Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blake's 8 Favorite MAC Lipsticks

Blake wanted to give me a makeover yesterday , so he brought out my tray of lipsticks and picked out his favorite. It turns out he is a MAC fan, because he didn't pick any other brands! ha ha ha

In case you want to know his fabs, here they are in numerical order, from left to right:
#1. High Tea
#2. Utter Fun
#3. Colour Crafted *this is one of my all-time favorite colors, but I think it's not available anymore :(
#4. RiriWoo * I love this too!
#5. Rocker
#6. Sunny Seoul
#7. Candy Yum-Yum *you know I love this color
#8. Grey Friday (I've never worn this color, until yesterday!) 

He lined them up all perfectly and twisted them up so I could see them all, all by himself.

And then Blakey gave me a make-over, that was inspired a little bit my The Lone Ranger, I think....
He also said I needed a wig and a tiara.
He said this look was called "Indian Glow"....
Blakey is Native American from my side and his dad's too, so that might explain his extra-iffinity for Native American themes! ha ha ha ha
He also seems to like me to have a mustache! ha ha ha ha ha

Huge hugs and lots of "eyeshadow mustaches", your Kandee and her new makeup artist

PS. If you wanna see the make-over he gave his little sister, CLICK HERE!

And if you missed my video I posted in my Kandeeland channel yesterday, come see our trip to my sisters, our dinner at the best "doll restaurant" and more fun hee hee:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Emergency" Outfit Of The Day

So some people write their outfit of the day posts, on fancy designer items, thousand dollar bags and accessories. And have someone take their photo doing things like walking in a park or cool metro area. Well not me. I took this with the help of a full length mirror on my hotel room door...
and if you read my post on my KANDEELAND blog yesterday, you know where and what I was doing on our crazy weekend spent driving over 20 hours! ha ha ha

It was a huge race weekend for my little Blaker, and we ended up driving 10 hours to another race, which he hadn't planned on and didn't bring enough clothes for, and we were covered in dirt and mud.

So here I'll break down my "awesome" outfit like a Chuck Norris breaks bricks:

BANDANA- I got my anchor bandana at a thrift store like a billion years ago.

BOW RING- I love this and have no clue where it's from because it was a present!

CHECKERED VANS  T-SHIRT- we had to stop at some outlet stores, and all they had were these XL Boys shirts. Rolled up the sleeves and voila. I guess I'm a boys X-Large! I like how it reminds me of Abba-Zabba's candy! (click here to see if they have any left)

ACID WASHED JEANS - we also had to stop at a Target. And Target brand, acid washed, stretch jeans were pretty cute and comfy! I didn't even have time to try them on, just hoped they'd fit semi-ok, and they did!

SHOES - I put my dusty ol' Converse Chuck Taylor's back on, but with a new pair of "no-show" socks I got at the Vans store!

LIP COLOR- Alani said I should wear red lipstick, so I put on my favorite, and always in my purse make-up bag: REDVELVET lipcolor from LIMECRIME! (click here for buying info)

And I forgot to mention my very "designer", very "fancy" computer backpack. If you want one too, it's from Swiss Army. It may not be super cute, but it's super comfy and has lasted me years  of being stuffed with up to 2 laptops, my video camera, my dslr camera, and everything's power cords, charging devices and external hardrives too!

Oh and later, I put on my really old (well for sunglasses to stick around that is, they're about 3 years old) my Kozoi glasses from SABRE.

And now that I'm home it's time to pack again, because we are leaving tomorrow too! The summer is crazy packing time for us! ha ha ha ha

If you  missed my video on "my updated teeth whitening tips and demo on my mom and Jordan" click here to see it, the end is my favorite:

Huge hugs and so much love from me to you! Your homegirl who does outfit of the days that are "AWEsome"...hee hee hee hee, Kandee

Monday, July 29, 2013

How To Get Glowing White Teeth

Hi Guys! You ask and I make!
I noticed tons of people lately asking:
• how do you whiten your teeth?
•what do you use to bleach your teeth?
•can you do an updated video on your teeth whitening?

So, I made a video about what I have used to whiten my teeth lately, and some tips for whitening, and we are going to show you a how I whiten my mom and Jordan's teeth too!

*According to a study, 18% of people try to hide their teeth in photos. I want everyone to feel confident in their bright smiles and smile away!

