Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NYC Bling Blang (AKA Jewelry Entourage)

Here is my "kandee standard", BLING BLANG (AKA my jewelry- rings, and such).
You will recognize my "must-have" arm and hand decorations,  that have been with me for years...

IF YOU HAVEN'T  SEEN MY WRISTS OR HANDS- these are the wrist and finger BFF's:
First you have- FROM TOP:

  • MY SILVER CUFF- hails from FOREVER21- got it "forever ago"- it's not really a BFF, but I love it.
  • BLACK LEATHER CUFF- which I made, like 10 years ago- and yes, someday I will make a tutorial on it...this one is falling apart after 10 years of wear...so a new one is going to be in order.
  • BIG SILVER WATCH- I've been wearing big "man-style" watches since I was in high school. And both my grandfathers were watch collectors. I learned that jewelry may come and go, but a watch is an investment because they are "timeless". (pun, totally intented) My first "man-style" watch, which I still have, is from GUESS and this one is my ultimate favorites- it's a Michael Kors watch. I am an official fan of MK "man-style" watches.
  • MY BIG WHITE BOW RING- I don't want to sound all "ooooh, I got that in some exotic place"-but for reals, I did get it in London at a vintage clothing store.
  • YELLOW ROSE RING- this was a gift from my sister, and though I've seen ones that look similar only twice...none have come close....I think she got it at Brass Plum in Nordstroms...years ago.  
  • GREEN BEJEWELLED EARRINGS- I love these babies! I got them at the Melrose Trading Post, a lady that designs jewelry for Anthropologie made them...these are just her creative outlet designs and I love them, I don't know why she doesn't sell them online. They look heavy, but aren't at all. Love these.
And that is my jewelry entourage! Wait til you see the ring I bought while I was in NYC- I didn't really do any shopping, but everytime I go to Serendipity 3, I fall in love with some piece of jewelry they sell in the waiting area! You're gonna love it- I'll post pictures when I unpack it!

huge and wishing I was typing this from New York....west coast typing....your kandee

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Una said...

I found your blog in Yotube. You tutorials helped me! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

How do u wear 2 cuffs and a watch at the same time? I'm so curious I love ur style and blogs sooo much!

mariela said...

I was looking for your bow ring ,everywhere ,just for remind me ,do the best I can with been mom and wife and always smile and grateful for my live...you are amazing kandee thank you so much and of course at GOd..sorry for my English am from Chile

iloverocknroll said...

I love the bow rings!!

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