Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Festive 4th of July

Happy and Festive 4th of July!!!
This blog post will be short because I'm heading out to go to go celebrate the 4th of July, but thought you'd enjoy some "sparkly star photos" to inspire you to dazzle it up a litte extra today!
I got all my awesome 4th of July Festive-ness from Wal-mart or the Dollar Store!
And if you aren't sick of how much I've posted my 4th of July video, or you just haven't seen it yet.... (I know, it's one of my most ridiculous-but-fun videos ever) WATCH It HERE:

May your day be filled with fireworks, yummy food, and fun....
and if this is not a fun time, or your heart is hurting or heavy...
may you feel the love I'm sending from my heart to you...
I know, I spent last 4th of July with tears running down my face after my dad went to heaven,
My heart is with you today and every day, to tell you "You are loved! I love you" and I'm sending you a huge virtual hug from my heart to yours, Kandee

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