Having white teeth makes you look younger, makes even teeth that aren't perfectly straight, look better, they make you smile more (it really does! No one wants to show off their "pearly-yellows"!


*Always make sure you floss. Flossing will remove plaque, tartar, or even left over food in between your teeth, that will prevent the whitening / bleaching product from being able to whiten your teeth.

*Make sure you drink your Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, or sodas through a straw. It will minimize the amount that will coat the front of your teeth with it's staining effects.

*Brush your teeth right after you finish your coffee, tea, soda or wine. (I don't drink coffee or wine and rarely drink soda or iced tea, but I know some of these might be favs of someone reading this!)

*Try to drink your soda, coffee, iced tea, all at once. Sipping throughout the day will continue to caot your teeth with the "white-teeth-damaging" effects of these drinks.

Oh, man, there's no tips on how to do this. I'm don't smoke, but I know people who do, and one of the side effects of smoking is yellowing or "browning" of your teeth.

*Eating raw fruits and vegetables which are naturally abrasive, will help keep your teeth white also. Apples, carrots and celery and other fruits and veggies, which require more chewing will also help produce more saliva which will neutralize the acids from wine or citrus fruits.

*Can Strawberries or Bananas whiten your teeth?
I've heard and seen "home teeth whitening tips", where people rub strawberries or banana peels on their teeth. This is not going to give you dramatically whiter teeth. It may remove some of the plaque on your teeth because they are slightly abrasive but again, you're not going to see any dramatic levels of tooth whitening. But they are a healthy choice for a snack!

*Can lemons or Apple Cider Vinegar whiten your teeth?
Many people have come up with DIY concoctions to whiten their teeth and post them on line! Be very careful with these. Lemons are very acidic and Apple Cider Vinegar are both very acidic and can really damage the enamel of your teeth. I know of people who have permanently damaged their teeth, with weird white spots on their teeth from putting lemons directly on your their teeth.

*What About using Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda to Whiten Your Teeth?
Sure you can mix Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda into a paste and the gritty texture will feel like what they polish your teeth with at the dentist, but this is more to maintain whiteness, this is not going to give you any kind of dramatic whitening causing anyone to notice or comment that your teeth look whiter.

*Tooth Whitening Strips:
I've used them. I have some in my bathroom. But I will warn you, out of all the teeth whitening I've done to my teeth since i was a teenager. The whitening strips have caused the most sensitivity. One time it was so bad it hurt to breathe in or even drink water. But they do change their formulations, whether that's good or bad, so just try them with caution!

And here's the way I've been whitening my teeth at home for years! Ive tried all other methods and I keep going back to this one:

Huge hugs and lots of smile, your virtual bestie, Kandee

Friday, July 26, 2013

View From My Make-Up Table

If you were a beautiful butterfly on my shoulder, because you know butterflies just flock to my shoulder, (inserting something from my highschool yearbook with a few JK...jk! And for those of you who don't know, that's Just Kidding), this is what you'd see.

I was filming a make-up tutorial for the makeup look in I had on in the How Get Flawless Airbrush Looking Skin Without An Airbrush Video!
So many of you gusy were asking for a tutorial for the look I had on, which is the current look that I can't stop doing! 

I love it, it looks so glowy and has a beautiful "nude, smoky eye", and the lip color is just like a mixture of all kinds of things, but you'll see it next week!

And this is all the makeup I laid out to do this look!
Yes, it's a lot of make-up, but you asked what I put on! ha ha ha
Sometimes I don't even do tutorials for looks I have on, because I'll used like 12 different shades for my eyes, from 4 different palettes, and to show in a tutorial that's just too much stuff! ha ha ha ha

If you missed the "airbrush" tutorial, you need to see it, it just might change how you put foundation on forever, without an airbrush too:

Happy Friday Hugs from your homegirl, Kandee


Thursday, July 25, 2013

On Set With Josh Duhamel...

This is kind of a throwback thursday...this was a couple weeks ago.
And I wasn't allowed to tweet or instagram about it then! But now I can!

I was working on a prank video with Josh Duhamel. Yes, the former model turned actor who also is married to Fergie (Fergalicious).

I was there to work with Josh on his Pepsi Prank videos. 

And I even go to ride on a shopping cart with him. Well he actually rode in the shopping cart.
 Things you might want to know:

Is he nice?
Yes, he was so nice and down to earth. And he's really funny. He was playing with all the kids on the set/grocery store.

