Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's my Birthday....here's me over the years...

 The very first birthday I ever had, I wore this little sailor dress...with my dad.

And me as a little toddler, showing off my teeth....

When sweet 16 time rolled around, I looked a little this...My make-up and hair is oh-so-90s!

And I have to send the biggest thank you to my mama, because she is the one that went through all the labor to get me here! Thank you mama, for having me, for making all my birthdays so fun and full of love, especially the year you made me the cake that looked like a doll, and hula party when you painted me the monkey cut-out for people to stick their head in and take pictures looking like they had a monkey body! I loved that party! I love you mama!

I haven't had a bday party in years...somehow once you're older than 18, you're not as excited about your birthdays anymore! ha ha ha

I'm typing this on my bday right now, so I guess I should go try to do something fun now...ha ha ha

Ah, you can watch this video if you want, I'm giving 5 brush sets away in honor of my bday...here's the deets:

I'm gonna go throw confetti at myself, and happy birthday to anyone else who's bday is today too!
Bday hugs from me, Kandee

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