Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Like Make-Up For Your Car....

Now don't go thinking the only beauty I know about is on your face, hair or nails...
I got your back when it comes to yo' ride!
I like make-overs of all kinds. And one of the things I've loved doing since I first got a car, was detailing my car on the weekend. Yes, I loved getting q-tips and old toothbrushes and cleaning the air vents, all the cracks and crevices, dashboards and rims! Washing the car, the floor mats- nothing like a sparkling, shiny car.

Now let's get our "sparkly car" on- with these little goodies:

I like good smelling stuff.
So I got this YANKEE CANDLE Air Freshener in Vanilla Icing!
(my car is gonna smell like a cupcake on wheels!)

now instead of q-tips, toothbrushes, and other weird shaped things you can get in nooks and crannies and even more with the MYRIDE detail brush set.

ArmorAll Air Freshening Protecant Wipe -in "fresh outdoor scent" (I don't think it smells like the "Fresh Outdoors, but is doesn't stink)
Armor All- I've grown up "ArmorAll-ing" my bike tires to later, my car tires. 
It protects your dashboard from UV rays that will fade and crack the plastic,a nd it looks shiny and new. You can just pop this in your truck or glove box and swipe your dashboard and everywhere to a shiny new sheen!

I got all these on one of my weekly trips to Target! I don't know why but I'm always attracted to the "car care" center. In high school I did once, want to start a car detailing service. And yes I do know how to change a tire. Change my oil. And change my air-filter- and that's as far as "mechanic-Kandee" goes! ha ha ha

shiny rims,
kandee (imagine me in my Rosie the Riveter hair do)

wanna see:


idnarb00 said...

Yankee candle.. For your car?!...Ooh my! :)!!

iloverocknroll said...

Target has everything now I love it and trust me I love checking out the car department also :)

marjie20 said...

I didn't know they made Yankee candle air freshners for cars! how amazing:) I just keep telling myself I'm going to but a candle and keep it in my car so it always smells nice. Haha

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