What does he look like in real life:
Some people look even better in real life than they already do on film, and he's one of those people.

How long were you there?
Allllllllll day. Large portions of the day were spent hiding in the back of the grocery store, while Josh was pretending to be a the cashier at the checkout lines. And it was hot, so I did take them up on a tour of the freezer to cool off!

And that is my "throwback thursday" post of the day.....

If you missed my video yesterday, here it your skin can look like it's ready to star in a movie with Josh Duhamel:

Huge hugs and happy Thursday! And since so many people asked, I will be doing a video on the make-up I'm wearing in that video and on how I've been whitening my teeth, since so many people asked me on and my teeth thank you for making us feel fancy!

Hugs, your girl, Kandee

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How To Get Airbrush Perfect Skin Without An Airbrush

Whether you're getting make-up for your wedding day, you're a celebrity that wants to look like you have perfect skin on tv and in HD, or you just want to look like you don't have pounds of make-up on....
Airbrush foundation is the way to do it! It's light, it improves skin clarity, it dries instantly, isn't oily, and does't give you a "layer" of make-up on!

But not everyone owns an airbrush or might be intimidated to try an airbrush. But I've been putting airbrush make-up on for years without needing to fire up my airbrush! So I'm going to show you how too! BE WARNED: this may just revolutionize how your face looks!

Airbrush make-up is an entirely different formulation than "regular" foundations. It's watery liquid, formulated without oils because it needs to be sprayed very finely through an airbrush. It has different ingredients than any "regular" foundations, which make it dry almost instantly and looks and feels like you have nothing on your skin.

Also if you have oily skin or acne, sometimes just the use of the airbrush make-up can improve the quaity of your skin. I even applied airbrush makeup over one of my blemishes and do to it being free of oils, it actually helped make my blemish go away, practically overnight.

So, now you can have perfect looking skin without all the weight or oily layers of regular foundation, by using these "makeup artist secrets" for putting airbrush foundation on!

These are my favorite airbrush foundations:

#1. DINAIR - click here for info
Dina, is the originator of using make-up in an airbrush. Everyone in the airbrush make-up industry knows and respects her as the "mother of airbrush makeup".
Dinair make-up is water-based, paraben free and silicon free.
And they aren't expensive. One little bottle can last you forever too! And they come in the largest range of colors. And they have the most helpful customer service that can help you color match too! Dinair has one of the largest selections of shades which you can then custom mix by using a few drops of different shades.
*I wear Dark Golden Beige and Golden Tan. You can get a sample set, of like 5 foundations to try, but they last you forever. Mine is from the MEDIUM set if you want to compare.

#2 TEMPTU - click here for info
Temptu is a little pricier than Dinair, but it's because of the mechanics that come with the piece which works with the airbrush compressor. It's different system with the little foundation pods, but I'll also show you how to get the make-up out of the pods too! I've seen Temptu used back stage at NYC Fashion Week  at big shows like Helmut Lang and BCBG Max Azria.

(not shown) OCC - Obsessive Compulsive MakeUp - click here for info
They also have inexpensive airbrush make-up too. Although OCC is known for the lip tars, they have a huge selection of airbrush make-up that is pretty wallet friendly.

#3 DIOR AIRFLASH - click here for info
I like the Dior Airflash because it's paraben free, it has amazing coverage, but it is pricier. It has botanical oils which virtually dry once they hit the skin. This is a makeup artist favorite. When you don't spray it all over your face from the can, it mast much longer also. I don't like that it doesn't have a very large color range and is pricier. But it's amazing.
*I wear #301.

I don't have any drugstore options because so far their aren't any that have proved to be that great. The ones that are out, either have a plastic looking sheen or feel on the skin, or have tonal issues making people look really orange.


I applied the airbrush foundation with the BHUMI SMART FOUNDATION brush, which is designed for applying liquids- click here for info
*you can try any other brush used for liquid application, preferably a synthetic because synthetics are better for apply liquid.
*I love apply "regular foundation" with a sponge, but not the airbrush foundation, it will look "mottled" and spotty, due the way the sponge absorbs and releases liquids, unlike with a cream or oil based product.

