with Dippin's like happiness in a spoon!
 And tulips blossoming in Central Park....just like "spring fireworks"....
The Bethesda fountain...(AKA Fountain of Friends- Joey, Monica, Chandler...where are you!?!)...I don't even have an adjective for how my eyeballs loved taking this in...
the fountain...the glow of the leaves on the trees behind it...just...oh my beautiful!
the sun setting on the blossoming park...and the details of the staircase...just stunning...can I just say, I heart moss growing on just looks like a storybook...

 and last but not least....the perfect ending to a beauty-filled day.....Serendipty 3....I just fell in love with this painting looks so much more glowy and amazing in person.

PS. I also love the pale lavender on the top of the walls, and the bubble gum pink molding....oh so girly and I love it!- so says the girl with the hot pink couch! hee hee hee

hope you feel like you took a little "mini-trip", your kandee


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

NYC IMATS and whaaaaaaaaaaat.....

WHAT: IMATS in NYC (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show)
YESTERDAY: on stage talking...
A few funny things that went wrong:
#1. I forgot to pack the outfit I had planned on wearing...
#2. I couldn't get a taxi at the hotel to get to IMATS- so I decided to walk/jog- so I arrived more sweaty/dewy than I had planned. (it was hot in NYC today!)
#3. I accidentally erased the photos on my memory card that were taken with my "good", so sad, you don't even know...

So I got there a little sweatier than I had hoped...and thanks to the awesome people at NYX that gave me some blotting tissues to soak up  my "glisten"- I was ready to run on stage!

So here's what was just taken with my iphone, by my other sweet friend Olive ( I love her name!)....and just myself....ugh there were so many good pictures that are gone!

PIER 94- IMATS venue- same place where they had Alexander Wang's runway show, for any of you fashion fans!

 All of the awesome people that came out to hear me speak and meet me- and let me hug them!

There are no words to describe how my heart feels when I get to meet you guys in's like my heart grows bigger from being filled with your love...and I can really hug you and encourage you and see in everyone's beautiful, twinkling eyes....What an AMAZING day!

 I had been messaged about this precious girl Taylor, who is just a teen and was diagnosed with a very rare cancer...I got her a little something to help her feel loved when she's in the hospital getting her radiation...and I told her how I, and hopefully all of you, can be praying for her!

*Taylor we all love you and are cheering YOU on!! (I tried to call out for Ashley another girl that's on youtube with Hodgkins Lymphoma, but I found out later on her twitter she couldn't get a ticket because they were sold out- if I had known I would've found a way to get her in there!) Ashley if you read this- I love you, I'm praying for you and you are one strong girl- I'm proud of you!

Back stage with one of the GIANT crates that held all the NYX make-up for their booth! There were a few of these bad boys backstage! Crazy amounts of make-up!

I wish I had more time to do a meet and greet so that I could've talked longer with each person...and to Sara- you were the last one in know who you are precious...tears fell from my eyes as you told me your story...know that I love you, now, always and always...consider yourself adopted by me...I just love you and I am praying for you!

What an amazing day! Make-up was  the decoration that drew us there....but each heart that was beating, each soul filled with dreams, and person waiting to let me hug them...that is what made it amazing- each one of you there. I am honored beyond have no idea what this meant to me to meet you all! I wish I could do a world tour of hugs and love just to meet and hug each one of you!

New York City and meeting you all....AMAZING DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET!

more hugs and love....your kandee


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Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I do on an airplane....

Yesssssssssss......I'm typing this from New York City....what I think, is the most amazing city in the world...(I know, I will always love LA....I was born there...but New York is just pretty amazing!)...
there is some bumpin' dance music coming from somewhere super close by...and if I wasn't so tired...I'd bust a move in my hotel room right now...

MUSICS Whaaaaaat: awwwww nooooo...they're playin' my jammy jam at the next door club....if you were around in the 90's....Robin S singing "Show Me Love"....

this is kind of a crazy moment- I'm bloggin in NYC- "show me love" (the song that totally reminds me of 90's)...when I rocked one of my hi-tops with white laces and the other with black laces- yeah that's how I rolled, I also wore bike shorts with one white leg and one black and my shoes at the same time)

When I see magazine in airports, their glossy covers just beckon me to buy one and leisurely flip the pages, since when I'm home I never have time to just sit and leisurely do anything...ha ha ha

This cover of ELLE just screamed: TAKE ME ON THAT PLANE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW!....
a- because I loved Rihanna's make-up. b- because I love the outfit she has on and c- because I love hot pink and yellow- and those were the cover colors.....

I looked at every single page...I read all about Rihanna and Jessie J and realized how bad I want to do more DIY clothing crafts.....and how I used to have floral print denim in high school and it's popular again.....

I CAN NOT WAIT TO MEET EVERYONE after I speak at IMATS today!!!!!!!! That is my fav-O-RITE when I get to meet you guys in person!!!!

SLEEPLESS in NEW YORK...well as long as the dance club is bass-bumping my rom with their beats anyway...ha ha ha ha


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if you have PROM this weekend or just want a pretty new look check out my "prom doll" video (FYI- my camera has officially been broken- this new one is horrible- so sometimes it focuses on the background-it's going back to the store...ha ha ha) But you can see what to do anyway:

My Airport Security Tips & NYC Tomorrow Baby!

