Monday, July 1, 2013

Sometimes We All Need A Little Bit Of Country

A little bit of country is good for the soul...
*the smell of sweet alfalfa or pasture grass
*the sunsets over the mountains that look like your in an old cowboy painting
*the kindess of people that could care less about what you're wearing or the car you drive
*and seeing the colorful beauty that God painted nature with...

And as we obeyed the sign, sometimes you just need to "take it slow", "slow down", and enjoy the small beauty around you.

NOW, I know I usually keep all my "day in the life" posts for my KANDEELAND blog, but I had to share this, even though this kinda crosses over into this blog that I try to keep more about beauty/style/DIY and stuff like that...I know, I will be merging them into one big-ol-website-of-kandee-goodness, but I have had zero extra time to do that, yet!

As you guys may, or may not know...
I was born in LA, my sister and most of my family, still live in LA.
However, I, live up near the Lake Tahoe/Reno area, right now. And although I am in LA a lot,  I'm not there everyday as I wish most days, because I really miss my sister and miss seeing her everyday. And everyday we include, "ahhhh, I just wish we lived near each other!!!" in some part of our phone conversations, there's always a reason for why we are where we're at. And we may not see it until later, but there is.

When I started on youtube, my dad and I were the only ones who lived up here in the Tahoe/Reno area. You see, that's sorta of how I even started on youtube. My friend Esteban, showed me a video of Lauren Luke doing tutorials on youtube. And I loved her, and if I had still been in LA, working like crazy as a make-up artist, I never would have had time to ever film one video for youtube.
My mom and sister were both living in Southern California. And as much as I wished, almost on a daily basis, and would pray that I could move to LA, nothing was working out to move, even when I was going down their for work, all the time.

I didn't realize until after my dad lost his earthly life, and gained his heavenly one, last summer...
the last time I saw my dad, was actually when he dropped us off at the Reno-Tahoe airport to go to LA. And as I had texted my dad in the morning, he asked what time to pick me and the kids up from the airport that afternoon, and on my way from my sister's house to the airport in LA, is when I got the call that my dad had been killed an a tragic accident.

I was so thankful that God didn't answer my prayers to let me move to LA...because I wouldn't have had all those precious memories of getting to do things with my dad, and the kids getting so much time with my dad - spending the night at "camp Grampa". He would take them on adventures to Chuck E. Cheese, they'd go miniature golfing, they'd go for "Grampa vs. Wild" walks down to the river behind his house. He was even planning to take Jordan that weekend, to go do fun guy stuff. The best was when he'd come over to visit, always bringing something yummy to eat, excitement, laughter, and so much fun.

Sometimes we don't see the reason for some of our unanswered prayers until later. And until the day, that I move away, I will cherish every "country sunset", every bit of green pasture, every sparkle of water on the lake, and every bit of clean air and water...

You may not live where you want, be where you want, or you might be in a small town and dream of going to a big city. Well, I just have one piece of awesome-ness for you, some of the most creative and talented people I know, didn't come from big cities, but from small towns. Sometimes it's in the SMALL towns that BIG TALENT is grown.

Sometimes God will guide you, shut doors, open doors, or not answer your prayer to move, yet...because he has blessings to give you, that can only happen in a place you may not like, or think is too small, or not glamorous enough, or ____________(you fill in the blank), but that might be right where you need to be for those blessings to happen. Like the blessing of time with my dad. And I probably wouldn't have had time to start youtube if I was still busy doing make-up jobs all day in LA.

So here's a little more of our "Kandee in the country" weekend:
Dairy Queen- Dairy queen makes the most amazing S'mores "blizzard" (it's like a thicker-than thick, almost like if you just stirred your favorite toppings into ice cream and stirred it up).
This is what it looks like when you hold it up in the country sky:

This is what it looks like when you take a walk after dinner in one of our favorite little towns, Genoa. Doesn't that road just look adorable?
If you ever go to Genoa, Nevada, make sure you go to the Genoa Station. It is some of the best food and everything is homemade, even their mudpie (which is my favorite).
Ellie, sitting outside the little antique store with her Baby Belle doll. We try not to leave home without Baby Belle.

And I had to show this picture to you it again, without any words gettin in the way. Yes, words get in the way in life and in pictures too!

Huge hugs and even bigger, wide open views for your soul, your best friend, Kandee

PS. And remember, those small towns are like gold mines, with more creative gold nuggets than some of the biggest cities. It's not about where you're at, it's about where you shine from! Sometimes in the city people see the same inspiration, and all have a similar "style", but when you're in the country, sometimes, your own style grows brighter because there's no one else to copy! Ha Ha Ha

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