Friday, April 13, 2012

My Airport Security Tips & NYC Tomorrow Baby!

(photo by my friend, Ian Ruhter)
I'm headed to the airport and here's some tips when you have to go there too:


#1. SHOES-
wear shoes that slip off and on easily- trust me the people in line behind you at security will thank you too.

don't wear tons of bracelets or anything because you're gonna have to take it all off. I just put all my jewelry in my purse, then when I'm done with security waiting to board the plane you can put all your bling back on.

You can't bring your water with you through security so chug it before you head there. If you have lotions, potions or liquids, make sure those babies are either tucked in your checked bags or if you have mini travel-size lotions with you, make sure you put those babies in a ziplock baggy or the security guys won't like it

if you travel with a laptop- make sure you take that sucker out of it's bag, case, or whatever, put it in a separate tray at security, or again, the people in line behind you won't be your fan at all.

take it all off! Anything short of your shirts and pants- take it off baby! Get the change out of your pockets, take the hat off your head, the scarf around your neck, everything has got to go in the little trays.

#6. HAVE FUN- once you get through security the fun can begin! ha ha ha

And now I'm throwing all my stuff in my bags and heading out the door to go to NYC...where the picture above was taken... So excited to meet everyone at IMATS- if you don't now- CLICK here and get in the know:
I'll be speaking tomorrow Saturday (April 14th) at 2pm at IMATS with a meet and greet right after!
I can't wait!

NEW YORK...I'm on my way, your kandee

want to see more fun- click on one of these:


Anonymous said...

I love your style Kandee:D You know;)


Anonymous said...

Kandee, my friend! (Not really we don't know each other,) but have a great time in NYC!!! a few weeks I'm having my senior pics taken and I was wondering if maybe you could make a video or a blog post on dos and dont's, things I should use etc. I know there's tons of other YouTube videos but I really trust your expertise the most. I'd really really appreciate it! :)

hello nikki said...

Yay! Have fun with your fandees and kiddos. Wish I was there :/ but im happy for you and your kids and all the ones that get to see or meet you. So awesome. Go rock it! :o)

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