(photo by my friend, Ian Ruhter)
I'm headed to the airport and here's some tips when you have to go there too:


#1. SHOES-
wear shoes that slip off and on easily- trust me the people in line behind you at security will thank you too.

don't wear tons of bracelets or anything because you're gonna have to take it all off. I just put all my jewelry in my purse, then when I'm done with security waiting to board the plane you can put all your bling back on.

You can't bring your water with you through security so chug it before you head there. If you have lotions, potions or liquids, make sure those babies are either tucked in your checked bags or if you have mini travel-size lotions with you, make sure you put those babies in a ziplock baggy or the security guys won't like it

if you travel with a laptop- make sure you take that sucker out of it's bag, case, or whatever, put it in a separate tray at security, or again, the people in line behind you won't be your fan at all.

take it all off! Anything short of your shirts and pants- take it off baby! Get the change out of your pockets, take the hat off your head, the scarf around your neck, everything has got to go in the little trays.

#6. HAVE FUN- once you get through security the fun can begin! ha ha ha

And now I'm throwing all my stuff in my bags and heading out the door to go to NYC...where the picture above was taken... So excited to meet everyone at IMATS- if you don't now- CLICK here and get in the know:
I'll be speaking tomorrow Saturday (April 14th) at 2pm at IMATS with a meet and greet right after!
I can't wait!

NEW YORK...I'm on my way, your kandee

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prom Doll Make-Up

Prom season is here...time for fancy dresses, shoes, to feel like a princess....
and to make sure you look more glamorous than I did at my's a fresh new tutorial!
This look is pretty whether you are going to prom, a date, a job interview or anywhere really- it's a classic, timeless beautiful look that has a fresh and romantic feel!

Now sit back and enjoy some "doll" inspired make-up- I say "doll" because the look is flawless, doll-like skin, bright and beautiful eyes, and a soft baby pink mouth...with a hint of old Hollywood loveliness!
(if you click the YOUTUBE logo on the bottom right- you can watch it bigger too!)

For the flawless skin:
Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion
Cover FX Natural Liquid Foundation (yay! It's paraben free!)
Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation (I use it as a concealer)
Any loose or translucent powder for the face...
Maybelline Fit ME Blush in Medium Pink
MAC powder blush in  BLUNT

any rose pink lip liner:
I used- Urban Decay Wicked Liner
Drugstore Beauty:
L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Pink Satin
Revlon Colorburst LipButter in Sugar Frosting
Tarte Lip Stain in Lucky
MAC Kissable Lipcolor in Enchantee (my fav)

Gold shimmer eyeshadow pencil-
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeshadow Pencil in SIN
Any gold shimmery eyeshadow- I used:
SIN from the Urban Decay NAKED Palette
Nude matte eyeshadow- I used:
 L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Endless Pearl or you could use Hourglass Beige
Any Black Eyeliner -
I used: Perversion from Urban Decay or I like SMOLDER from MAC
MASCARA- I used:
Drug store fav mascara: L'Oreal Double Extend Tubes
*and for added glam-ness I used:

sparkles and eyelash curlers, your kandee

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Want to come here with me....?

Wouldn't you love to come sit with me the afternoon. We could drink pink lemonade from fancy glasses. Maybe we could make fun crafts on the porch, cut up a shirt or two, twirl around to fun music, laugh or maybe "be-glitter" some shoes, 
or make a cool necklace...
 Wouldn't it be fun to have an "artspiration" weekend....
Can you just imagine...yummy food, happy music, peaceful, beautiful surroundings, maybe someone could give us pedicures, sip frozen lemonades, laugh..., have mini "creative project workshops" and feel the surge of creativity shoot through our veins and straight to our heart!

We could dress how crazy, tomboy,
 or wild we wanted...I can imagine us all in different colored "Rosie the Riveter" do's....
we could eat yummy breakfasts of crepes and berries with mascarpone cream...
then we could head off to our first "fashion-transformation project class"....laugh and spend the rest of the day eating, going on a relaxing walk in nature, making fun things and being inspired....

oh this is my day dream wednesday....
every moment that gets overwhelming today....I will think about out "mental-inspiration-get-away"....
I can feel the creativity bubbling already....
wanna join me....?

wouldn't this be fun if it was real....maybe one day.....!

hugs and big porches with fancy lemonade glasses, your kandee

Click this linky to see what I ate for breakfast!  Summer health, here I come!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Cleaning and T-Shirt Cutting

Some of you might be doing some "spring cleaning" in your closets...
so I thought it would be a fun time to "re-show" some of my t-shirt cutting videos- in case you had a pile of shirts you wanted to throw out!
Comment below if you want to see some more videos on with my some fun ideas on how to "reuse" some clothes that might be headed for the "get rid of" pile!

So here's my t-shirt cutting tutorials- (PS. I've had my THUMBS UP shirt- which I scored at a thrift store, for over 10 years now! It's as soft as butter! ha ha ha)
Here's my really old "fashion inspiration and t-shirt cutting video"- oldie but goodie!
(to watch bigger just click the YOUTUBE logo in the lower right hand corner, too)

 and here's another fun shape to cut your shirt too:

Comment below if you want to see more of my "fashion-recycling" ideas!

scissors and shirt, your kandee

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