And the amazing concealer palette that I used for extra highlight, contouring and concealing was:
RCMA Kehoe VK Palette - click here for info

This is a make-up artist favorite. It's unlike any other foundation palette made. The pigment concentration is not even comparable to any other foundations. It's free of mineral oil, lanolin, and petroleum. The RCMA palettes deserve an entire post written just about how amazing they are!
*I used the RCMA VK Palette in #11

Huge hugs from your virtual best friend, Kandee


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 of My Current Makeup Obsessions

Here's the makeup that I am currently quite smitten with...and by smitten I mean, wearing it everyday!

So let me introduce you, if you don't already know these babies:

#1. RiRi Powder Blush from MAC in Hibiscus Kiss - CLICK HERE FOR INFO
This is the perfect matte bronze color, and then I just use the pink blush, on it's on, as my blush. I just squeeze my blush bristles so they pick up just the pink and put it on! It's a beautiful summer rose, glowy pink!

#2. Make-Up Forever Aqua Cream in #13 - CLICK HERE FOR INFO
This is waterproof, and I've been putting this on everyday as a base to my eyeshadow for a nude, shimmery eye like this:
I actually have every single one of these makeup products on my face in this picture!

#3. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil in Liar - CLICK HERE FOR INFO
This is from the new lip pencil colors that just launched from Urban Decay. And this color is the perfect rosey-nude-brown for giving definition for the perfect nude mouth!

#4. Benefit They're Real Mascara - CLICK HERE FOR INFO
I got this mascara as a free sample from Sephora. And I AM AMAZED! IT really, makes my lashes look like I have a set of demi-wispie fake lashes on! I love, love, love this stuff!

#5. Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl - CLICK HERE
I can't get enough of this awesome drugstore-score! It is a gorgeous highlight powder! A little on the top of the cheekbones and down the center of the nose and voila! You look like a supermodel that they spent hours lighting so her face would glow!

Here's some swatcheroos:
1. Physicians Formula Highlighter

2. Makeup Forever Aqua Cream in #13

3. Urban Decay Lip Liner in Liar

4. Riri MAC Powder in Hibiscus Kiss (the bronzer color)

5. The Riri Powder, but just the blush color side

Which one of these do you think you might be smitten with too?!?

And hold on to your eyebrows, because tomorrow I finally filmed my tutorial on how to Get Flawless Foundation USing Airbrush Foundation without an AIRBRUSH! This might rock your make-up world!

Huge hugs and off to finish editing that baby for you guys, your Kandee


Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Time for Cat Shirts...

Yes, I got a very serious cat shirt. This shirt says, "don't mess with me", or not really.
I do know one thing, my lil Ellie loves this shirt, on me! Yeah, you might say it's "cat-tastical", it's "meowt-of-this world", "it's a feline-ominal", it's "the cat's meow"....

And here's a high action shot, which you can tell my the blurry speed at which my earrings are moving...

If you feel like you must have a cat shirt too....
I got this feline fancy at Forever 21, but as you all know, what was a F21 last week, might not be there today or even last week too! ha ha ha

Life is too short to just wear average shirts all the time. If you don't have fun when you get dressed sometimes, well, you might just need to add a crazy shirt like this and see how many people talk to you because you stepped out of your "clothing box"!

And all that matters is that this little lady loves this shirt too...ha ha ha
Elli'es outfit of the day also (I know I normally just post her outfits on my Kandeeland blog, but I had to share this one here)
I love how her Baby Belle matches her outfit.

Huge hugs and cat shirts, your friend, Kanfee (ha ha ha I'm leaving that typo in)


Friday, July 19, 2013

In honor and dedicated to Talia Castellano:

Talia...a sparkle of joy that will remain twinkling in our hearts.

I know that I wrote a blog post about Talia a few days ago, but I wanted to dedicate a video in Talia's honor. Not only because she was battling cancer, but because she encouraged so many others battling cancer or just life, to "just keep swimming".

I know that Talia said my videos made her happy, and she's watch them to cheer her up in the hospital...and I wanted to make a video dedicated to this little twinkly-eyed girl that left a Talia sized mark on my heart...

And to Talia, and to her precious mama, Desiree and sister, Mattia....I dedicate this to Talia and her sparkly attitude that she shared with the world. I will forever be honored to be a part of her heart too...

With so much love and my heart and prayer are with anyone who's lost a loved one, who has a loved one battling cancer, I pray God fills you with peace and comfort and know that my heart is outstretched to you, your friend, Kandee


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Closet Tour, My Fashion Inspiration, and Wardrobe Staples

Here's a THROWBACK THURSDAY from back in the day of 2009...
As you can see, not much has changed, well, my hair has...
but I still wear cut-up shirts, bandanas on my wrist and big jewelry.

