Monday, April 2, 2012

New Trend in Nail Polish- AWE-FUN or awesome!

Nails, nail polish, nail tutorials, cute nail polish art, interesting nail polish designs...have become very popular...
You can't log onto Pinterest without seeing some fingertips wrapped around a polish bottle like this:
 Or like this:
Yes these are my "nail" pictures...and I, Kandee Johnson, am a nail polish picture taker too.
Sometimes people take "beauty" so seriously...and I need a laugh this week and I hope you do too. My "Rainbow Make-Up Face Tutorial"  was just part of the funny, I needed for the week!

So feel free to "re-pin" my "un-polished" nail picture to pinterest, your facebook, or anywhere to add some "funny-business-beauty" polish.

Yes, it's me, your homegirl Kandee...putting the "fun" into "beauty"...oh wait, the word fun isn't in beauty....but I'm gonna put it in there: "beau-fun-ty"...

go ahead...make your pinterest polish pop, fantasticate (yeah i just made that word up) your facebook  (ha ha ha) with my new take on "beauty pics" ha ha ha...

Making beauty un-boring and serious, one picture or video at a time:
boom blap sha-nail-ail-ding-dong:

trying to inspire you, teach you cool stuff, show you cool things and most of all, make you smile, your kandee with the (now bitten-off nails- it's alright, they looked like this my whole childhood- former nail-biter here)

CLICK THIS BAD-MAMA-JAMA to see the most awesome "washing machine make-over".

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and if you weren't online over the weekend and missed my "Unicorn Farted All Over My Face Tutorial", here it is: (click on the little Youtube logo on the bottom right to make it bigger).


TheJesseBella said...

My nails look like this right now, I was clipping them down but they always look rubbish, I then realised I had no nail file to even them out, 2 days later and I still havnt got one hahhaha :)

Katie said...

You should try Racheal Ray's German Potato Salad... It has A BUNCH! Of Kale in it. :)


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