Sunday, April 15, 2012

NYC IMATS and whaaaaaaaaaaat.....

WHAT: IMATS in NYC (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show)
YESTERDAY: on stage talking...
A few funny things that went wrong:
#1. I forgot to pack the outfit I had planned on wearing...
#2. I couldn't get a taxi at the hotel to get to IMATS- so I decided to walk/jog- so I arrived more sweaty/dewy than I had planned. (it was hot in NYC today!)
#3. I accidentally erased the photos on my memory card that were taken with my "good", so sad, you don't even know...

So I got there a little sweatier than I had hoped...and thanks to the awesome people at NYX that gave me some blotting tissues to soak up  my "glisten"- I was ready to run on stage!

So here's what was just taken with my iphone, by my other sweet friend Olive ( I love her name!)....and just myself....ugh there were so many good pictures that are gone!

PIER 94- IMATS venue- same place where they had Alexander Wang's runway show, for any of you fashion fans!

 All of the awesome people that came out to hear me speak and meet me- and let me hug them!

There are no words to describe how my heart feels when I get to meet you guys in's like my heart grows bigger from being filled with your love...and I can really hug you and encourage you and see in everyone's beautiful, twinkling eyes....What an AMAZING day!

 I had been messaged about this precious girl Taylor, who is just a teen and was diagnosed with a very rare cancer...I got her a little something to help her feel loved when she's in the hospital getting her radiation...and I told her how I, and hopefully all of you, can be praying for her!

*Taylor we all love you and are cheering YOU on!! (I tried to call out for Ashley another girl that's on youtube with Hodgkins Lymphoma, but I found out later on her twitter she couldn't get a ticket because they were sold out- if I had known I would've found a way to get her in there!) Ashley if you read this- I love you, I'm praying for you and you are one strong girl- I'm proud of you!

Back stage with one of the GIANT crates that held all the NYX make-up for their booth! There were a few of these bad boys backstage! Crazy amounts of make-up!

I wish I had more time to do a meet and greet so that I could've talked longer with each person...and to Sara- you were the last one in know who you are precious...tears fell from my eyes as you told me your story...know that I love you, now, always and always...consider yourself adopted by me...I just love you and I am praying for you!

What an amazing day! Make-up was  the decoration that drew us there....but each heart that was beating, each soul filled with dreams, and person waiting to let me hug them...that is what made it amazing- each one of you there. I am honored beyond have no idea what this meant to me to meet you all! I wish I could do a world tour of hugs and love just to meet and hug each one of you!

New York City and meeting you all....AMAZING DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET!

more hugs and love....your kandee


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Anonymous said...

I really hope that Taylor's cancer goes away:) I will be praying for her

Unknown said...

Kandee u truly are amazing! I wish I got to meet u! <3

iloverocknroll said...

Yes it was sold out here in NYC I really wish I would've met you but there weren't anymore tickets :( I was so sad but I hope you come back sometime soon !! Love you Kandee!

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