I still wear that anchor necklace I made. I used to make a lot of jewelry. Years before I started Youtube, I used to make jewelry when I wasn't doing make-up.
And I lost that yellow ring, that I'm wearing, which made me sad, but that is when my sister bought me my big yellow rose ring to replace it.

And this was when I first showed how I cut my 80's style t-shirts!

In this video I give you a tour of my old closet, my jewelry and I talk about my style inspirations and the key pieces in my wardrobe...which are pretty much exactly the same as now!

So let's get in our virtual Deloreon (you know the car from Back To The Future), and travel back to this video:

And to see my jew video, how different my hair looks and how much better my camera is that I film my videos with watch this baby...notice I still have on a bandana on my wrist and big hoop earrings, ha ha ha:

Huge hugs from your friend, Kandee

If you wanna peek into KANDEELAND, click here.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Outfit of the Day: I Love London and Camo

Yes, don't be shocked but I did take all these photos, myself. I know, amazing right? 
That is why you'll notive the "I heart London" looks a bit weirdy.
And weirdy is not a real word either.

Yes, this is just a tourist-style "I heart London" shirt, that was a s flattering as wearing a paper bag. Until I gave it a "t-shirt cutting" make-over.

(*as I will show below)
I love these Camo Jeans, since they have just enough stretch that they are super comfy. And even Jordan said they were cool. To impress a teenage boy, and even get them to tell you that without asking, is pretty good.

And this is the view you'd have if you were me and looked down.
And my trusty, and old, or should I say "vintage" to sound fashion-chic, pair of Jeffrey Campbell's.

 Other things you might wanna know:
*Where did I et my phone case: I got it at URban Outfitter, it is not as cool as the bejewelled one I made, and it's breaking, so maybe I'll do a DIY on how to make a new jewel-dazzled phone case!

*Where'd I get my bow rang or ring, but I think it's more fun to say rang: It was a present, so I have no idea. I've seen some that are close, but not like this one.

*Where'd I get my silver cuff: again, it's a "vintage" Forever 21 piece, which means, I'm glad it hasn't turned colors yet. But I love it.

*On my lips: I have a mix of RiriWoo with some LimeCrime RedVelvet on top.

And I went shopping at my favorite film make-up stores in LA yesterday, so I'm thinking of doing a video on all the crazy stuff I got, that you won't ever see in a MAC, Sephora, or drugstore! I get way more excited in there than in a Sephora or Ulta! hee hee hee

Oh yeah! And if you missed my video on 2 ways to make-over anyold t-shirt into tank tops, here it is:

Huge hugs from your friend, Kandee

PS. If you missed our road trip vlog, click this baby.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thank You For Touching Our Hearts Talia...

This precious girl, Talia Joy or better known as TaliaJoy18 on Youtube, battled cancer for almost half of her life. This little diamond of a girl, just made people fall in love with her, I know I did. With a spunky spirit that inspired people all over the world, she was an inspiration for those battling cancer and those just battling to get through their day. Her Earthly fight is over...and I hope she's dancing around Heaven.

When I got to finally meet Talia, I just wanted to put her in my purse and keep her! ha ha ha Her twinkling eyes and her little soul that was filled with so much determination and sparkle, a sparkle that will never be forgotten. As I read through our last conversation on facebook, I just wished I could've said so much more, told her so much more, but that's how it always feels when someone has been taken from this Earth before we're ready.

This world is full of  heartache, hurt, disease and disappointment. I literally felt like throwing up after seeing several awful, disgusting, and heartbreaking news stories involving brutal deaths of 2 little ones. This world is overflowing with sad and awful things, and heartache all around.

 Talia did not let cancer take her sparkle, cancer let her reach millions, cancer became her platform to touch and inspire people battling cancer and just battling life, to remember to, "just keep swimming". God can use what we think is a big problem, to be the very thing that will allow us to reach other's hearts. Talia reached many hearts and will never be forgotten.

I know when my dad was taken from this Earth last year, I wanted to run, fly, do whatever I could to just see him again, and I knew I wouldn't, until I went to heaven. Someone had written on my facebook that their grandma told them, "Sometimes God picks his flowers for Heaven, when they are at their most beautiful in bloom (on Earth)"...and remember how her loss, allowed her to comfort my heart with those words.

