Thursday, July 25, 2013

On Set With Josh Duhamel...

This is kind of a throwback thursday...this was a couple weeks ago.
And I wasn't allowed to tweet or instagram about it then! But now I can!

I was working on a prank video with Josh Duhamel. Yes, the former model turned actor who also is married to Fergie (Fergalicious).

I was there to work with Josh on his Pepsi Prank videos. 

And I even go to ride on a shopping cart with him. Well he actually rode in the shopping cart.
 Things you might want to know:

Is he nice?
Yes, he was so nice and down to earth. And he's really funny. He was playing with all the kids on the set/grocery store.

What does he look like in real life:
Some people look even better in real life than they already do on film, and he's one of those people.

How long were you there?
Allllllllll day. Large portions of the day were spent hiding in the back of the grocery store, while Josh was pretending to be a the cashier at the checkout lines. And it was hot, so I did take them up on a tour of the freezer to cool off!

And that is my "throwback thursday" post of the day.....

If you missed my video yesterday, here it your skin can look like it's ready to star in a movie with Josh Duhamel:

Huge hugs and happy Thursday! And since so many people asked, I will be doing a video on the make-up I'm wearing in that video and on how I've been whitening my teeth, since so many people asked me on and my teeth thank you for making us feel fancy!

Hugs, your girl, Kandee

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