Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Coolest Make-Up on the cover of what?!?!

who knew I'd be inspired by a make-up look in the airport- and on Psychology Today magazine of all mags! I was skimming for something to look at on the plane and was like- "THAT IS AWESOME MAKE-UP!"......
ha ha ha See inspiration really is all around us!

I've got some fun stuff coming up for next week guys! But here's a wrap up of videos if you missed them....
#1. How To Travel With Make-Up

*if you click on the logo on the lower right for YOUTUBE- you can watch it wayyy bigger!
and if you missed the Hair Chalking Video- here it is again- so fun- get some "tinted tips for the day":

big hugs and happy Sunday and I'll have some cheer posted for you for an extra happy Monday, kandee


1 comment:

shirleyann said... this is a beauty guru from london and she said the sweetest thing about you 5:45in... You should watch

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