Talia is free from her earthly struggle,  pain,  fear,  and  any looming depression that pops it's ugly head up in life, no matter how positive or happy we all try to be.

I want to send prayers to Mattia, Talia's sister, and her mom, Desiree. I pray that God will wrap them in His heavenly comfort and hold them, with strength...I know the devastating pain of losing someone when you're not ready for them to go.

And you know, that in Talia's little spunk, she would not want everyone to be sad, she would want everyone to "JUST KEEP SWIMMING"...

I want to share something that comforted me and might comfort Mattia and Desiree:

"The Lord is near to those who are broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.Psalm 34:18

I know there are many people who have a lost a loved one, and I know that pain too, and we can live on in honor of that person, to live life more fully in their honor! To celebrate and be thankful for each second and minute we had to enjoy them.

Something I  gained after losing my dad, was that I could then, comfort others who had lost someone with the comfort I gained from the Lord, and share that wisdom and love with another hurting heart...
I remember when I was driving home with my dad's car full of the last load of his earthly possessions, with tears running down my face, I had the windows down to dry the tears and my face. A song came on the radio, and spoke to my heart, and became the song of my heartache over my dad...
I want to share it with you guys, it's called "Where I Belong" from Building 429. It reminds us, that this Earth is not where we belong, the things in it are not what's important,  it's our choices where we put our joy, our faith and our hope...and our real home, heaven...if we have trusted in Jesus as our savior:

Extra hugs to everyone reading this, and extra-extra huge hugs to precious Mattia and Desiree...we were honored to have known your amazing little sister and daughter. Thank you for sharing her with us all to love too!

And to finish on a funny note because I know that's how Talia would've wanted it....Talia told me this was one of her favorite videos I've made...the rainbow face video, if you wanna see it, click here. I'm so glad I made this silly video, even if it was just because it made Talia smile.

And always remember to "just keep swimming".....

Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY T-shirt Cutting: T-shirts to Cute Tank Tops:

You know you've got some unflattering, old, (maybe you even have a boyfriend or hubby you could take a hand-me-down from) t-shirts hanging out in your closet!

I'm gonna show you how to give that t shirt a KAN-DIY make-over (get it!? yeah I used the first half of my name there!). 

I've got WAYS 2 to cute your t-shirt into tanks:
1- a girl strappy way, that looks cute with jeans, shorts, even a long skirt would look adorable paired with this:

2- TANK TOP #2 - Rocker, Edgy (Rihanna, Gwen Stefani or just Kandee Johnson, hee hee, style top)
*you could even get a really big shirt, and use these as a cute bathing suit cover up!

Now go dig for a shirt, or just watch this and think of where you have a shirt that needs a make-over, with some DIY T-SHIRT CUTTING:

•t-shirt (men's, women's, if you tiny enough, an old kids shirt)
•scissors (preferably fabric scissors to it cuts nice and straight and smooth)
•pencil, highlighter or washable Crayola kids pens work great too
*I have been able to wash out all evidence of highlighter with a spray of Oxy-clean stain remover

TIME: less than 5 minutes

Helping your closet get cuter, one video at a time....
huge hugs from your virtual bestest, friend ever....Kandee


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Winner! Winner! Winner!

Okay! It's time to announce the winners from my BIG BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!!

 You can still get the 50% OFF any of these brush sets (until July 21st) HERE

And here's the 5 winners:

YOUTUBE: Laura Walker


TWITTER: Amberly


MY BLOG: Holli Eggert

TO everyone that one, I've messages you in some way, on Facebook, youtube, or a DM on twitter....if you haven't gotten it please leave me a comment below to your Facebook or twitter or youtube, so I can try to message you again!

Thank you everyone for all your awesome comments, I love each and everyone one of you and I wish I had thousands of brushes I could send to all of you!

Huge hugs and so much love! If you missed my latest video here it is:

And if you missed the latest video on my 2nd channel, here it is too:

PS. My t-shirt cutting video is on it's way! Would you rather me upload it on SUNDAY NIGHT or MONDAY?!?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Wanna Peek In My Makeup Bag

 It's Friday so I thought I'd give you guys a fun peek into my make-up bag. Now, please note, this is not my regular "toss in my purse make-up bag"...this is my "traveling and needing a bunch of different make-up for filming stuff makeup bag"...

