Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Emergency" Outfit Of The Day

So some people write their outfit of the day posts, on fancy designer items, thousand dollar bags and accessories. And have someone take their photo doing things like walking in a park or cool metro area. Well not me. I took this with the help of a full length mirror on my hotel room door...
and if you read my post on my KANDEELAND blog yesterday, you know where and what I was doing on our crazy weekend spent driving over 20 hours! ha ha ha

It was a huge race weekend for my little Blaker, and we ended up driving 10 hours to another race, which he hadn't planned on and didn't bring enough clothes for, and we were covered in dirt and mud.

So here I'll break down my "awesome" outfit like a Chuck Norris breaks bricks:

BANDANA- I got my anchor bandana at a thrift store like a billion years ago.

BOW RING- I love this and have no clue where it's from because it was a present!

CHECKERED VANS  T-SHIRT- we had to stop at some outlet stores, and all they had were these XL Boys shirts. Rolled up the sleeves and voila. I guess I'm a boys X-Large! I like how it reminds me of Abba-Zabba's candy! (click here to see if they have any left)

ACID WASHED JEANS - we also had to stop at a Target. And Target brand, acid washed, stretch jeans were pretty cute and comfy! I didn't even have time to try them on, just hoped they'd fit semi-ok, and they did!

SHOES - I put my dusty ol' Converse Chuck Taylor's back on, but with a new pair of "no-show" socks I got at the Vans store!

LIP COLOR- Alani said I should wear red lipstick, so I put on my favorite, and always in my purse make-up bag: REDVELVET lipcolor from LIMECRIME! (click here for buying info)

And I forgot to mention my very "designer", very "fancy" computer backpack. If you want one too, it's from Swiss Army. It may not be super cute, but it's super comfy and has lasted me years  of being stuffed with up to 2 laptops, my video camera, my dslr camera, and everything's power cords, charging devices and external hardrives too!

Oh and later, I put on my really old (well for sunglasses to stick around that is, they're about 3 years old) my Kozoi glasses from SABRE.

And now that I'm home it's time to pack again, because we are leaving tomorrow too! The summer is crazy packing time for us! ha ha ha ha

If you  missed my video on "my updated teeth whitening tips and demo on my mom and Jordan" click here to see it, the end is my favorite:

Huge hugs and so much love from me to you! Your homegirl who does outfit of the days that are "AWEsome"...hee hee hee hee, Kandee

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