Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fast Food Make-Up: No I'm not kidding.

This may be one of the coolest ads for fast foods I've ever seen...
or maybe just the Netherlands is pretty cool, because this is a Burger King Ad from the Netherlands.

I love this...look at the "char-grilled" lines under the eye, and how the artist made the cheese, mayo and lettuce wing out to the side!

I'm not sure if it makes me want to go order up a Whopper (because I can't recall the last time I ate Burger King)...but it does make want to give those lashes another coat of green mascara or green eyeshadow dabbed on top! ha ha ha

Now my mind is going wild with "fast-food" make-up ideas....the "golden arches" of McDonald's over the eyebrows and nose...don't even get me started on Jack-In-The-Box...ha ha ha ha

What fast food place would you love to see do make-up looks for!?!
Do you think guys would like this make-up look?- "awwww girl, your eyes look so good, I'm drooling!"....hmmmmm.

hugs and hamburger eyes, kandee

Click HERE to see my "baby-gone-wild"- this cracks me up!



Anonymous said...

Love from Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

Kasia said...

Dairy Queen make up look!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

That's so neat!

Anonymous said...

Would u happen to know what brands were used?

iloverocknroll said...

Can you please make a video how to I love it so much I would wear it on a regular day hehe

ar3re said...

Very creative. I think you should do some tutorials it would be awsum 2 see. :)

taylor said...

I deffinately think you should do some tutorials like this!

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