Yesterday, I did my own make-up for a shoot and these are some of the babies in my bags:

LIP STICK BAG looks like this:

FOUNDATION CONCEALER BAG looks like this: (and no I don't wear all this on at once, but as any good makeup artist/ makeup apply-er always bring more than you need, in more shades than you need:
I'm not gonna list all my products in the bags, because that will be boring to read, but I will tell you
an secret essential is the RCMA  "VK Palette #11" (CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE) is amazing...I've been using RCMA palettes as foundation and they're so good you can use it as concealer too!

*And don't you love I left my Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser packaging, I'm testing out it's "erasing" powers!

MY EYSHADOW PALETTES look like this:
My Z-Palette full of my MAC Eyeshadow
My Urban Decay Smoked Palette
My Ben Nye Glamour Shadow Palette
And I always throw in my Naked Palette because I just love a couple of the shimmers in their
How much would you guys want me to make a video, and show you guys all the stuff in my "traveling makeup bag"?!?

Huge hugs and I'm on set working on a super fun surprise video that has a little something to do with a prank and some a certain hunky celebrity, but I will be vlogging about it on my vlog channel, Kandeeland (did you guys see my b-day vlog I put up yesterday)...

PS. Don't forget my big brithday giveaway winner will be picked and announced tomorrow! CLICK HERE TO ENTER AND SEE DEETS!

Huge Hugs and I'm off...literally running after I hit publish! ha ha ha

Thursday, July 11, 2013

MakeUp Artist Secrets: Tips, Tricks, DIY & Super Products

Hi guys!
I'm going back to the old school Kandee, back to my make-up artist roots!
I've wanted to re-do and update some of my old videos and do some more "beauty basics" and tips and tricks videos...
And I thought I'd start with some "make-up meltdown stoppers", "picture perfect skin tips" and a flash back to some DIY home treatments that can make-over your skin!

#1. PERFECT SKIN IN YOUR KITCHEN- When life gives you lemons, make your skin look flawless! CLICK HERE TO SEE MY "SKIN DOCTOR: LEMON TRICK" video to whip your skin into the most amazing before and after, that you can feel asap!

#2. OIL SKIN DIY TRICK- Go grab some Milk of Magnesia.
Not only will this help with tummy troubles, but oily-face woes too!

*swipe it on wherever you have oiliness, or your entire face with a cotton ball
*let it dry- you might look a lil chalky, but that's ok, just put your primer, bb cream or foundation right on top and voila....oil be gone.

#3. PRIMER- it's the glue and the smoother, that covers up large pores, fine lines, wrinkles and all that not-awesomeness.
No need to be confused, a BB Cream is not a primer, but it will make your skin look amazing when you put it on before your fav bb, cc, dd, ee cream. (Just kidding, I totally made up the last 2, or did I!?!)

*I'm kinda' obsessed with the one shown here, at the moment, the Smashbox Color Adjust. For A drugstore option, I like L'Oreal's Miracle Blur, and I think I need to do just an entire video promoted to primers. Silicone, silicone free, etc.

#4. AIRBRUSH MAKEUP WITHOUT AN AIRBRUSH- I've been putting airbrush make-up on without an airbrush for years, because it looks amazing and light and almost like you have nothing on, but perfect skin! Comment below if you want to see a video on how to do it perfectly!
*My fav is Dinair Airbrush Foundation. I like the Dior Airflash, but it's just so stinkin' pricey!

If you want to set your make-up and make-it last forever (well, almost), this is the business! It' waterproofs, sweat proofs, everything proofs your make-up!
Not only was this one of Oprah's makeup artist's secret weapons, but I used to spray this on every bride's make-up I did, and they would even email me back, that even after an outdoor, Summer wedding, full of sweat, usually tears at their vows, dancing and who knows what else....
the would tell me the morning after their wedding, they would wake up still looking good!

This stuff doesn't mess around. I only like the sensitive formula though.

Now come hang with me as I explain some of these makeup tip-tastics, in my new MAKEUP ARTIST SECRETS video:

And hold onto your Caboodles, because I've got more BEAUTY BASICS, TIPS, AND TRICKS COMING UP!

*If you have special requests, too, lay em on me in the comments below!

PS. There will finally be a new video on my KANDEELAND (2nd channel) on youtube today!

Huge hugs and may your skin start to look better, just from reading this, your bff, Kandee

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